[Suggestion] Add dumbfire mode to phoenix

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Bape, Aug 31, 2014.

  1. Bape

    The biggest downfall of the phoenix is not being able to dumbfire it when a tank it to close to shoot and NO pressing E is not dumbfire it just exit out of the camera mode which is dumb. My suggestion is adding a dumbfire option (Pressing B) which let you aim and shoot without entering the camera.

    Yes I know striker does not have dumbfire but it will since it been confirmed it getting coyote like lock on with dumbfire coming additionally with it. Does anyone agree or disagree with this suggestion? The only reason I do not use the phoenix is because it does not have a "REAL" dumbfire mode.
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  2. Champagon

    If phoenix gets dumbfire i would like nemesis to get the same, since it gets caught in similar situations
  3. Halcyon

    At least you can shoot base turrets and MAX units with it.
    TR can't do anything with the Striker, even without a dumbfire mode.

    They both can use dumbfire though.
  4. Pikachu

    Nemesis has dumbfire.
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  5. Champagon

    Then mine isn't working! lol :p I will check it out. Thanks
  6. Frosty The Pyro

    weapon balance dictates No.

    A pheonix hitts ground vehicles like a decimator, has a faster reload, and holds more reserve rockets. The fact that you cant reload till you exit the rocket (even using E as quickly as you can) keeps its effective reload time long, keeping its dps low and acting as a the primary balancing lever against its abilities when combined with increased vulnerability of a HA who has just fired a pheonix. With a dumbfire option the pheonix would be able to circumvent those penalties and be a decimator+ completely invalidating the use of the decimator for NC, and that is not good for balance.
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  7. NBA JAM

    I don't see why the phoenix needs it. Maybe if you had to press the button to switch modes sure, but like... The damage is already low, and rocket launchers aren't meant to be used close range vs infantry.

    The Phoenix launcher is great despite its low damage. You are perfectly in control of where the rocket goes while you sit in safety behind walls/rocks. So I don't see why you feel you need MORE when your rocket launcher already infuriates the other factions.

    Striker NEEDS a change. Not a buff, but a change. Its getting that. The phoenix fulfills its role just fine.
  8. warmachine1

    Skilled player ... Macro user can emulate dmbfire with RMB -> LMB -> E, so as ballance factor this have very varied effect.
    Adding dmbfire mode & minimal reload time > devastator would be better solution.
  9. HadesR

    I'm not sure it's really needed .. If you are using a Nix in situations and area's where you might need to dumbfire, then Imo you are using it wrong ..
  10. RaiMarie

    Actually, trying to get out of camera mode after firing the rocket is not really dumb fire in my opinion. Best that I can remember, the rocket will keep going, but it will "almost immediately" just sink to the ground much faster than any other dumb fire you are used to. I have not tried it in a while though. It is not honestly needed if you use it in the right areas. The only issue I have with phnoenix is the fact it can be deflected rather too easily.
  11. EGuardian1

    The arc on an unguided nix is something akin to a drunken bird. It's going DOWN.

    That said, a fire select mode for the speed of the rocket would be the biggest thing i want. Press X, and the rocket will have a higher projectile speed so you can catch up to fleeing harassers, but it's also much much less forgiving on accuracy. No curving the bullet around a hill with that!

    That'd be cool. Give Striker a select mode for Coyote style dumb fire or extended range lock on.

    Lancer already has it's select mode of lower damage but fast firing pulses or charge up heavy shot. Maybe a fire select for a very short range full mag dump? That'd be kinda cool.
  12. FateJH

    The original Phoenix had a dumbfire mode.
    Then again, the original Decimator had a camera and remote detonation mode.
  13. Zotamedu

    What you want is the Decimator.
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  14. axiom537

    With the change to the striker, I think giving the Phoenix a dumbfire is more then fair.
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  15. ballZ Deep

    No, it needs a turbo or better maneuvering and higher velocity.

    And it should continue flying after it has gone out of guided range, not simply vanish!
  16. Pikachu

    Give back my damage.
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  17. Goretzu

    I think it will be pretty difficult not to give the Phoenix dumbfire, once the Striker has it.
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  18. Goretzu

    Almost any angle you can fire a Phoenix out of, has another angle a sniper can fire straight at you.

    "Safe" isn't a term I'd use, except in a very relative sense.
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  19. Chrispin

    Not necessarily. Phoenix users technically already have the option of dumbfiring their missiles: by not moving their mouse around after firing. Currently the Striker can't even fire unless there is a vehicle to lock on to, so the Phoenix is already much better off in that regard. Additionally, while the Striker WILL be able to dumbfire, it still requires users to stand out in the open to unload the entire rocket salvo in order to deal about the same amount of damage as a single Decimator round. This is comparable to how the Phoenix requires the user to stand still and not reload while guiding the missile to its destination.

    Basically you guys are arguing for faster reload times and ability to peak-n-shoot + take cover again, not the ability to dumbfire which is already there.
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  20. Frosty The Pyro

    there is still a time delay before you can hit E, and the pheonix gains a massive drop once it stops being guided.
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