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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Sagabyte, Jun 24, 2014.

  1. Sagabyte

    ...Is there going to be a rivalry between connery and emerald? If so, I want a server smash to commemorate it.
  2. Leftconsin

    No, because Connery would win.
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  3. Maelthra

    Connery would get Eme-rolled.
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  4. Sagabyte

    It's not ogre.
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  5. Taemien

    If it would be anyone vs anyone I don't think Connery has a good chance. Our zergfits on all factions are pretty meh. But if it were top outfits vs each other.. then I think Emerald would be in some serious trouble.

    Connery has the Best and Worst at the same time :p
  6. Sagabyte

    Well, future crew, hav0c, recursion, TRG, cik, and similar outfits would have to face BWC (I believe), PREY, QRY, nng, dasanfall and others. I think it'd be pretty even at least on the coordinated outfit side
  7. orbital

    aren't the current ServerSmash champs - Dasenfal? Who are from Mattherson / Emerald....
  8. minhalexus

    Emerald has:-


    What does Connery have?

    Future Crew?
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  9. Uberclocked

    XPIV Represent!!!one!!!1!!11!!eleven!!11!!!!1!!1!!one!!!111!!!11!!!one!!!eleven!!!eleventy-one!!1!!!111!!1:D
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  10. Sagabyte

    Just some.
  11. Latrodectus

    So Recursion and Future Crew then.
  12. Sagabyte

    If you see the quote there I put in just a few good outfits off the top of my head.
  13. NinjaTurtle

    I think what he was getting at is only Recusrion and Future Crew are top outfits
  14. Sagabyte

    They're good, but they're not the only ones.
  15. NinjaTurtle

    I'm not doubting ya, I wouldn't know never played on Connery. Just seems to be the insinuation his post.
  16. ReconOne

    I played on both servers. I left one because of the number of extreme idiots on one of them. While you have a certain saturation of fools anywhere at any given time, my first server was rolling in them. I actually suspect many people, good and bad, left, due to so much BS. If it's true most of the A holes abandoned ship, they must have been absored into other servers and outfits, thus deconcentrating the stupidity levels. If there are any left on emerald, I'm hoping sheer number will diminish their negative impact on gameplay. If this reconstitutes the ignorance levels, I guess i'll just have to go start over again elsewhere. Again.

    Any time a game stops being a game, and isn't fun, it's time to rethink whether or not you should even be there. Having few servers/one big server has it's advantages, but it has it's drawbacks too.
  17. -Synapse-

    Mattherson and Waterson still bicker like crazy in Chatside 2, I guess they don't see Connery as a rival yet.
  18. SaphyreWinds

    As an actual Connery player, some(not all) outfits that are prominent in wrecking face
    • [FCRW] Future Crew
    • [BAID] Bellum Aeternus
    • [DPS0] Dropping Purple Smoke
    • [ZFZ] Zero Five Zero
    • [00] Recursion
    • [X] Outfit X
    • [PG] Praetorian Guard
    • [OP4] The Opposition Force
    • [TXR] Total Recoil
    • [DL3G] The Dread Legion
    • [MERC] Mercenaries
    • [TRG] The Republican Guard
    • TTA on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays
    Looking forward to the next Connery v. Emerald server smash.