[Suggestion] Add more ways to pay for membership!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Thorfax, Feb 8, 2016.

  1. Thorfax

    So I've played this game for a good while now and I recently thought "why not get membership, support the dev team and get some benefits meanwhile"...

    And then I see you NEED a credit card... what??
    Either you pay directly via credit card or via steam... which prompts you to add a credit card -_-'

    I don't have a credit card and I'm from belgium, which means Daybreak pre-paid cards don't exist (at least haven't found any shop who sells them).

    I mean, at least give us the option to do it with Paypal, or 'Sofort Banking' or however it's called. And I've seen somewhere that apparently "no company that works with recurring subs has a Paypal option". Yeah. No...
    I've played many games and I've never seen that happen (ESO, WoW, RS, etc.)

    The best part is that buying Daybreak Cash DOES work with steam wallet directly, which is kinda rediculous imo, it's a money transaction, however you look at it.

    I've seen this issue adressed multiple times now, can we at least talk about this Daybreak? I want to give you my money! :p
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  2. ohmikkie

    If you use steam. You can use PayPal or other similar payment methods.
  3. Thorfax

    No you can't, if choosing to pay via steam it still asks you for a credit card. Paypal isn't even visable anywhere, so any screenshot as to where I can find that would be nice.
  4. ohmikkie

    Should do. Does for me. Make it your default payment option maybe?
  5. Thorfax

    I don't think you understand... Paypal -literally- isn't showing anywhere. Remember different countries also have different options to them available sometimes. Also, no proof, it's a spoof ;)
  6. Pelojian

    might be a good idea to post a screenshot drawing attention to where, it's possible thorfax can't use paypal in his country but it's still possible he/she didn't notice it as an option somewhere.
  7. Thorfax

  8. Scifi

    Why would you want to pay to play this game, (A) its free to play and (B) this game is seriously ******!
  9. ohmikkie

    OK fair enough. I'm UK based. Let's assume it's different. As for proof I'm not stupid enough to show my personal details on an open forum.

    I suggest opening a ticket with DB and or steam on this one.
  10. ohmikkie

    Actually looking at your screenshot I've just realised that the last time I bought anything through this game was when it was with SOE.

    Are you making a purchase in game? If so I am assuming you are playing via steam?

    What happens when you click that steam button? Are you saying that you cannot setup paypal via steam?
  11. Xiad

    Hold up, you don't have a BANK ACCOUNT? What?

    Also, this probably isn't the right subforum to post in, what with PayPal and credit cards having little to do with gameplay.
  12. Machine Spirit

    Yeah, no idea why there is no paypal recurring option(its very possible, look at TOR). You can pay for anything that's not a membership with steam tho.

    Also, a tip don't use direct debit its ''supposed'' to work with my bank but it doesn't. For some reason it causes a conflict between banks because European banks work differently then American(or something along these lines, it was a while back) and that caused the money not to transfer and my account getting banned thrice in a row.

    Almost like they don't want Dutch money. But we all know everyone wants our money.

    So yeah Daybreak, how about you join us in the modern world?
  13. Taemien

    I suggested Krono a few weeks ago.

    And item that can be traded between players for implants and/or certs. Using a Krono gives you all access for a month. Let someone else pay for your membership.

    It actually already works in PS2 indirectly. You can farm up a bit of Plat in EQ or EQ2, buy and use a Krono and it gives you membership in EQ/EQ2/PS2/DUCO.

    If you already have membership going, you can login to the Phinigel server in EQ and farm up a Flowing Black Silk Sash. It goes for 2-3 Kronos. That's 2-3 months of membership for a day's work, less if lucky enough to get the frenzied ghoul in lower guk to drop it early.
  14. Kicksta

    add ideal paying for europe >>>>>> iDEAL

    add ideal paying for europe >>>>>>>> iDEAL
  15. Kicksta

  16. Kicksta

    Effects of weather and climate change in this game no where to found

    4 days aim traying to get DB cash for the 2022 universal bundle in store no iDEAL we have been asking this in Europe for 10 years https://i.postimg.cc/RhMTWyMn/Daybreak-Games-pay-with-i-DEAL-It-s.png
    and no we don't want to go through steam.
    it's sad that they then remove the best skins bundle while in Daybreak store everything is so empty and bad and sad looking.
    to many bad bundles that are so ****** put together Guns Guns Guns **** sake no no no no we need more skins real epic looking skins and not those that look like clowns ping pong balls skins with blinker lights on them **** sake.
    They should focus on 3 things
    1. Pay with iDEAL in game and also make it accessible on the Daybreak web pace. for Europe
    **2.**better skins and armor designs for in the shop we are now more than 10 years further and the bundles should really be better and stop putting more Guns we have a lot of them make vehicles skins that is what we need is an MMO after all
    **3.**Effects of weather and climate change in this game most be real good
    it takes way way too long to take someone down with you're weapons' they really need to do something about this
    the Scythe, Dervish, Javelin, and the Flash the steering speed armor must be a standard passive ability as soon as we unlock them.
    Last but not least the NPCs need to move and walk on their own and doing there own thing. See link below Effects of weather and climate change enjoy