AF-4 Cyclone - Nerf it or bring VS/TR up to par

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Paperlamp, Jun 14, 2014.

  1. Xrkr

    Y'know, I swore up and down I'd never get an SMG, but after watching this ...

    I have 1200 certs that I was holding on to, but I might have to get this damn thing. Maybe after I aurax the Terminus.
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  2. Unclematos7

    I like it on my LA for it's better bloom per shot and 5 extra rounds(with xmag).
  3. hawken is better

    I talked to Vonic about this a while ago. The gun is obviously superior to all other SMGs and most carbines (it also has a 2.25 headshot multiplier for some strange reason, on top of .75 ADS... on top of 1,800+ DPS), but don't expect NC players to admit it.
  4. Epic High Five

    As a weapon sperg, here's my take:

    - Eridani is probably the best if you've got great aim
    - Cyclone is the best if you're a versatility ***** (and most people are)
    - Armistice is a crazy insane laser of death IWIN button within 10m and is way too capable of sustained murder with exmags. I goddam love my Armistice as much as my Cyclone

    They're all good

    Also Paperlamp doesn't even play anymore afaik and just spends all day wishing he was NC and crying for nerfs without a shred of supporting evidence. Why do you even respond anymore yeesh
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  5. BillHaverchuck

    The OP is the biggest whinner of forumside, look at his posts. Damn some people should pay more time learning the game than whining.
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  6. Epic High Five

    All headshot multipliers are the same at 2x, except for slugs and buckshot which are 1.5x
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  7. Solidpew

    My favorite SMG on heavies is the Anchor. No, no? Ok. :oops:
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  8. Ohmlink

    I think its ok, NC should get more 167/652 weapons rather than having 143/845. My opinion but its more NC like to have that than the 143 options.

    In the end its still an SMG, its good but not an all encompassing killing machine you can snipe with while destroying up close.
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  9. Goretzu

    Or for the stats to show it. :confused: o_O

    (personally I think the Blitz is generally better, what it gives up in a minor TTK difference it gains in so much more ammo per mag)
  10. ColonelChingles

    Eh Paperlamp, you've made this same complaint before. It's about as convincing as it was before, that is to say not very much.

    The in-game performance stats essentially refute all or most of your points.

    Most SMGs have the same 22 average KPH, and all three factions have access to at least one SMG with a 22 AKPH. Exceptions to this are the Hailstorm and NS-7, which have a 20 AKPH, and the Blitz, which has a 21 AKPH. Therefore most SMGs are performing about the same.

    The average K/D figures are also pretty similar. The Cyclone does lead the pack, at 1.059. But the Sirius is very close behind, at 1.046 for a 0.013 difference. The Armistice is also pretty good, with a AK/D of 1.034. Really all three SMGs allow their users to kill about the same number of enemies without dying. Not much of a difference to speak of.

    The average accuracies actually reveal that the TR complaints about recoil are completely overblown (as they usually are). Although the Eridani has the best accuracy (23.8%), the Armistice closely follows at 23.7%, a difference of 0.1%. The NC SMGs are actually the least accurate, with the Cyclone weighing in at 23.3%.

    So as usual, the TR are making mountains out of... nothing actually. TR small arms are terrific, it's just the TR themselves who can't seem to understand that under practical combat conditions their weapons are often the best performers.

    But that never stops the TR from complaining really.
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  11. OddChelsea

    The Cyclone has already been nerfed recoil and reload speed wise and the Eridani and Armistice are not really harder or worse to use imo. I have been using the Armistice since it came out along with the Cyclone. However whether you agree with that or not we really should all start ignoring Paperlamp's threads. He openly admitted he was trolling before a lot of posts were deleted, including his. Where he stated that responses like mine were why he keeps doing this. That is the definition of trolling, doing something to get negative responses. I would explain my post that he was responding to but I would rather this post not be deleted too.
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  12. Pirbi

    Because we already auraxiumed the Gauss S and GD-23.
  13. ColonelChingles

    The frightening part is that 7 people gave the stamp of approval to the OP and apparently are just as misinformed as he is.

    When I post I don't aim to change Paperlamp's mind (doubt he really has one capable of critical thought), but I want to get the real facts on the record so when some newbie TR refers to this thread there are built-in posts that demolish Paperlamp's "logic".
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  14. RHINO_Mk.II

    Assuming neither target is a heavy assault, neither target has nanoweave, you are within the ludicrous 6m max damage range, and you hit entirely in the upper body to avoid the extra bullet to kill from hitting the legs, you need to land 12 of those 25 rounds to get 2 kills. That's 48% accuracy, more than double the average accuracy (23.3% according to The cyclone is admittedly a complete beast at 1v1 close quarters, but even at the optimal range, the average and above average player will lose most 1v2 engagements due to lack of ammo. You can sacrifice ALS for 10 extra rounds per clip, but in doing so give up the primary advantage of the SMG - excellent hipfire - and might as well use the Blitz instead.
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  15. CactusLynx

    Apparently no one here hipfires their SMGs, which is the thing the Cyclone is terrible at.

    Maybe you guys don't even use SMG's?
  16. Codex561

    What about head shots?
  17. RHINO_Mk.II

    Each headshot removes 1 bullet from the STK.
    Nanoweave, range>7m, any leg shot, HA shield, medic heal each add at least 1 bullet to STK.

    The latter is much more common, but I chose to ignore both for the sake of simplicity.
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  18. Pirbi

    I'm running it on both my LA and infiltrator just to get the auraxium. It is a fairly sad LA weapon and I'll be going back to my trusty GD23 asap. HA are actually sending me smack talk when they rocket primary me while smacking them with this Cyclone pellet gun. It does shine in it's niche.
  19. Alarox

    A competitive 167 damage weapon for the NC?


    GJ Forumside, you make me proud.
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  20. Qel

    Really? with all the problems we currently have from declining populations, terrible hit registration at times and lack of new content (no I don't mean weapons and hats) this is your most pressing issue? the balance of an SMG that's been out for about a year....
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