Adrenaline shield > Resist?

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by miraculousmouse, Aug 25, 2014.

  1. miraculousmouse

    As someone who has been using the resist + asc or grenade bandolier, is the adrenaline shield that much better? I run my heavy loadouts with SMGs or shotguns so my kill per minute is pretty good.

    Would the higher level heavies of this board suggest the investment into the AS? I have 2,000 certs lying around with nothing else to put them in. Will I notice a big improvement using the adrenaline shield + nanoweave or other instead of the resist shield?
  2. SharkSpider

    Yes, if you have a mobile playstyle and get a lot of kills then you should give it a try. Get maxed out Adrenaline Shield and Nanoweave, equip a real man's weapon like the Anchor, and then go on a rampage.
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  3. EViLMinD

    Adren shield is ideal when you expect to make multiple kills in one mag. So, it's great for an lmg that can use an ext mag (NC: em6, em1 and Saw S)
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  4. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    I generally manage to get 2-3 kills in CQC with an Orion, so a 75+ round mag is alreally sufficient, I'd say.
    I maxed Adren Shield back when I had earned under 6000 certs; It was over a thrid of my certs invested in that shield. I never regretted it.
    It's a bit of a different playstyle, you are not as tough as with resist on against whatever comes, you will take a lot longer to get back to full if you don't get mad kills, but in turn, you can activate it reactively when attacked, and if you open into a room with a grenade and then charge in, you may well soak a few thousand damage. Indeed a good choice for fights that often end in kills;
    I personally found it great with any kind of LMG or shotgun.
    Also of note: If your overshield soaks the damage, you shield may still regenerate.
  5. Dramonicous

    If certs are scarce for you then dont buy it.
    Its good atm but I fear we are approaching a HA shield nerf, which will most likely not affect resist shield.
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  6. cruczi

    Not sure why you'd say this. Adrenaline shield regenerates passively in 60 seconds, and NMG regenerates in 45 seconds. At max. level, each kill replenishes the Adrenaline shield by 20%, so at one kill per minute, it'll regen in 48 seconds. At two kills per minute, it's already far better than NMG at 36 seconds. So it is the ideal choice when you expect to kill more than once a minute, although you're right it really starts to shine when you can string together kills, and have each kill fuel the shield which then protects you during the next kill.
  7. vsae

    Thats a very old debate.
    The extended uptime of Resist shield is preferable if your kph is high, otherwise the adrenaline or default one.
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  8. nehylen

    I have 2 questions regarding the use of adrenaline shield, if anyone might help.
    Let's say that as a HA i'm facing 2 guys, the whole overshield has been eaten by the damage i've taken, then i kill one of the 2 guys, giving me back 25% shield at max rank.

    - am i still under adren. shield when the overshield has been depleted (do i still have the movement penalty, do i still glow) but still in combat sequence? I don't play HA that often, and never paid attention to it as a standard NMG HA
    - as a consequence, is the 25% shield i've just regained with my first kill directly usable without reactivating?
    - do Nanoweave/Flak armor affect the damage taken by the overshield in any kind? I suppose not, given that resist shield doesn't, just want to be sure about it
  9. DrBash00

    Well it is pretty easy.

    If you activate your shield before you get the first hit -> Resist shield
    If you are in a group where medics get your shield and HP up to maximum fast (AND you activate the shield before the first hit) -> Resist shield

    If you are more of a adrenalin junkey like me, you go with the normal or the adrenalin shield.
    They are better if you activate them mid fight (because shields decrase the movement speed, and if you only activate it in fight you stay more mobile most of the time), and if you are succsessfull the adrinaline shield is the clear No1 but it decharges faster as the normal shield, and only pays off on high tiers.

    So only in squadplay the resist shield is a real option, but for the role of a "TANK" i perfer maxes ;-)
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  10. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    If you still have Overshield when you get a kill, it'll stay on, otherwise, it shuts off and you just get some charge back.
    I regularly end a fight, look at my shield bar, see it's not empty, and try to turn it off, thereby turning it on again by accident.
    Nanoweave should work with non-Resistshields, Flak definitely works.
    Flak 5 is my standard loadout, and I can be used as mine clearance just fine.
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  11. EViLMinD

    All about when it shines. If I'm hosing a doorway, I want a 150/200 rnd mag gun and adren shield.

    When I'm not getting rapid kills and I'm repositions more frequently, resist is my preference.

    Mesh suits my stay out of direct fire with a munition belt and need a YIKES button in pinch loadout.
  12. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    Really, Adren would probably work great with the MCG, or Jackhammer, or any autoshotgun or CQC lmg for that matter.
  13. Call-Me-Kenneth

    i use Adren shield with my "charge" loadout, Clear Vision implant + one conc + nanoweave and a mag extended EM1 and i can clear rooms with ease.

    even if i know im going down, the adren shield gives me enough staying power to secure one additional kill. any other shield would just get me killed.
  14. DatVanuMan

    Why do people love resist so much? THE THING SUCKSo_O
    NMG for life, man:D
  15. Mxiter

    It's more about situations.

    Resist shield is better if you have to fight opponents every 6-10 sec and works especially well if you have medic support &/or medikits.

    NMG works well if you fight better opponents , if you fight a larger number of ennemies on the same time or are ambushed.

    Adren works well if you are highly skilled or if you have a really fast TTK weapon and are the same situations than NMG but can fight in those case more often.

    I would say that Resist is exellent in defense (especially with infiltrator recon devices support) thanks to it endurance.
    NMG & Adren are more about agressive and rambo playstyles.
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  16. DatVanuMan

    Indeed. I want FULL protection, not 45% protection:p
  17. reydelchicken

    The only real advantage adrenaline has over resist is being able to toggle it mid-fight for an extra HP boost, which keeps you more mobile, and is especially useful on guns that have 0.75x ads movespeed. The other thing is that nanoweave stacks with adrenaline shield as well, which gives you quite a lot of effective HP that is very noticeable at mid to long range.

    Resist shield is great if you toggle shields before the fight, or right at the start of a fight, your shield is always up, and combined with medkits and ASC you can keep your shields/health up to a good level constantly. One thing to keep in mind however, is delaying your shield toggle will not help you with resist.

    Now NMG, I don't really see any reason to use it over adrenaline, or even resist for that matter, it doesn't stay up all the time like resist, and it also doesn't have the much better recharge time of adrenaline. You're really only going to be able to toggle it 1-2 times per life, which can mean being caught without shield when you need it (happens very often).
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  18. Goretzu

    This is the issue I'd be wary of, they have looked at nerfing HA shields, and what they were proposing would have left the Resist shield way above the other two.
  19. KnightCole

    Im currently using NMG, the instant buff of 650HP is nice.
  20. Magma52

    Maxed out Adrenaline Shield + Maxed Nanoweave + Concussion Grenades + Jackhammer shotgun + Room full of enemies = a super lovely fun time

    I think this is the reason why fully certed NMG (831 certs) costs far fewer certs than fully certed Adrenaline Shield (2250 certs). To round this off, a fully certed resist shield costs 1,000 certs.