Add Service Ribbon (exp) for Liberator users pls !

Discussion in 'Planetside 2 Test Server: Discussion' started by Keirox, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Keirox


    I play liberator a lot, and what i can say is that it's fun, but it's really hard to play, specially for beginners. The skyguard and all anti-air is a pain for the flyers. Not crazy if you don't see a lot of people flying with liberator, it's a really hard gameplay.

    It could be very nice if playing liberator was giving more exp to motivate players to play it. You earn service ribbon when you repair, heal and a lot of others situation, but not when you kill people from your lib (i'm not talking Air vs Air). For exemple "Air Support" for killing people on ground from the noze/belly/tail cannons.

    I'm asking this because when you play as flyer you dont get anything, only the exp from killing someone, but you dont earn any Ribbon (except if you fight against air you have Domination or something like that, i'm not sure if it work for the liberator aswell ?)

    It's already hard to survive and kill some people with liberator, and if we dont get a lot of exp from it, not a lot of people play it, it's normal. It require a lot of skills to use it, and no reward for it. So pls add some ribbons like Bomber / air support / gunner for exemple.

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