Advice for Using 4x with Godsaw?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Klypto, Apr 28, 2015.

  1. Klypto

    Just started using a 4x a few days ago, and it's pretty awful for me. Does anyone have general advice & tips?
  2. day ofm one

    Don't use a 4x scope on high recoil weapons.
    You just can't compensate it, the crosshair moves up faster than you can pull down, all bullets go over the enemies head.

    The only possibility would be, to increase the vertical mousespeed in your mouse driver settings if that is possible, but than it will be awfully fast for anything except 4x Godsaw.

    My personal opinion: don't use scopes on weapons that don't work well with them, it is more painful than rewarding.
  3. Devrailis

    Don't use the x4 scope. There's really no reason to. A x1 or x2 red dot is perfectly fine for mid to long range engagements. A x4 scope is going to slow your firing rate down dramatically while you wait for the Godsaw's recoil to settle.
  4. Goretzu

    Just plink with it (i.e. shoot-wait-shoot-wait-shoot).... but equally then you lose some/most of the reason for using it with a higher powered scope like that in the first place (over say the buffed Warden).

    Personally I've never really got away with the NC6 SAW with anything more than a 2x with even the shortest burst fire, nevermind full auto longer bursts, although I guess no HVA would help too as it is only 5% extra velocity IIRC, but I think it works best with a 1x scope.
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  5. Devrailis

    I agree with this. If you're in a situation where you would want to use the x4 Scope, you may as well be using a battle rifle instead. Even with the Warden, I find the x1 and x2 scopes are more useful much of the time, but due to their nature, a x4 scope fits the battle rifles much better than it would with the Godsaw or the Gauss SAW.
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  6. Ghosty11

    I see people using 3.4x and 4x scopes, I don't know how they manage to make them work on anything but a semi-auto or single shot weapon. On full auto-the recoil is crazy, so you are stuck burst firing, but then your RoF drops to the point where you opponent is killing you off with full-auto fire then you can with bursts, and forget any kind of CQC.
  7. gigastar

    Had a similar issue with the Ursa a long time ago.

    I traded down to 2x reflex and never thought about it again. 3.4x might also be serviceable.
  8. omfgweeee

    Weapons with high vertical recoil are unuseble with high magnification scopes.
  9. Iridar51

    Yeah, the advice is "don't". Automatic weapons in general don't work well with high magnification scopes, unless it's a really low vertical recoil one, like NS-11A, and even then I wouldn't bother with it.

    What's even the point of using a high-magnification scope on automatic weapon anyway?
  10. AtckAtck

    It is just a matter of mouse speed. One can use 4x Opt with every weapon. Tho for LMG i suggest not going past the 3.4 Types, but those can be played well. You will have a disadvantage at close range tho if you are an ads type player. But you can still win if you make the shots count.

    I generally play my mouse on 2.500 or 3.400 DPI, everything else on standard speed settings software wise. Of course no mouse acceleration. And a mouse pad that does neither hinder movement, nor accelerate it. (I have a hard pad with rough surface.) So that the mouse stops instantly when you no longer push/pull, it simply may not move by itself at all.)
    I cannot play with low sense settings, coming from the Quake and UT era is simply cannot get used to not being able to quickly make a 180° turn with a short mouse movement.
  11. FieldMarshall

    If you must use 4x, pretend you are using a battle rifle. Let the recoil settle between each shoot.
    If you fire anything faster than its recoil recovery at range then you may aswell be hipfiring.

    It can be ok with a 4x, but you loose all close range capabilities and should only be used in situations where you may aswell use a BR, unless you have some reason for having to use the GODSAW
    (Keep in mind you have to ADS at close range, because SAW)

    Would recommend 2x.
    You can effectively ADS in CQB, and have some leeway at range with the small zoom.
  12. Cinnamon

    Try adjusting your scoped sensitivity. Say to about 2 or 3 times your normal sensitivity. Then practice your aim with that scope as the main reason not to change scope is that you have to get familiar with it to make it work. Also try to pre aim more if you don't already.

    Fire the gun like you would normally. I wouldn't recommend sniping with the SAW as you will be one shotted by a real sniper although you can use it that way at extreme ranges especially if you have a medic and other people shooting. Short bursts or tapfire is probably better with full auto at close range.
  13. Vixxing

    My advice is slap that 4* on a SAS-R (and use it to farm certs and buy an Anchor) ;)
  14. Eternaloptimist

    Have you got the compensator and the fore-grip to reduce recoil? Even so.....4x on an LMG.....damn! Try going down to 3.4 if you really want your targets bigger at long range bur honestly, you'll find your accuracy increases over time if you stick with 2x (my personal choice) and you won't have trouble keeping track of a target in CQC if you ADS all the time, whihc is the best way to make the bullets count. I believe the SAW is best at mid range so assuming you are using 4x for long range shooting you'd probably be better off with a different LMG.
  15. Garrum

    Higher than normal chance they have a little something to help them with that recoil.