Again the warping...

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by oTec, Mar 2, 2017.

  1. oTec

    Again, a warping vs heavy is currently playing on easmir (cobalt server).
    Didn't this game recieve battle-eye a while ago?

    He's been reported and i hope evryone else does it too but i doubt that he will get banned.
  2. PlanetBound

    Since Battleye I haven't seen warping. It probably ran off the injection cheats for now.
  3. oTec

    Yes, i noticed a sharp decline too. But this player was clearly teleporting around the map. So they again found a way around the anti cheat.
    He came in the building, not looking at me, from the second my first shot connected, he warped left and right again, killing me in the process. I spotted him and could seen him warping around the obj building on my map...
    Switched fights instantly but 2 bases later i could see him doing it again on a motion spotter placed inside the obj.
    I just quit at that point.
  4. BartasRS

    Little before you posted this I stopped playing because A LOT of people started warping around, me included I think. It was on Esamir near TR controlled Biolab.
  5. 0fly0

    Yesterday on cobalt one TR HA player was "warping" and going through wall inside biolab, of course he was playing with a pump action...
  6. oTec

    Well, that might have been lag, but this case was clearly not lag bound since he was actually moving in a nice pattern around the obj building and warped as soon as he'd been shot.

    Might be the same player that switched to TR.
  7. Towie

    Since BE introduction the difference has been night-and-day - however, I have noticed a few strange things recently and still /report occasionally.

    BE itself is virtually impossible to hide from - and the skills required to bypass are way way beyond the average script kiddie, but I was curious whether it was even running. I used to get a window 'Starting Batteleye Service' but not now, so checked the task list and BEClient wasn't there. However there was a Planetside BE exe so I believe it is still alive and kicking.

    They never did implement an auto-ban (as far as i'm aware) so it is possible that they are using a hack, but they will be discovered. That is the reason I still /report - if only to bring their attention to someone who may be dodgy.
  8. oTec

    I used to get a popup window asking to allow batte eye on my pc, but it doesn't popup anymore.
    I'll check tonight in my processes if i can find it, but i also still use report, just like you.
  9. DeadlyOmen

    I wonder...

    Are tattlers the youngest of the family, or the one that got tattled on and think its a good strategy to change the world?
  10. Kagarpt

    I do not think Battle Eye is still running to be honest, all other DB games I play that run it always asks permission to run.
  11. oTec

    It still does, under another name then it originally did i believe.
    But they still seem to find a way around it, although it is alot better like Towie stated.

  12. DasAnfall

    What was the name of the player?
  13. Shocky

    Ever heard of a thing called "lag switching", but also the games connectivity is crap i mean come on minimum 150ms server ping is crap not to mention my own ping on top of that **** you planetside servers. i may live in Canada but my ping to most other games and servers is 60ms
  14. oTec

    I have it, but i think sharing it here is in violation of "Naming and shaming" i bet.

    I get good ping since i'm from Belgium, so it's mostly 15-30ms while server is at 50ms or more. Lag switching still doesn't explain the fact that he can control were he suddenly appears, in the 2nd base where i saw him, i could see our motion spotter spotting him. He was the only vanu left and you could hear his gunfire. He was infront and fired rounds, then suddenly his mark on the map was on the left, fired for some seconds again and then on the right. Eventually they got him but it was like 1v12.
    In the first incident where i met him, he came trough a door looking to the right, i was on stairs and this was an easy kill. Heavy vs heavy, both no damage sustained but he wasn't even looking. I hit him and he dissapears to the right, fires at me, i hit him again and he suddenly shows up to my left, almost in knifing range.