After 95 hours, still always outgunned.

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  1. Bottar1

    Indeed but I do play the other factions too.
  2. Ronin Oni

    heh, I've got 2 guns per kit, per faction, 3 factions, and then I've also got shotguns, smg's......

    shiiiit I've used so many diff weapons it's amazing I've got over 100 on any of em yet :p so know how you feel.

    Oh, and Alpha Squad was the SHIZ! for a deal. Alternate weapon for every (basic) type practically... well, great for anyone who plays 3 chars :p
  3. Nocturnal7x

    Try a lower in game sensitivity or DPI. Also, you are still very much a noob, these things take time. Just keep at it.

    Also aim for the head, if you are in a lot of 1v1s the person who aims for the head will win more often. Don't run out into the open either, pay attention.

    get IR smoke for your vehicles to help against lock-ons. not really much you can do against the AV turret though.
  5. tigerchips

    It's probably that dysync bug where the bullets just go through the player with no damage. It's been really bad today, at the same time some of my outfit members were saying they couldn't even heal or revive anyone.
  6. Endlos

    This game is definitely pay to win in a lot of ways, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Most of the best stuff comes with a $7 or 1000-cert price tag but the default guns generally aren't that terrible.

    For a couple examples. NC's starting LMG, the Gauss Saw, is one of my favorite guns in the game. Granted, it takes 430 certs to get it to where it's awesome, but once you do that thing is a beast. Similarly, the VS Orion is crazy OP. That thing is just amazing, and the only drawback is the 50-round clip. It absolutely melts people for those 50 rounds, though.

    A lot of the problem isn't so much the guns themselves but absurdly, game-breakingly-fast TTKs in general. The fact that all the guns already shred people (with the $7 toys being invariably better at it) makes it really tough to react and can make the game feel really unfair.

    My recommendation: Find an outfit (or even just a buddy or two) that like to play Engineer (or like to get ****loads of easy exp and tell them that they are going to play engi) and save up some certs to get you a second Max AI arm, and roll a MAX suit whenever possible. You get some extra durability, you have a lot of things to funnel more certs into to make you better, and you sidestep a lot of the bull**** SOE has patched into this game, seven dollars at a time.

    Any faction's starting MAX AI arms (once you pick up the other arm) are more than capable at getting kills, even the much maligned VS, and you can't be 1shot by pretty much anything except a brick of C4, and with enough investment into flak armor even that only does about 50% damage to you.
  7. Laraso

    I own every NC weapon in the game, and I've used most of them equally.!/5428031585333657441/weapons

    After a while, the lines begin to fade and you realize there really isn't much of a difference between the weapons. For example, the Anchor, EM6, and Gauss SAW S are so similar that for all intents and purposes they are the same weapon. The only real noteworthy difference between them is attachments and magazine size. Even compared to the Gauss SAW, they aren't very different. Anything you can do with a certain LMG can likely be done with a different LMG. The EM1 is slightly easier to use in CQC, due to its high rate of fire, and the Gauss SAW is slightly easier to use at range, due to its high bullet damage + low recoil (when equipped with the Adv. Forward Grip and Compensator) + high velocity ammunition.

    The higher damage weapons have a lower rate of fire, the lower damage weapons have a higher rate of fire, and as a result the differences between the TTKs of each weapon are very small. All the weapons are sidegrades and there isn't really any clear cut "upgrade" weapon.

    That's why I don't understand when people complain about weapons like the Jackhammer. Yes, it's true that the Jackhammer does lower damage per pellet, but it's still a shotgun and it will dominate CQC all the same. Personally, I'd take the Jackhammer over any of the other non-pump shotguns, simply because of the better COF and the amazing short reload (also, there is a bug which causes it to instantly replenish all of its reserve ammo from ammo packs, which is convenient). It still kills in 2 shots to the body and 1 shot to the head, just like any other shotgun.

    If you suck with the default weapons, you'll suck with the other weapons too. If you're fantastic with the default weapons, you'll be fantastic with the other weapons too. You can get every gun in the game using certs, you don't have to buy anything with SC. This game isn't pay to win, it's "play to win, pay to avoid grinding".

    Even weapons that are commonly considered inferior to stock weapons, namely the S variant weapons, aren't actually inferior. For example, the Gauss Rifle has better stats stock in comparison to the Gauss Rifle S, but it lacks the robust set of attachments that the Gauss Rifle S has access to. If you put a forward grip and compensator on the Gauss Rifle S, it will handle better than the default Gauss Rifle which does not have access to the compensator.


