advanced attachment issue (+loadout not saving)

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  1. caboMcpawnz

    Hey guys,
    i encountered a weird problem and i need your help please.

    First a few words to clarify the issue.

    With the recent patch they changed something about the advanced attachment system which (i think) looks like this:
    Previously it was necessary to get an laser sight attachment + an upgrade to the laser sight attachment and after that you could get the advanced laser sight attachment which you could only get if you got the "normal" attachment fully upgraded. (same thing with forgrip attachment afaik). This was very confusing to new players (including me) because it wasnt written down anywhere what is the difference between the LS and the adanvanced LS and how to get it...

    As of the recent patch they combined the two items (LS and advanced LS) to ONE attachment which can be upgraded. Which is only logical and all the confusion should be gone...

    So here is my issue after the change:
    Recently my loadout keeps reseting every time i log in, which is super annoying obviously.
    BUT it only happens to my Light Assault and my Engineer and only to the primary weapon slot which should be the Jaguar carbine but instead it keeps re-equipping the default TRAC-5. Guess what? The Jaguar is the only weapon which i bought advanced attachment for (pre-patch). It shows on the item that i got the advanced LS equipped but when i click on the weapon attachments it says i have to unlock it...o_O?

    As far as i understand it, with the patch they removed the previously bought attachments and gave the players back their invested certs so you can reinvest in the new overhauled attachment.

    I dont know what to do now...should i reinvest the certs in the attachment even though it shows on the loadout screen i already got it. Will it save the issue with resetting my loadout? Why the hell didnt the devs just implement a little ingame notification so that people who dont read every patchnote know that you fooled around with their loadout? And why didnt you patch it in a way that it doesnt show that i have the attachment even though i might not have it?

    ...Questions after questions! Someone got some answers? :)
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  2. caboMcpawnz

  3. hipidipiwthrman

    Same exact issue - my light assault has the T5 AMC with advanced foregrip - the loadout replaces the AMC with the default Trac 5 every time i switch continent or log in. its very annoying. i couldnt figure out at first why only the Light Assault. but i think you got it right man - i only have the advanced forward grip on my LA.
  4. laziffer

    I just had to rebuy the advanced lasersight and my loadout stays saved now
  5. M0nkeyPunch

    I have the same issue. I have to re-equip certain loadouts every time I start the game or switch continent.

    It is I imagine how the OP presumes and that it's weapons with advanced attachments. (Nice catch - I wouldn't have found the correlation!) It happens to 3 classes for me.

    What is the solution? Re-buy the attachments? A word "from higher up" would be good, so I'm not forced to re-equip 5 characters every time I log in or change continents.
  6. Paulus

    I thought they said in the patch notes recently Advanced laser sights were refunded because they are making all laser sights the same now?
  7. VexXenon

    So, I have to spend 200 certs on things that I used to have? I don't remember getting extra refunded certs, nor do I have extra certs to spend on things I should have already.
  8. caboMcpawnz

    yeah me, too.
    I just dont get why they dont do ingame notifications about things like that. Hell, there is even a "notification"-menu, why isnt it used for stuff like that? As i said before, players who dont read every single patchnote accurately will get confused. ):
    I also wonder why the gameloader doesnt give information about the patches while, or after, it is downloading the patch. Insead
    there is a sh*tload of links to outdated old articles and gaming tips.
    Bad communication with the players imo.

    Its the little things which pisses me off about this game sometimes... (;