ADS While Jumping Nerf

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Coltorl, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. Coltorl

    Well guys, I think it's time to hang up those jetpacks and get back to heavyside 2. With this ADS nerf SOE is weakening the least played class in the game and I really don't see the reason to play LA anymore. Nerf after nerf and no class redesign in the foreseeable future? It might the perfect time to try out other games. I'm always up for some friendly faces to play Rust with me while we wait for SOE to strap on their brains and think stuff out.
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  2. Pat22

    Care to elaborate what it is you're talking about?
    There was a hipfire nerf which affected our accuracy while flying, but you're talking about ADS?
  3. vsae

    I agree this is most uncalled and unnecessary nerf ever.
    I wont be shocked if in half a year infantry would need to stand perfectly still to fire even remotely accurate bursts, and all this with humongously high TTK.
    Light assault is now officially Shotgun only class.
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  4. OldMaster80

    I think they nerfed accuracy while strafing on PTS, which imho makes a lot of sense as it's unrealistic that one can be accurated while firing with a LMG and dancing around at the same time. Always hated games allowing players to jump and strafe like crazy rabbits while carrying big guns.

    But I'm afraid the problem is this also affects LA accuracy while floating around. I don't know how bad this can be since accuracy while flying is already terrible. Many scream OHMYGODNERFNERFNERF but I wonder how many are actually firing while flying: accuracy in this case is so bad that it's rarely worth.
    My biggest complain is that it will probably make Drifeters even less viable as "on-ground" tool, since it's going to make the skating even less accurate.
  5. Tycoh

    Woot! Go SOE! Heel stomping on 4 inch screws barefoot with almost every update since release.
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  6. Pat22

    As someone who regularly fired at enemies while flying ( Tribes: Ascend habit) I can tell you that the hipfire nerf was immense when it comes to firing from the air.
    Now I'm not sure about ADS, it did make your shots more accurate and still does to some degree but I thought when you started flying it just counted hipfire stats no matter if you were ADS or not.
  7. Konfuzfanten

    A link plz?

    Because the only nerf i see on PTS is that you cant ADS when you jump or fly.

    There is no accuracy nerf to ADS. To be honest, its was near impossible to ADS when flying unless you used the IR scope. So its not like its a major nerf or anything, BUT i would like SOE to make LA the only class able to ADS when flying/jumping...make that our special ability :p
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  8. Kronic

    While I feel the nerf won't be felt much by the vast majority of LA players, I dislike this nerf out of pure principal. Getting nerfed for no reason over and over again gets to you after a while. Won't be surprised if the LA update is literally just the ammo scavenging and dual wielding at this rate lol. SOE doesn't seem to want LA to be useful. Oh and apparently you'll be forced out of ADS when you "lose you footing" on inclines such as mountains. I can see that getting beyond frustrating.
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  9. Iridar51

    I don't think I ever ADSed to shoot during the jetting, but I would pre-ADS during the flight and let the gun stabilize after landing before opening fire. I don't feel like this particular nerf kills us, and more of a thing to prevent bunny hopping mid fight, which was weird, tbh.

    That said, devs been nerfing us slowly, but steady. Methodically. Like a car, being crushed by a garbage press.An egg being squeezed by vice.
    And the egg of my patience is about to pop. And the worst of it is that we didn't deserve any single one of these nerfs, nor have we received any reasoning behind those nerfs. Feels like entire dev team hates us for some reason.
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  10. Sandpants


    And flinch was a good idea to add to FPS games too. Cos it's realistic.

    Now how about enemies die in 2-3 shots. That would be realistic too.

    Honestly, infantry move at 3m/s when strafing and shooting.
    That is not fast. Just because some people are bad at aiming doesn't mean this FPS has to be reduced to chess shooter. There are classes that die if they stand still for longer than 0.1s.
  11. Pat22

    Wait, you can't ADS while flying at all on the PTR?
    Holy balls, forget about the LA revamp, just stop nerfing the class damnit.
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  12. Lakora

    Ehm... they do... 3-4 bullets to bring down the SHIELD n then another 2-3 n you're dead. :)
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  13. OldMaster80

    Not saying this game is realistic (btw you didn't consider the energy shield in the bullets count :p) but honestly try to go to a real firing range and fire while moving left and right like a bunny and let see how many time you'll hit the target. I'm a not a professional soldier but you never see real soldiers strafing while fighting.

    This doesn't change the fact devs should seriously consider the reduce accuracy penalty for jetpacks: that's insane and kicks down the main trait of this class. I mean who cares about better mobility if we can't even hit our targets when we're moving? Being able to reach the rooftops is a great tactical advantage but... is it enough? o_O I don't think so.
  14. SharpeShooter

    I am so pissed off with this change I cant begin to describe how I feel! It might not seem like a large change to some but to others its massive! I for one use ADS when in the air a lot to make one or two hits before landing and finishing the job, I ADS in the air just before landing to get the drop on people, I use ADS to spot targets with accuracy when in the air. Its a massive nerf to the class what ever people may say.

    Its already the least used class and SOE continue to nerf the class!
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  15. Decian

    This is pretty garbage. Short hops and shooting are a key factor in mobility that allows LAs to win fights against heavies and MAXs if they can pull it off. Why are you punishing skilled players? Its not like the entire game population is running around playing light assault. Light Assault is already a limited class and barely has advantages when in organized squads/platoons, now they are even less effective. Nice work SOE, maybe we should make jump jets have a 5 second "warm up" that you cant move and a 10 second "cool down" after we land. Why not just kill the class outright?
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  16. DerEchteSpatz

    All we LA are getting is one nerf after another.
    The ones of you who haven't already read how they're planing to buff the Infiltrators should take a look at the roadmap in the forum.
    Everyone gets something. LA too. A kick in the face.
    That's it for my membership, Sony.
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  17. Brewery

    You guys still play light assault? I stopped 6 months ago.

    The only reason for playing LA as of right now is to bail out of burning ESF.
  18. Pingonaut

    Same here. Don't know what their problem is with LA.
  19. JesusVoxel

    It's funny to read how all the ADHD-energydrink-consuming-COD-kids start whining when such a small thing as ADS while jumping or flying is removed. That was stupid game design to begin with. You know that you don't have to ADHD run around like headless chickens all the time.

    Use your jetpack to get into good position, pick off couple of enemies while standing still and crouching for a moment and then change position. That's what light assault is all about.
  20. CerebralLOLsy

    Then the jump jets need a buff to the speed if LA can no longer use it offensively.