Adrenaline Pump

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by simmi1717, May 9, 2013.

  1. simmi1717

    Does Adrenaline pump help increase flying speed or just spring speed?
  2. ih8Darian

    Just sprint speed, not worth it
  3. lilleAllan

    I use it. It's ok, i don't know.
  4. vaxx

    Too many more useful things to put in that slot, IMO.

    LA and Infl. should have already be 10% faster than other classes....without having to use a slot.
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  5. gggg

    I agree with this. My heavy assualt is carrying a chaingun, rocket launcher, and a revolver. Not to mention more armor yet still is as fast as an infiltrator.
  6. HeadshotVictim

    HEY! We have th same opinion! :D

    back to topic:
    I use Adrenaline Pumps.
    Mostly because I dont know what else to put there.
    Flak is nice, but very expensive.
    Nanoweave - not worth it IMO.
    Grenade Bandolier - i don't have enough Inf Resources to even support my normal use of C4, Grenades and Mines! why should I carry more 75 inf Res grenades around?! o_O?
    Ammo - nice, but I think a) I don't live long enough to use up all ammo (Except GD-7F this thing eats Ammo like nothing else...) and b) it is a team game. (And engis are most of the time glad for free certs)

    So I tick to faster running and shotgunning people : )
  7. ColdCheezePizza

    it makes people miss more at range when they are trying to lead you and is good for c4 suicide runs, it also really helps for closing the gap fast with pumps for some of that ohk suprised butt seks
  8. HarvestCheddar

    I don't think it directly affects your jumpjet speed, but it does carry over if you're running/sprinting towards something and then hit your jetpack.

    That said, a level 1 nanoweave is cheap and makes you much harder to kill. Subsequent levels are not worth it unless you're going to max it out.

    Flak is also useful for when you're facing Libs or lots of Heavies/Grenades.
  9. Visk

    Extra sprint speed is definitely not worth trading off additional health or extra ammunition.
  10. Manetheren

    LV 3 nanoweave will let you survive AP mines ;-)
  11. Wolfwood82

    So would level 1 flak...

    It would also let you survive tank shots and grenades, especially after you build it up.