AFK for 6 mos. Questions & Observations

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  1. RobotNinja

    Alright, so I've been away for a while. Some of you might remember me as that guy from such classic threads such as **** this ****, This **** ******* ***** and **** ****** **** ****** your mother.

    Also, Derpside:

    I was away for the last 6 months. I didn't quit. I just had very limited internet so it was a forced break essentially.

    Anyway, I have some questions and some observations. Here we go.

    Dumb Questions:

    1. Excuse my French, but who the **** thought it would be a good idea to enable teamkilling in the warpgate? I mean...was it breaking the game to not have idiots in my own faction killing me in the warpgate?

    1. Why the hell do explosives, e.g. proximity mines automatically explode on jump-pads now? This
    is a sandbox game, right? How in the hell was this an exploit or in need of being nerfed in any way, shape or form? I have literally never heard a complaint about that on Forumside.

    2. The ever present graphic settings/Infiltrator cloak problems. At one point during the Closed
    Beta, it actually worked perfectly. There were no white or black shadows, floating heads, etc.
    Margaret acknowledged this was a problem that they were actively working on, over a year ago.

    3. I'm sure people have already thoroughly complained about this but where's mah orbital strike? :(
    Is it on the roadmap, was it scrapped or is it still just a dream within a dream?

    4. I moved recently. I'm substantially closer to the servers I play on now and I also have a
    substantially faster internet connection but I seem to have sporadic connection issues much
    more often. What gives? Has anyone else experienced this?

    5. What's the deal with this change to nanite costs for items? Can someone provide a breakdown or a link that explains it? Will we still be able to stock up, like the current system? It sounds to me like they're going to be screwing over everyone who isn't a premium member. And rhetorically, how many damn times are they gonna change the item/vehicle cost system?

    6. I realize there's a thing called "Google" and it exists but could someone link me to a really good guide for the new implants and the implant system?

    7. Did they scrap the melee weapon customization that was scheduled for March on the roadmap? Because...I don't see it.


    -I am sorely disappointed about the ever present lack of cosmetic options, primarily mustache, beard and hair related ones.

    -Free shotguns. Well, I had shotguns already but that's still cool.

    -I noticed that SOE made camos universal, so any previous purchased camos are available for infantry, vehicles and weapons now. It doesn't look like they refunded certs for previous purchases of the same camos but whatever. Free stuff...sorta.

    -Hossin seems to be a lot more imaginative compared to the other continents. Also, it's an absolute LA and sniper's paradise. So...many...cliffs. However, I could really do without the glowing wisps everywhere.

    -I haven't played enough to see the full benefits/drawbacks of Continent Locking but it seems like it helps keep gameplay from stagnating. I can see where it could be abused too, though.

    -I hear people complaining about vehicle nerfs yet I still see 50 of them spawncamping spawnrooms like legendary heroes, so it seems like they still work fine to me.

    -Vehicles have also gotten some nice new weapon options from what I can see that seem to be have been balanced between function and damage.

    -I see they messed around with refunding certs, taking some away, giving away some free certs, adding additional loadout slots. Whatevs. While I appreciate free stuff, they messed up my previous loadouts and my loadout order.

    -Soundpacks for voice seem completely pointless. I don't have a problem with optional options but I want to hear "HUMILIATION" when I knife someone or "MONSTER KILL!" when I go on a killing spree and "C-C-COMBO BREAKER!" when I kill an enemy on a spree.

    -I haven't used implants yet but they seem like they add a little extra to gameplay without breaking it. Of all the implants I've looked out, Counterintelligence sounds especially useful for those who prefer Infiltrating.

    -I heard about the whole Angry Joe debacle. I heard there were a lot of hurt feelings but personally it sounds hilarious to me. Who knew a bunch of kids flooding the server (locking out the people who know how to play) who had never played before would get roflstomped? No, seriously...who could have predicted this? :p

    -I hear Planetside 2 is dying, all the factions are dying, everyone zergs and spawncamps, the devs are playing favorites and vehicles are useless no changes since last year then?