    The only real example of complete upgrade weapons that I can think of are the heavy sniper rifles. There's really no reason to take any other bolt action over the Longshot / RAMS .50 / Parallax. The LA80 NC sniper rifle, described as having a higher bullet velocity to make it better at range than other sniper rifles, still shoots bullets that move slower and do less damage than the Longshot, completely invalidating the "advantage" it's supposed to have. The slower bolt rate and the disturbingly long reloads given to the Longshot doesn't really mean anything in the long run, and if you're good with the Bolt Driver, you'll be better with the Longshot.
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  8. ThundaHawkPS

  9. Shinrah

    My Medic is using the standard AR, its great. Otherwise the HV-45 is cheap and an awesome CQC weapon when upgraded with a Laserpointer.
    My Lightning runs will all guns, but I rediscovered the C75 Viper. Which is....wait.....wait...yes, a standard gun, who´d have guessed? Aside from that with about 1500 certs you can outfit your Lightning with everything you need. And even with less you´ll be able to be effective if you´re careful.
    My Magrider usually uses the VPC (HEAT), which is again the standard gun, and aside from some extra ammo and optics (50certs) you don´t need to invest many points there. Other certs for it are more expensive but for the occasional shelling its fine. Secondary canon is lately a Kobalt, which costs 100 certs and does an outstanding job of dealing with infantry.
    The Pulsar LSW or the Orion are great for the Heavy, the Orion is who´d have guessed the standard weapon and the Pulsar costs 250 certs.
    The Solstice is a good carbine for the LA. The Solstice SF, which UB attachments is versatile and cheap aswell.

    So yeah, you wont be on par with BR 50+ people who might or might not have spent SC on the game, but even early in the game you can very well get the job done. And it would be a bit weird if spending thousands of certs wouldn´t make any difference?

    Still, one thing PS2 does good is supplying decent standard gear that allows new players to be effective without first having to invest in "better" weapons.

    If this was a RPG you wouldn´t to be able to kill players that are way above your lvl, but here you can jump right in and kill people who are way up the ladder with plenty more certs invested.
  10. Snarfy

    F2P game don't give me enough free OP stuff herp derp
  11. DramaticExit

    You have played 95 hours, you've not unlocked any weapons, and you don't have the certs to do so?

    Something isn't making sense here... You should have enough certs for some other guns after 95 hours of picking your nose.
  12. Sifer2

    The Lightning/MBT's are currently a freeloaders dream. Since the default turrets are the best one's. And the cert prices of upgrades are reasonable.

    Also NC are notorious for being noob faction. For more reasons than one lol. But the main reason is that freeloaders benefit a lot from having a free Bolt Action sniper, arguably the best LMG free, and a default MAX loadout that will actually kill something. I'm sure that's part of the reason their population is so damn high on most servers.

    In any case. Don't expect much of a change as the game is free 2 play but they want you to be tempted to buying stuff.
  13. Captain Kid

    I did buy the Lightning HEAT.
    I think it's crap. I don't like s l o w firing weapons.
    And I have to pay for ammo.
  14. Battleballs

    "Snipers are the best though. Since I have no idea where the one shot kill came from I can not even revenge myself."

    Don't you dare! Don't you dare complain about the game not having a kill cam! It may be far from PS1 but this isn't a god damn shameful game of the internet like modern warfare!
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  15. Gammit

    Default guns are great.
  16. Captain Kid

    Normally I'm not really a fan of killcams but since this sniper is near invisible I think it wouldn't be a bad idea.
    The invisibility makes it easy to escape when someone is getting near hunting for the sniper. It also makes it easier for the sniper to get around and look for a new position.
  17. Captain Kid

    And this is probably the reason the game is losing 10% players each week.
    New player logs on. Gets killed by shotgun in one hit. Looks at cert price of shotgun.
    Looks at his 20 certs an hour ratio.
    Looks at SC price of shotgun.
    Decides he's not paying 7 euro's for a weapon.
    Quits game.
  18. Corporate Thug

    This game is definitely not pay to win. I started off NC only and got myself a blitz and that 1k cert investment helped me get well over a 1.0 K/D initially + TONS of certs. That was only due to me being stubborn and not certing up my default weapons which are not bad and I now use occasionally. I beat most people in head to head fights but not due to my weapon, it's just knowing my surroundings and paying attention! Infiltrators are really easy to kill smg or not as they have to decloak which makes an unmistakable sound. If they did not decloak that means you would have died to him no matter which class he was as he simply snuck up on you.

    Pay more attention, USE COVER and play your vehicles as if your driving your brand new luxury car and you will do fine. PS2 is not that difficult to win if you exercise caution and not just Leroy into gun fights. Remember to always check overhead when you spawn for libs and listen for ESFs, the tanks and other vehicles usually aren't much of a problem as most bases have tons of cover and buildings to avoid them.


    I suppose it can be pay to win if your terrible and do not improve to a point you actually kill people. You can almost get a cert per kill, lots of times I get well over a cert or even two per kill never mind the alerts or facility captures.
  19. Kon

    i use all standard weapons except one jackhammer, the problem is shotguns are for extreme close range NOTHING beats them except another shotgun cloaking infils with SMG's even people with shotguns tend to get dead.. its got nothing to do with the standard weapons its just how it is... get better, pay attention to sound as 9/10 hearing infil decloak is the best thing you can do to nod get dead
  20. TestyVenom

    It's actually not that hard....