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  1. NullPointer

    Oops. Fail quote.
  2. PapaMojo

    43. I remember installing .WAD files for new maps in Doom.
  3. Brutus

    27 i think??? What year is this?
  4. Lord Robert

    35. Nice, I'm not as old as I think I am. Probably in the middle around here.

    And here I thought all FPS gamers were 13-15
  5. Gruug

    57 ... top that! ;)
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  6. Jacale

    28. Good to see such a varied age range.
  7. Vytality

    35, still live with my mom, but there is no basement in this house.....
  8. omega4


    Deal with it, kids.
  9. CVTG


    Well, if you have a yard, you can dig a hole and start gaming Hobbit-style. :V
  10. Fear The Amish

    29 tomorrow actually
  11. Hypersot

    40 here and 1st computer was a Sinclair QL :D

    33 here...surprised to see that there are older folks and people my age in this game. I guess most don't talk via Proximity like the younger silly folks and my outfit is pretty much younger based (they all must be in their early-mid 20s except two other people)!

    Any older based outfits out there that run on Connery?
  13. Sinist

    30 years old.
  14. iller

    34 ... the best age on the internet
  15. Maximilious

  16. xpsyclosarinx

  17. TheRealTripWire

    It is a good name, by the way.
  18. Hashi

  19. Swordlord

    No, but I had that computer in 1980-something...;)
  20. CobraBoss

    Happy B-Day !
    I wish you a day in ps2 where you wont get totally blown to bits by rocket pods or a zepher !
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