[Suggestion] Add "special trait" to every Directive Reward Gun

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by netBattler, Jan 18, 2023.

  1. netBattler

    The Vanu directive guns, all of them, if I'm not mistaken, have the heat mechanic.

    The NC's directive weapons keep getting debuffed. The Godsaw got its minimum damage reduced. The Gauss Prime just today got its muzzle velocity and minimum damage range reduced. Why? So lame.

    If you're gonna keep debuffing the NC's directive weapons, at least give them a cool gimmick across the board like the Vanu.

    IDEA: Give all NC directive guns an armor piercing mode.

    And maybe give the TR directive weapons a gimmick too, like Hyper-Velocity Ammunition where the muzzle velocity bonus is 25% instead of 10% like with the regular HVA.

    People like to say that Vanu gets all the love from the devs, and that's honestly what it feels like to me at the moment.
  2. Liewec123

    honestly i am not a fan of the armor piercing,
    against targets which you can damage with small arms (like harassers and ESFs) it kills slower than just normal gauss saw damage,
    and against targets that are immune to small arms the damage is so laughably low
    that you are simply poking them until they kill you.

    i'd rather have an underbarrel shotguns on NC directive weapons, like brawler has.
    imagine how versatile Godsaw would be with an underbarrel shotgun?!
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  3. TheSunlikeOne

    I'd rather have integrated sabot ammo on NC directive weapons. AP rounds that GODSAW has deal too little damage.
  4. LodeTria

    Didn't they remove the built in HVA from the gaussprime, a useless attachment? It now gets its max damage pushed out 2 meters.
    It's a buff if anything lol.
  5. Liewec123

    Gauss Prime is a mid/long range weapon,
    With the removal of built-in HVA values It has lost a large chunk of velocity and min damage range is now 90m instead of 110m
    All it gains is 2m max damage range.
    It's a nerf. ;)
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  6. brutes359

    Wow,wow,wow. Hold up. Did you just say they nerfed the godsaws minimum damage? Despite being (for all intents and purposes) a gauss saw with a smaller magazine and a low value gimmick ability? Wrel, you piece of garbage, after all the years of people begging for reworks to the directive weapons and nerf to the vanus epic-tier unlimited ammo Betelgeuse and you decide to nerf the already rare and arguably niche godsaw, which is a weapon platform almost exclusively build for medium to long range combat, to have shorter ranger?! Are you guys seriously that short-sighted and biased against the NC.

    Alright, let me be clear on this. it doesn't take a genius to figure out how to make NC directive guns good.

    Step 1. Keep the armor piercing capabilities of the NC guns against vehicles and apply them to more of the NCs directive lineup. I only say this because AP ammo has allowed me to scare many liberator pilots off who mistake the godsaw for a G30 walker, and so it has a practical use for AP ammo.
    Step 2. Increase the AP ammos damage to non-armored vehicles such as Harassers, ESFs, and MAX suits. This will give the directive guns a legitimate purpose, and their relative rarity will ensure they dont become OP against said systems.
    Step 3. STOP NERFING EVERTHING NC. Seriously, it isnt bad enough MAX suits are a shell of their formal potential, or that nearly 80% of the population base is no LA and infiltrators, they had to make YET ANOTHER nerf to HA? What, were the DMR spammers complaining? The LA pigeon roof campers whining that HAs were able to retaliate? For pete sake, the devs need to stop thinking the nerf hammer is the universal solution to everything. Why not try BUFFING something for a change that isnt vanu?
    There, Fixed.
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  7. Liewec123

    oh don't worry, he nerfed gauss saw too.
    both godsaw and gauss saw dropped a whole min damage tier.

    it was NCs rewarded for winning the crappy little "outfit war" tournament.
    yes you heard it right, the worst performing faction in the actual game got nerfed because NC won some crappy 1v1 tournament.
    and it gets better, it wasn't even NC who really won,
    the best players in the world were all forming temporary outfits on NC.
    so because the best players in the world from each faction beat average players in a 1v1 tournament NC were nerfed on live.
    meanwhile Beteldouche vastly outperforms every other LMG in the game, but hey, gotta nerf those NC LMGs...
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  8. Campagne

    Times like this remind me why I stopped playing this game. :p

    The primary class' primary weapon for long-range engagements got nerf'd, again. Why? It's not a hugely significant niche, I doubt it was really swaying the overall battle even if it helped in a few real engagements. Were other LMGs and the LMGs of other factions nerf'd in this regard as well, or just the NC's most iconic LMG in the one real area it can even perform well at?

    The AP mode is less than useless, except for farming surface-to-air damage ribbons against libs and galaxies. If the NC's directive weapons were to be given a new trait, it'd be nice if it was as useful as the heat mechanic. Be better than a flat worse version of the base anyway.
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