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    Aegis7 Australia was formed on the 1st day of PlanetSide 2's release. Since then, it grew to become a very well respected outfit on Briggs not just by the NC, but by the other factions as well.

    We have since taken our brand of camaraderie which has been refined over five years of gaming and turned it into Aegis7 Gaming. Aegis7 Gaming is a community that not only plays this amazing game, but others as well. So by joining us, you will have the same men and women playing alongside you on other games, whether it is PlanetSide 2, H1Z1 and titles by other companies... you know the ones.

    To begin the process to join Aegis7 Australia and by extension, Aegis7 Gaming, you simply need to apply. You will be almost instantly accepted as a Probationary member. Where you will have the opportunity to play alongside us and others to ensure you 'gel' with the community. After all, this is as much as it is for us as it is for you.

    Unlike other outfits, our application process is a little different. Instead of applying in-game, you apply via our website first.

    Ready to apply? Please go to: to begin.

    Even if you are not on the NC, we would like to welcome you to join Aegis7 Gaming! We have an outfit on each faction on Briggs and as a community with over 350 members (and growing) we believe you will find people to play this game and others, without issue. One thing we pride ourselves on, is our maturity and the ability to get on with most people. We seldom have to turn anyone away or have anyone removed, because if they've passed probationary, that means they generally met our strict criteria.

    We don't want the best of the best here. We don't care if you are a one-person army. If you're a nice person who can chill/relax and get serious when they need to be and just genuinely be a nice person to hang/chat with? You're a shoe-in even if you are not the most skilled player in the world. We have a mixture of different skillsets across a variety games from Pros to Recreational.

    Everyone gets on, and everyone finds a team to play alongside with here.

    Explanation: Don't let the name fool you. We are very much accepting of other countries. You do not need to be in Australia to join Aegis7 Australia for PlanetSide 2. We have members from all across the globe. Most of us reside in Australia, yes - that's what the Briggs population is mostly consisted of BUT we also have a lot of other members from other countries as well and we would not turn you away. The addition of "Australia" to the name was an off-the-cuff decision made over 5 years ago and unfortunately cannot be changed - no matter how much we beg... but this is why we go as "Aegis7 Gaming" going forward.

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