    -I see a bunch of new, new, NEW weapons that are amazingly slightly different than the arsenal of weapons I already have and see no reason to purchase any of them. I don't know how anyone could ever need this ever-growing armory of guns, all nearly identical to each other but by golly that doesn't appear to be slowing anyone down. I'm not saying more options are bad but...just saying.

    -While it looks like SOE has recently punked out a large number of little kids from a certain popular PS2 hacking site which needs no naming, I still see some "infamous" hackers in-game, including players who were previously banned before but totally promised they weren't hacking as well as some who admitted to hacking but promised they wouldn't do it again and got a free get out of jail card...who still have that tell-tale constant 360 degrees of ESP with the ability to spin around and insta-gib anyone who gets close to them. Apart from a few "celebrities" who are still gaming the system, it does seem like SOE has cleaned the game up quite a bit though.
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  2. Iridar51

    This was a ham-handed fix for invulnerability bug that people loved to exploit. Basically, the game sometimes thought the player was still in the warpgate and made him invulnerable, while he was lib farming.
    This is to prevent the cheesy and stupid tactic of mining places where you would go without knowing what's out there. You won't know if jump landing pad is mined or not until you land on it.
    Infiltrators are easily seen on medium or above, and it only requires ONE of the settings to be on the medium, not sure which one, but it can't be THAT big of a performance difference.
    Haven't seen anything on that topic for a long time, so I think it's safe to assume the idea was scrapped.
    Was pretty stable for me, but I see people complaining about this on forums, so you're not the only one. Dunno what's the reason.
    I'm too lazy to search for you, but there should be a topic on the test server forums about that. But no, we won't be able to stock up.
    Here you go:
    Postponed for August or September, is it not? I'm too lazy to check.
    Well they did a strong nerf to Liberators, they have to specialize now, and their anti-infantry capabilities are much weaker. There are much fewer libs now.
    Try recursion stat tracker, it does exactly that. Only for you, though, enemies can't hear it.
    Regeneration master race.
    I'd say large improvements since last year, game is much more enjoyable now. Could've done without the liberator buff, though. Thankfully, it's over now.
    New carbines have plugged holes, and were important additions, even if bland. New ARs seemed superfluous, though.
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  3. Alarox

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  4. RobotNinja

    Thanks for the low-down guys!

    That invulnerability fix/teamkilling thing *literally* kills me...(virtually)

    This is one of my biggest pet peeves with SOE, how when they identify a problem with their hand, they cut off their foot to fix it...constantly. This isn't the first time they've broken one thing to fix another thing.

    I don't think Planetside 2 is dying btw. The last bit was a bit of humor on my part. If you believe everything you read in the forums then Planetside 2 has been dying since the Closed Beta. :p

    Also, I don't really think it was breaking the game, to place explosives next to jumppads and teleporters. Personally, I thought it was hilarious. I'm still racking up plenty of explosive kills regardless but I think it's funny since I've literally never heard a single person complain about it on the forums or the countless players I've killed in that manner, for that matter.
  5. Shatters

    Welcome to the wonderous world of programming, where fixing 1 problem creates 10 new ones. And in that specific case they really didnt have the time to fix those 10 new problems, because there were people running around with invincibility outside of the warpgate, and that had to get fixed ASAP.
  6. Captain Kid

    1 it is getting annoying and out of hand.

    1 I think they also auto explode in spawn rooms now when the base flips.

    2 This must be your first SOE game.

    3 Who knows. does anyone ever pay attention to the roadmap any more?

    4 Yes. You should try the European servers. Even worse.

    5 There was quite a bit of fallout over this. I think you can pay SC to get resources when your empire has run out.

    6 Actually for once the official Wiki has good up to date information.
    I was as surprised as you are now.

    7 Roadmap.. that word sounds familiar.
  7. Pikachu

    High ping is one of the big technical isses ps2 have had in 2014.