ADS While Jumping Nerf

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Coltorl, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. Pat22

    Yup. If we can't attack with our jetpacks, then we should be able to move faster and have more fuel so we can avoid situations where we would need to attack, and not just be a sitting duck in mid-air
  2. Lakora

    Nooo, here's a better idea... Just add the same punishment we suffer to other class abilities.

    Heavy activates his shield? Mega CoF with huge Bloom per shot.
    Medics when switching from Revive tool start at the largest CoF n slowly over 5s return to normal.
    Engi's either have persistant large CoF when Ammo or Mana is down, same as medic when switching from Repair Tool
    Infils... Same as Medics n Engi's it effects when the cloak is turned off.

    Sounds just about fair no? We get punished severely for using our class specific ability in the form of Jet Pack so how come no one else is?
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  3. Goats

    I hardly ever fired while jetpacking, hipfire or ADS, and when I did it was a last ditch attempt that almost always resulted in my death. While the nerf is annoying, it's pushing it a bit too complain about how it wrecks the class, and I certainly agree that we didn't need it.

    However, it looks (to me, at least) like its setting the stage for something new and unique for us: dual-wielding. While that topic always gets lots of bashing, it seems like dual wielded weapons could become the firing-while-jetpacking guns that we desperately need. They're not affected by the inability to ADS, and they could be made to have a much tighter CoF in the air than any other gun. I made a more detailed post in the dual wielding thread, which is where you should probably respond to this. I just think it's important to mention it here too, in relation to the nerf.
  4. Ahmida

    actually it should be heavy cant ADS with shield, inf cant ADS while invis, engi cant ADS in turret.
  5. Daibar

    i used the JJ to enter a room and clear it or at least make a dent in it from just under the ceiling while the fuel lasted. now i can't zoom while flying... i guess this is goodbye to the LA class for me. they have ruined it for my style of gameplay, guess i'll become a 4th factioner spawnroomsniper now... until i decide to just quit
  6. Lakora

    Or maybe both? :D Considering before the Laser "nerf" you didn't really need to ads.
  7. RogueComet

    While I haven't played PS2 in a while I do check the forums from time to time. This ADS nerf is yet another nerf in a line of changes to the game that continues to drive LA players to seek enjoyment elsewhere.

    One of the most effective tactics I used to do a lot was fly into an area, ADS and circle strafe around the enemy. I spent HOURS (probably 20+) practicing it and it was quite effective, if extremely difficult to pull off. You didn't get extra speed while straifing since many patches ago, so you really were moving at the same speed as someone else would be moving on foot. That means the ONLY advantage you got while doing this was that your opponent has to track you up/down as well as side to side. Sorry but that isn't that big of an advantage when going against anyone with any real skill (so anyone beyond BR15 can compensate for that I'd hope). It definitely isn't a big enough of an advantage to make ADS impossible while flying.

    This change to the game mechanics (again, yet another where they change something that has an effect on all classes but affects LA the most, especially since flying IS our ability) is unnecessary!

    Seriously SOE, why do you hate LA so much? Why do you keep nerfing that class harder and harder? The stats have NEVER shown that they were OP compared to the other classes. So why do you keep picking on them?

    Like I said, I haven't really played PS2 in a while. This week I've had a bit of an inkling to pick the game back up and play a bunch. The desire to fly around and shoot people was strong in me. Now I get on the forums and see this change, yet another MAJOR NERF to the class I love? I stopped playing LA for a month or so before I stopped playing the game alltogehter. My K/D doubled when playing HA and every other class was significantly easier than LA then. With this change, there is absolutely no reason for me to play LA any more. SOE can get along fine without my money for a while more I'm thinking. Do I still desire to play some more again? No, they have DESTROYED my desire to play (and therefore they destroyed my desire to give them any more money).

    Bad choice SOE. Shame on you.
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  8. FireBreather

    Haven't been around here for awhile, but C4 nerf and now ADS nerf? Has people suddenly started complaining about dying from LA from air after they made their case with C4? I was hoping that there would be some major update to the class, but instead this bombshell makes me want to stay away from this game even longer.
  9. Sandpants

    It's funny to read posts made by people who think anyone who is complaining is a COD-kid.

    Get a clue.

    Also, it's unfair that people can ADS without crouching.
    That is a stupid game design.
  10. Hiding in VR

    Not sure if serious?

    If that's not sarcasm, please google Room Clearing Delta Force.

    If that was sarcasm, please accept my apologies.
  11. Shadowhunter1

    actually that makes a lot of sense. rocket pack, huge amount of trust, sniper accuracy. thanks for the fix. also make sure when people bunny hop their cross hairs get larger than the screen and their COF is off the chart. that would stop bunny hopping. I'll admit, if a game allows bunny hoping i will dance better than Micheal Jackson until it is fixed while using my SMG and shooting people in the face. strafing side to side with or without the hop too. also 2nd story jumps to a shot in the head, and light assaults jumping from ESF because they are to scared to die in air combat.
  12. FluffyM

    I for one welcome this change, ADS is bad.

    You don't know diddly-squat about ADHD, son.
  13. Teoke

    I didnt see the point of removing ADS from jumping / jetpack, even though you basically had your jumping CoF when doing said ADS while jumping / Jetpacking. For me its just a tad annoying being forced out of ADS.
  14. NeonNoodle

    The people who dabble in playing LA thinks it's no problem here.
  15. RyanGUK

    Same players citing the same "Oh my god they're nerfing just LAs they want us gone!" bull. Everybody got affected by the change, it's just unfortunate that the ADS+Jump change has actually disabled shooting whilst using jump jets, which I've said for like 10 times now, shouldn't be the case. But this WASN'T a targeted attack on the LA class, so take off your tin hats & take a look at the big picture.

    Stop asking for punishment to other classes as well, because that makes you sound like brats.

    I haven't noticed a drop in LAs though, I think the majority of players are just getting on with their lives as LAs.
  16. Iridar51

    There is a somewhat gross child game this reminds me of. So a bunch of children take one candy, and take turns to try to bite off exactly half of the candy, until eventually the piece of the candy gets so small that it becomes impossible to bite off a half of it. Whoever's turn it is at that moment - loses.

    I feel Light Assault is the candy, and devs are children. Soon there will be nothing to bite...
  17. Pat22

    There seems to be a misconception that just because "I didn't do it", no one else did. Different people have different playstyles. For some, firing and ADS while flying was crucial to their playstyle. To these people, this change, along with the hipfire nerfs, destroyed the class relative to how they played it.

    Also, even if this was leading up to the introduction of Dual WIelding, there was no reason for it to be done FOUR MONTHS before Dual Wielding even gets looked at,
  18. Pat22

    Try doing it without pressing A, S or D, you'll move faster.
  19. HerpTheDerp

    As much as I agree that LA is probably the most worthless class right now, jump ADS was a blatant exploit that needed fixing. There is no other way of putting it.
  20. Corezer

    How did jump ADS become an exploit....

    casual generation kids...