AF-4 Cyclone - Nerf it or bring VS/TR up to par

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  1. Paperlamp

    Both TR SMGs get worthless quickly beyond shotgun range. To make matters worse we have the Failstorm with the weakest TTK of any faction-specific SMG, yet it gains almost nothing of value for that sacrifice.

    VS is in a similar situation, albeit Eridani is better than TR's at least, Sirius has decent enough TTK but terrible accuracy.

    Then we get to NC, who have both their SMGs with lower horizontal recoil than any VS or TR SMG, for no notable downside at all. I have to use the PDW on my TR, yet I have no reason to on NC because the Cyclone is so versatile and has much better TTK while being nearly as accurate - higher bullet drop-off, but still, bullet drop-off is not the main limiter of SMG effectiveness past 15m. It's how godawful the horizontal recoil is.

    The Cyclone also has the best bloom statistics of any SMG. Most SMGs have higher bloom per damage than a typical Carbine or AR, while Cyclone is equal with Carbines/ARs of its damage tier. Eridani has the same advantage, but not with the outstandingly low horizontal recoil on top of it.

    This is a very obvious balance issue long overdue for some kind of change.

    I am actually all on-board for buffing TR and VS's options rather than nerfing the Cyclone. I pretty much can't use the hailstorm or armistice anymore, they are frustratingly limited weapons due the recoil, forcing you into near shotgun ranges where the infil is too squishy.

    The Cyclone is the perfect infiltrator weapon right now. It has enough effective range paired with good TTK to choose comfortable engagement ranges where you're not getting screwed over by shotguns or heavy assault shields. On TR I either have to play with a pea shooter PDW, or play my infil like a suicide ganker. And I do not want to be one of those type of SMG infil players.
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    I see more NC light assualts using the Cyclone than there own carbines I wonder why.
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  3. Goden

    I'd love to see this gun brought into line with the other SMGs. It's just blatantly superior to them all in its current state.
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  4. \m/SLAYER\m/

    but you need ammo belt for using Cyclone, so you stay without armor, it makes you vulnerable
  5. McToast


    Really? I mean... REALLY?

    I play all three factions on Cobalt, and I can't remember the last time I got killed by a Cyclone. Blitz? Yes, there are a few times, but the Cyclone is a rare sight these days. I see more Infiltrators using the "frustratingly limited weapons" than Infiltrators using the Cyclone. The last nerfs to the Cyclone weren't necessary and further nerfs certainly aren't.
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  6. Tbone

    Everybody blind here or you just can't read??

    "I am actually all on-board for buffing TR and VS's options rather than nerfing the Cyclone."This is what paper said.How the hell is this an asking for a nerf???
    For you paper, its no use, THIS IS SPA.. forumside. Here one faction says his weapons are fine no need to nerf just buff , but they want to nerf the other factions to hell cause they are soo big balancers and programers that they no anything.See here you wanted to buff VS an TR a bit and already the "ahh he want to nerf NC SMG bahhhh heresy."
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  7. NinjaTurtle

    VS SMG don't need a buff the SMG's are fine.

    Stop wanting the game adapted to your inability to make the most of what you have
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  8. GrandpaFlipfox

    I'll say it. The Cyclone is a better HA weapon than the Jackhammer.
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  9. McToast

    The ONLY buffs I could imagine for any SMGs would be +5 bullets for the Armistice and Eridani - and revert the nerfs made to the Cyclone! Apart from that the SMGs are balanced.

    Be careful with your accuses of trolling. You can post bullcrap opinions like the OP the whole day, but accuse him of trolling (even if he does!) and your post gets removed. Happened to you, happend to me before.

    €: There you have it.
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  10. Astraka

    Eridani & Armistice could both use +5 rounds per magazine (E: 30, A: 35). Armistice could also use a sizable reduction in horizontal recoil. Don't change the Cyclone. Make the Failstorm a copy of the Sirius/Blitz, or remove all three for more balanced Infiltrators.
  11. RHINO_Mk.II

    Cyclone is great in 1v1s but god forbid you need to kill 2 infantry with 25 rounds, especially if one of them happens to be a heavy.
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  12. Codex561

    It shouldn't be nerfed into oblivion and become like Eradini and hailstorm, I think they should inherit the cyclone's stats instead.

    Most people will engage one target at a time. Plus the 167 damage model allows it anyways.
  13. a-koo-chee-moya

    Haha, and be able to take 2 less bullets? If you don't surprise someone as infil, you should be dead anyways.
  14. Paperlamp

    How is it worse than the much less accurate, Armistice with its 125 damage bullets?

    With extended mags the Cyclone is better, but even without the superior accuracy paired with a slower RoF allows you to make more of each bullet than a high bloom/horizontal recoil SMG like the Armistice.

    Cyclone is 0.2/0.3 horizontal
    Armistice is 0.35/0.4

    That is a big difference for effectively using your mag size to take down multiple targets. It also heavily favors the Cyclone when it comes to landing headshots.

    Cyclone also has fast reload speed. In fact the fastest reload of any SMG.

    It all adds up to make the Cyclone the most effective SMG, or at the very least the hands down, no contest, best first gen lower capacity SMG. It has the better stats in the places it matters. It really highlights the poor itemization in all the other SMGs.
  15. Aegie

    So not one single mention of any in-game performance metrics whatsoever = nothing more than a baseless complaint thread.

    Show some figures that show how much the NC SMGs are over performing compared to the others- then compare this to other classes of infantry weapons and those discrepancies and then get a discussion worth having. Until then, all this is just more baseless whine.
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  16. Mustarde

    The cyclone is indeed godly. But don't discount the Armistice or Eridani. The Eridani is more comfortable at mid-range, allowing for some insane killing potential. The Armistice has one of the shortest TTK's in the game, with an insanely high ROF. Yes, you need to be closer because of the horizontal recoil. Yes, this means the TR need to use the NS-7/MKV or SOAS-20 to have an automatic weapon effective beyond 15m. No, we do not need to buff SMG's... the only possible exception being the Hailstorm. The other thing to consider is that we can't look at SMG's strictly through the perspective of an infiltrator - other classes can and do use these weapons.

    My take on SMG's: The first gens are superior if you have good aim, control over your environment and patience. The second gens are more forgiving for mediocre aim as well as longevity in a fight.

    I haven't made a cyclone video, but I do have one for the weapons that the OP feels need buffs. The Armistice:

    The Eridani:
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  17. FishMcCool

    Because they never tried the GD-7F.
  18. Mastachief

    I'd swop the cyclone for the Eridani SX5 any day
  19. Jbrain

    also isn't the cyclone 1000 certs ? pretty expensive Either way, cyclone is good but no better than the other smgs. Just like all weapons it takes time to learn them.
  20. Fellgnome

    All SMGs are 1000 certs.

    Which is pretty unfortunate for new infiltrators that want to do more than snipe. Granted there are the 250 cert semi-auto scouts, which can be effective but are much less forgiving at the more common close ranges SMGs are used for.