Additional memory?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Vertauris, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. Vertauris

    Hello, i would like to ask if an additional memory for my PC will improve and prevent my game from gettin desynced (massive warpin party)

    PC spec
    Motherboard: ASRock P43DE
    CPU: Inter core 2 duo E8400 (2x 3.0Ghz)
    Graphics: Radeon HD 4870 512MB
    Memory: 2x2GB 800mhz (4GB total)
    Disc: Seagate 500GB

    I play on Medium settings with shadows off and my FPS is 50 on warpgate lowers to 40 sometimes 30 in massive battles the problem that occures is a desync on the huge huge battles like "the crown" territory in Indar or bio labs when tons of ppl fight for it
    I was monitoring my memory usage and when i join the huge battles it uses all of it in an instance, game start fallin apart (warpin) or just not respond/crash
    I'm plannin to buy additional 2GB of ram but i'm not sure if it will even matter, plz help
  2. Narkai2216

    Additional ram would only increase performance, but i think the desync is coming from lag not your system. I use to have 3gb but having 8gb now has helped quite abit. Ram is cheap anyway and just would help with everything, not much to lose.
  3. Virulent0o

    Before buying additional RAM, please check that your OS is 64-bit.
    32-bit or x86 architecture will not be able to use more than 4Gb.

    Also, buying 2x1Gb would be better in performance than a single 2Gb module for your mobo.
    Go for 2x2Gb if possible :D
  4. Vertauris

    yes i have windows 7 64 bit and i could afford 2x 1GB but will it fix my desync thats the real question i'm missing a lot of game content just becouse i cant participate in biggest battles
  5. WaiZen

    Ram is likely to help the performance but the desync can be something else, try to re-install the game cleanly. I just upgraded from 4GB to 8GB and I gotta say I'm getting better and stable FPS, and I can finally put texture on High/Ultra. So, upgrade the ram if you can afford it!!
  6. Virulent0o

    Whoops, forgot to answer that part :p.
    RAM would help with general performance, but desync... that sounds more like your internet line speed is the bottleneck.

    What's your internet speed?

    Say for example, you have 10mbps line.
    (the following numbers are for demonstration purpose, not actual values. Also No latency is considered)
    Every shot you take consumes 1mb. So every second, your line will only register 10 shots.
    If you shoot 20 times, the other 10 will only go through in the next second. The more action there is, higher the que.
    So with big battles, actions that cannot appear in the same sec will appear in the next, making everything warp.

    You can do a pingtest on to see how your line performs
  7. Vertauris

    speedtest results

    12 ms
    15,11 Mb/s downlaod
    2,01 Mb/s Upload

    Pingtest results

    packet loss 0%
    Ping 23 ms
    Jitter 2ms
    Grade A

    I was reinstaling game few time by now and not that long ago instaled a fresh system as well, i tried so many things and i'm out of options right now
    Performance is good but i would like to play even on low and yet i cant, all i do is just go to less populated areas and play there
  8. Virulent0o

    @OP, your internet speed seems fine, so can rule that out.

    Not sure if the vram might be the problem.
    Try turn down the rendering distance with the in-game graphics option.
    Range between 1000-3000 should render less stuff without preventing you from sniping far away targets.
  9. Bleak

    Buy more RAM
    Your cpu is slow
  10. LibertyRevolution

    No, more ram is not going to help out your warping, when your CPU clocks change the server desyncs you.

    Go to bios. Disable Intel speedstep. Turn off Turbo Boost.
    This alone fixes it for a lot of people.

    Also, some motherboard "Auto" CPU speed will also cause minor changes in CPU speed..
    So you may have to set the CPU multiplier and FSB speed manually to keep it at one speed.

    I had to set manual clocks on my other pc or it went crazy warping after 10mins...
    This workaround fixed my warping issues.

    Please see this thread if you have no idea what I'm talking about:
  11. Vertauris

    I love u man u just fixed my desync problem and it was my first time i could see peaple not warpin in massive battle in "the crown" territory
    All i did is change from Auto to manual for my CPU settings in bios and turned off the intel speedstep u mentioned
    I still get some random crashes when deploying but i can live with that
  12. LibertyRevolution

    Random Crashes on Deploy I would blame on the 512MB version of the 4870.
    My 4780 1GB does not crash, but my friends 5670 512MB does randomly crash on redeploy..
    It is probably loading more than 512MB of stuff into the video memory when you deploy..

    Check your ps2 install folder for an OutOfMemory.txt file.

    If you find this file, then you are hitting the memory limit on your graphics card, so your going to have to render less stuff.

    Drop your Render distance to 1500, no need to render terrain out past 1500m when even vehicles don't show up past 700m.

    Change: EffectsQuality, TerrainQuality, ModelQuality to low
    This just changes how far away it switches to high quality models, so it will render far away stuff with less detail.

    Change: FloraQuality, ParticleLOD to medium.
    I say Flora on medium because low gets rid of it completely, it looks very plain, some people don't like it off.
    Low/Off will give you better FPS.
    Particles, same deal, on low they are non existent, so medium lets you keep some bullet sparks if they are close.

    Hope some of that helps.
  13. Vertauris

    damn i think my happiness came 2 early i still get desync despite changes, this game is officialy broken
  14. shd

    To the OP.

    You have a similar setup to mine (i have gtx460 and an ssd) and i strongly suggest you OC that proc. It goes to 3.6ghz effortlessly (fsb to 400, your ram will like it as well) but try finding a guide for your mobo if you don't oc often. Considering how old it is that proc is very decent.

    Altho i must say i find your fps surprisingly good already, I have 80-100 in warpgate but drop to 25 in massive zergs on medium settings (i run 1920x1080).
  15. Vertauris

    My proc is 3 yrs old i OCed it once to 3.2ghz but it still doesnt fixed the desync and random crashes

    anyways i ordered 2x1gb additional memory for dual channel and hope it will improve my gameplay thanks everyone for help and support
  16. biterwylie

    Not the tread I was looking for but still...

    Feedback. Today I increased from 8GB Ram to 16GB. My system seems to utilize nearly all of it.

    FPS has gone from normal 30-40 to 40-60 in battles. Outside of the big battles I am now seeing 60+ on Ultra settings.

    Very pleased with the £60 spent. Shame I used to get 100+ fps as standard all the time before GU3/Server merge patch :rolleyes:

    BTW all my hardware is running on its lowest settings to increase longevity.