[Suggestion] Add shields to buildings

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  1. Cyridius

    Well, I got to think on infantry battles just in general being ruined by the vehicles zergs that just show up and ruin our day. Pretty fun killing for most of us, am I right?

    So I simply thought what the issues were. Well, primarily in infantry based combat it's that;

    1) Spawn rooms get camped. I decided that to change that it might mean too much of a base redesign, so I left that issue alone(To be speculated on later on in this post)

    2) The other issue was that any buildings got the hell spammed outta them with all sort of rocket pods and HE and Liberators - right?

    So the makeshift solution is using what we already have, basically. Simply shield all the windows using the same kind of shielding the ground floor of Bio Labs have(Nothing gets in or out). To deactivate the shield, simply destroy the generator. When is this generator you ask? Each building has a specific generator inside it. So infantry have to storm each building and take out the gens. The arming time will be 1-2 seconds, the time it takes to blow will by 10 seconds or so, and the defuse time will be roughly 2-3 seconds, with repairing being 2 ticks or so.

    What would this do? Well, everybody likes XP. People will then start moving more into buildings and we'll get some proper firefights going, uninterrupted by tanks shelling us all to death.

    Why this type of shielding? Primarily, the defenders wont get an unfair advantage. It's one thing to stop tanks shooting in, it's another to make it a deathtrap for tanks by making them vulnerable to something they can't kill.

    Thoughts? Suggestions? I picked something like this because a total base redesign is pretty much off the table. Devs don't have the time or resources to go and redesign all the bases, simple as that.

    For spawn camping, there are simpler fixes aswell - such as adding a second floor to each of the spawn rooms and putting teleporters to other parts of the base there, it makes it that bit harder for you to just be farmed all day. But I do NOT want this to be the focus of this thread, just the shielding idea.
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  2. Garrix

    There needs to be underground tunnels connecting all buildings in a base or outpost. Having everything completely exposed makes no sense, and nobody likes the massive tank trains shelling every base and outpost into submission (except the tankers). There is an amp station on esimir that has something close to this, tall canyon style moats and canyons around the base, that let infantry get right up inside close to the walls (and in some cases under them). The base is also littered with snow drifts and barricades, which makes it a nightmare for armor to actually get inside. It doesnt stop the armor from shelling the base from outside the walls, but it helps a ton.
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  3. Winfield

    Glad to know the TR don't like getting shelled by Magrider zergs either(Yes I went there).
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  4. Cyridius

    lol, Let's not turn this into a "Hate on Magriders" thread ;)
  5. zukhov

    Try Splitpeak pass.
  6. Winfield

    1 Base out of eleventybillion.

    This game needs more focus on infantry combat, less on tank & air zergs.

    There's a reason people want to defend Biolabs alot. Ofcourse it's good xp, but it's also the only place you can fight in reliably safe from air and tanks.
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  7. Cyridius

  8. zukhov

    Well if you don't like Splitpeak there are plenty of other bases as defensible. I'll make a list for you when I'm in game.

    OFC not as defensible as the crown because they won't have a metric tonne of inexperianced players dropping on it every 30 secs.
  9. mina5

    Or Engineer deployable shield generator or maybe sundy shield generator what protects nearby units from air bombing runs .
  10. Ronaldspiers

    I stopped reading after the highlighted section and decided I love you.
  11. mina5

    There can't be underground tunnels of that scale . engine dosen't support it
  12. Ronaldspiers

    The engine doesnt support anything we want. Like hot dog stands at the crown.
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    there are literally DOZENS of infantry only games out there. EVERY single combined arms game on the market is so heavily infantry focus that vehicle gameplay is more of a novelty than an actual part of the game. why cant inf lovers just accept the fact that one game out of "eleventybillion" will be vehicle centric and still make infantry combat an immensely important part of the game? why cant the inf crowd just accept the fact that vehicles WILL influence your gameplay, especially when they show up en mass.

    More importantly why cant inf lovers learn to play AGAINST the vehicles, instead of just being slaughtered by them and complaining about it. Every medium to large base requires infantry to accomplish anything, and most provide more protection from vehicles than is truly necessary.

    The simple truth is that this game still has TONS of infantry gameplay, and its only going to get easier for you guys as AV weapons become more pronounced and tanks start targeting other tanks rather than inf. When I play as inf, in these huge battles that the OP seems to hate, I almost never die to tanks. why? because they are easy to locate and easier to understand. they are easy to avoid and easy to kill. I always run around doing my damndest to kill tanks with mines, c-4 or whatever have you and curse the random heavy that kills me every time. Inf kill me WYYYYY more than armor ever does because i put some thought into my gameplay rather than trying to make this game a BF3/COD version and hating the fact that there are vehicles in this game.
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  14. Cyridius

    I lol'd at this entire post

    It's so biased, uninformed and generally ignorant I'm not even going to humour it with an actual response.
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    to late you did..............

    nothing ignorant about it. this is my experience, and its all true. feel free to actually counter it rather than making some quasi attack without a true backbone.
  16. Lord Gazgul

    yes, we realy need a new desing for all the base, for now it is soo bad, SOE need to go and take some hard work on it
  17. Cyridius

  18. OldMaster

    They should give SOME base a shield, and they should also introduce a new infiltrator suite that allows to pass the shields
  19. namd3

    underground tunnels?

    only if i can fit my maggie inside it...
  20. Clail

    I'd prefer to see doors and hacking terminals again. :p
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