[Suggestion] Add Planes

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Weterman, Nov 5, 2014.

  1. Weterman

    The dog fighting in Planetside 2 is just facing your enemy and shooting. The planes are slow. They are more similar to helicopters than planes. If planes are added that can't hover in a spot, go faster, and handle like actual planes, real dogfighting would be possible. The planes should be able to hover the same way real hover planes hover, so you can't just stop in the middle of a dog fight.

    Also, let players spawn at any base they want. I can only spawn close to the front line, and sometimes I can only spawn around one area where fighting is going on. Even though a different place needs help, I can't spawn there. (the spawn points aren't broken or anything)
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  2. DatVanuMan

    Of course, these planes would be very unsuitable for killing infantry, RIGHT?
  3. ajma

    Vertical thrust should be way, way less on ESFs if you want to make the air game like planes and still allow for vertical take off and landing.
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  4. Weterman

    Well it would be hard to kill infantry with a plane that goes fast and doesn't hover, wouldnt it?
  5. FateJH

    You could always ram them.
  6. Springjack

    SOE saw this title and were glad they use reddit lol.
  7. Weterman

    Yes get one kill and one death. Not very effective.
  8. FateJH

    You obviously aren't ramming Infantry very efficiently if it involves you crashing. The idea is to practically skim along the ground, smashing through Infantry at chest height and above. You also need a discreet approach. Ask a friendly pilot for advice and practice using Biolab landing pads.
  9. Weterman

    With a plane that goes fast, this would be difficult. 300km/h is slow for a plane. They should go atleast 1000km/h
  10. Borsty

    If you go Mach 1, you will run out of continent in like 20 secs ;)

    What I'd like to see is a fundamental change in current ESF avionics. Less gimicky "breaks all rules of physics" like hoovering with boosters backwards or even on the back or in general flying at all speeds without wings....
  11. DrPapaPenguin

    We'll need special runway bases then.
  12. Obstruction

    you can add "real planes" and watch them get wrecked harder than Valkyries. also a better solution to redeploying would be to have redeploy always dump you at the warpgate so that people have to use transportation.
  13. Siilk

    Oh, but imagine all the whinestorms that will hit forumside in that case. Horror, pure horror! :eek:
  14. Weterman

    Planes that go real fast will be real hard to hit. The current fighters won't be able to keep up to them, Flak will have to be shot way ahead of the planes to hit them. If we have helicopters, why not planes?