AF-8 Railjack 600-650 Meters HS

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by nutrega4, Nov 3, 2015.

  1. nutrega4

    550-650 Meters Headshots

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  2. Navron

    I am more surprised that the PS4 version renders that much more than PC than I am about anything else. Not to take the accomplishment away from you but setting up a shot is incredibly less impressive than an actual live target. I can't say for certain but it appears to me that the second video is also a bit of a setup. Maybe that's just me seeing that though.
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  3. nutrega4

    Sry, English isn't my native language. What do you mean when you are saying setup. mean editing?
  4. Navron

    No problem. What I mean is that in the first video, it looked like the person you were shooting might have been a friend that stood there so that you could shoot. In the second video, it looked very similar with the exception that there was a little more movement involved. But the person moving was very predictable.

    Maybe his movement was how PS4 players play. I don't know and I can't say for sure. But I can't imagine that shot happening on PC at the Crown in a live fight, even by the most skilled snipers.
  5. nutrega4

    I think, Every average good NC snipers can do that on PS4. Maybe another person could do that. Anybody can do. :) just a patience, distance experince and the right moment..
    ps2 on PS4 probably is slower than PC version. Not in terms of FPS, in terms of ─▒nfantry speed,probably,
    Also, only noob snipers just stand too long.. They werent my friend. :)
    It was not difficult for me . I have recorded first video today and I play only 30-60 minutes.(today I have tried second or third time) Second video is an old video.
    Also, I play Planetside on a big LED TV, and it helps me,
    Game settings: Highest brightness, Lowest Scope Sensitivty, zoom toggle on.

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  6. DCWarHound

    What's the render distance on console compared to PC.Shot doesn't seem that hard to pull of, in the old days i got all my .50 rams kills by sitting at the edge of render distance.
  7. PanzerGoddess

    i like the videos, good shots, regardless of whether someone stood still or not. On PC yes it would be difficult shots no doubt, the atmosphere on pc is a lot more hectic and agree with speed, ps4 is a lot slower pace. I admit though that is some rendering distance, I have mine at max on pc and that is quite the rendering for ps4, Id have to compare to see if it is actually possible on pc.

    I use the tsar42 almost exclusively. Ive dropped players at 400+ with the tsar so I imagine using any of the long range sniper rifles you can be able to hit at those distances, moving or not. Im sure Ive killed players over 500+ with the rams but its hard to say, I rarely pay attention to the distance as the majority of the time im knee deep in the chaos......tsar should be called cqc :p
  8. AF8RailJack

    your first video shot it exactly where i got my first 677m kill:D And yeah at those distances its nearly impossible to hit a moving target, so you have to hope that the sniper on the other end is just as interested in killing you so he'd stay still:p
    good job anyways:)

    p.s i love the last shot on the first video:D The dude probably thinks he's survived and bam headshot:D
  9. Ximi

    Sorry,i need to question: are u playing on Ps4 version????

    People said that snipers on that version are not much useful and they recommended to play a SMG Infiltrator.
  10. AF8RailJack

    Yeah i think he is playing on the Ps4 because of the UI (which is different than the PC one)
    I thought sniping would be easier on the Ps4 because people dont move sporadically all the time. But I'm not sure, can you link your sources so that i can see those opinions:)
  11. Ximi

    Hes questioning about snipers and have differents opinions,but other players said to him the same as me,if u want interrogate him for make him link their sources is ur deal :)
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