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Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by videogamer22, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. videogamer22

    hey planetside 2 members and staff. I'm bored of getting killed all the time as infultaor. can u add shotguns to this class please. i dont want to die all the time. and i wantto be invisible with cloak and have a shotgun.
  2. Benevon

    Obvious troll is obvious?

    So many people apparently had a fit about infiltrators with shotguns during beta, it had to be removed.
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  3. cruczi

    If you get killed easily, maybe you're overlooking some critical fact, maybe you're doing something wrong. The only time I survive better compared to playing infiltrator is when I'm in a tank or a MAX suit.

    Did you realize that the sound that a cloak makes is very easily heard by your enemies, thus being cloaked doesn't mean they don't know you're there? In addition, did you know that cloaking does not make you invisible, it makes you transparent and you can still be seen even if you're still? Did you know infiltrators have 10% less total health than other classes, and this is a primary reason to avoid direct confrontations?

    Also have you tried using an SMG for close range fighting?
  4. Lakora

    I will admit that I do miss the golden days of Shotgun infils. Was more of free kills then the SMG ones. :D Shotgun Infils weren't able to fight back from range. That n only ppl with no situational awareness (Cloak sounds duuuh) got killed by shotgun infils.
  5. Astraka

    If I had access to the Claw, Bruiser, or Piston.... The fun would be non stop. For me that is.
  6. Tenebrae Aeterna

    The only way that this could be made even more overpowered would be if they gave us the SMG as a secondary weapon! It was in Delta Force: Land Warrior... :(
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  7. Zagareth

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  8. MrMurdok

    They're gonna have to add the Infulator class first.
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  9. Raraldor

  10. Pikachu

    Give them c4 too.
  11. Calisai

    As someone who played infil during the beta infil shotgun craze.. it was ridiculously OP. It was a hell of a lot of fun for the infil... don't get me wrong... but even while using it... I was saying to myself... "yeah... this isn't going to last long"

    You could kill people before they even heard/saw you unclock due to client-side hit detection. The amount of hate for those "cheap" kills is what caused the audio nerfs, decloak delay, etc. As it is... the SMGs are really close to the line...
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  12. Veraa Coba

    yeah gotta say this would be massivly OP XD say no to Infiltrator shotgun folks!
  13. thePankakeManne

    I wasn't around during beta, so I can't make any claims as to OP or not, but I do know that I would have so much fun taking my LA39 Bruiser out for an invisibility spin.

    Oh, the rage would be freaking glorious. :D
  14. jiggu

    and rocket launchers.
  15. Rean

    here is your point-blank shotgun, enjoy.
  16. John_Aitc

    Benevon got it 100% right in the first post. If you think CQC Infils are despised now, you should have seen what it was like when we were allowed shotguns! Ahh... Good times! (Thanks for reminding me)
  17. LownWolfe

    I would drown from all the sweet sweet tears of the QQs
  18. Sworaven

    Why stop there? Let me dual wield handheld Fury's and strap rocketpods under my arms!
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  19. Rogueghost

    Shotguns were also insanely OP during that time period, dealing PA damage with a semi auto shotgun, or fully auto if you were TR.
  20. NeoKhor

    Here we go again. Another complaint based on perceived unfairness. It's these types of complaints that SOE developers listen to and make inappropriate changes that imbalance the game-play. Damn, I'll play along, how about we just give the infiltrator unlimited orbital nuclear strikes to counter the shotguns - SOE are you listening :p. Moreover, sometimes I accidentally collide my vehicle into a tree and die. Trees are too OP - please NERF! Alternatively, at least give vehicles a tree as a bumper :p