After upgrading my PC and installing new windows , can't run the game . !!!

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by GearsOfWaR, Nov 30, 2013.

  1. GearsOfWaR

    hey guys , i need help please
    the game was running fine before i upgrade my pc from CPU core 2 duo to intel core i5
    after i upgraded my pc and installed new windows 7 and setup all the programs i need , ish .
    when i press on the launcher nthing happen , no errors show up just nthing happen !!!
  2. Undyingghost89

    Did you installed all the system drivers? Latest DX, C++, NET F....?
  3. stix6029

    - Make sure your OS and Gpu are updated to the latest version.
    - Like Undyingghost89 already said,install all the system drivers (Latest DX, C++, net framework...),you need them to play the game.
    - What anti-virus did you installed ? if it's "Microsoft Security Essentials" disable it before you lunch the game.
  4. Paulus

    Can we have a more thorough system spec please?

    Also, did you do a total re-install, or did you just put a new CPU in and install Win7 over the top of your previous windows installation, and then try and run the old executable? If the game hasn't been installed again since you installed Windows it won't have the Registry entries to allow the Executable to start.
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  5. i4PLAY

    Ok, my two cents / piece of advise to you.
    Start up the PS2 launcher > nothing happens. Not even an error?
    After starting the launcher first check your taskmanager (ctrl+shift+esc key) and look through all your running processes (make sure the "show processes from all users" is checked. This is found on the lower part of your taskmanager screen.
    If you don't see a process 'awesomiumprocess.exe *32' running.
    > right-click your Planetside2 shortcut on your desktop (I am assuming you are trying to start the game by double-clicking your shortcut although you don't mention this) and select 'properties'
    This should show you the path to the launchpad.exe
    > click 'open file location'
    This will open up an explorer window showing you the PS2 folder on your harddrive. Look within this folder for the file launchpad.exe
    Run (double click) this file and you launchpad should open.
    When your launchpad has launched you have to click the little blue wrench icon on the lower left side of the launchpad
    > select 'Validate Game Assets' and click the green button that says 'Validate'
    Wait for this to run and finish and next click play
    See if you can get this to work, if not let us know where you get stuck so we might be able to help you further.
  6. GearsOfWaR

    i just put a new CPU in and install Win7 over the top of my previous windows installation
    yea i had to re install the game , when i did it worked very well .
    thanks all for replying and helping me :D
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