[Suggestion] Add bullet drop to all weapons

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  1. Kumaro

    Most of the time when i see VS win a battle they do so with numbers not overpowered weapons. TR same thing. NC same thing.
    The moment one faction gets a pop advantage everyone pulls out the old OP list of things that bother them in that faction. And then when they loose pop advantage the nerf list becomes a Buff list. And this circle jerk continues every year over and over and over.
    During prime time of this game it was so bad with pop advantage they balanced the factions based on their population.
    TR which mostly has the most players got their weapons and vehicles nerfed since they had the numbers and when things calmed down they got a few buffs again. Vs tended to be the most under popped and thus got more buffs which then as it balanced out was nerfed down.

    And honestly many don't want the factions to be equal in everything that ruins the fun of the game. we have 3 factions in a balance on traits and abilites. This makes the game more interesting and varied and most important fun. you can have up to 3 characters for free in this game make one for each faction and try them out. It's not as OP as you might think once you get to test them out for a longer period of time. Many things in this game are situational and once you are in the right situation you will wreak havoc on your foes and when the situation is wrong you will get rekt like a fresh scrub dropped in, in the old welcome tutorial this game used to have.
  2. William Petersen

    It always amuses me that these "future weapons" have bullet speeds of less than half the velocity of current-day fire arms.

    Not to mention NC has statistically significantly better performance with the NS weapons.
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  3. DeadAlive99

    The Eidolon has no drop, and it has a standard mag. There's no doubt that I find no drop weapons easier to use. As you say, you still have to lead, so it's not total gravy, but easier.

    I prefer drop weapons for the added challenge, so I really wouldn't complain if all weps had drop added, but I'm sure they won't do that. The lore / accuracy aspect could be adjusted via other ways, CoF, bloom, spread, etc, plus a VS specific implant that would aid certain weapons if you choose to run it.
  4. DeadAlive99

    It's Thick-Goo, dude. Doesn't cut through the wind very well. :)
  5. ArcKnight

    VS are winning most alerts..... I can live with that, as long as I can play how I enjoy the game I don't really care if I win or not, I only care about winning if I'm playing with a platoon and the objective is to win something
  6. Taemien

    I called it. They remove the .75 ADS and people still get trounced. Now they go after the next trait that doesn't affect anything.
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  7. natowpnzor

    Not all NC are stupid. We need a gun that has EITHER recoil, or EITHER random CoF. After about 10 shots, our guns start firing where our ADS isn't pointing, which is also extremely unrealistic.
  8. Nody

    What weapons are you looking at exactly?
    Q4 KPU stats from Oracle:
    NS-15M; pretty even with NC going from top to bottom over the last three months
    MKV Supressed: TR generally in the top with the odd NC spike, VS don't like SMGs apparently
    NS7: TR generally in the top with the odd NC spike, VS don't like SMGs apparently
    Vandal: TR in the lead with VS spiking up in the lead every so often
    Baron: Sorry TR In the lead again on what should be a NC specialty...
    11C: TR / VS usually in the lead but NC had a few days in the lead
    Standard frag 'nades: Sorry, TR and VS in the lead

    So no, NC is far from best performer on NS; TR has probably the best overall KPU followed by VS...
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  9. Scatterblak

    This. Historically, faction preeminence waxes and wanes over time anyway, and every dog has their day. If you want to nerf VS, you need to nerf teamspeak - they tend to talk to each other, while TR is lonewolfing and NC is too busy TK'ing each other to look up. :(
  10. Nie_Tutaj

    I wish that more VS weapons tried to use the no-bullet-drop ability they have. I wouldn't mind their sniper rifles having it, just make them interesting. Like the Beam Rifle in Halo Reach. Why not have something like that? Would be beautiful.
  11. Saturax

    ( NC/TR battle rifle have same ammo like sniper rifle = bullet drop in 100m is 15-20cm, so you will aim on head and still hit head if you ignore +-60cm unaccurate weapon in 100m ) Thats chalange you are looking for ?

    Battle rifles are almost the same in all fractions... I have auraxium on eidalon and reavenant and it dont have bullet drop true.... but they are not accurate over 100m ( 100m 60+-cm from cross = you start aim on body not head ) and have reduced dmg with distance from 2 headsshoot or 3-4 body shoots on 3-6 body shots or 3 headshoot. So... with or without bullet drop... weapon is not accurate on that distance and you just lucky hits 1/3 shoots.
  12. DeadAlive99

    Well, sure, you lose accuracy and damage at range, but the fact is people do a lot of non-sniper shooting at longer ranges, and you do get hits and kills. It may not be efficient shooting, perhaps technically falling under the suppression fire category even though that's not what is intended, but I would still prefer to have the drop.

    In any case, this 'issue' does not make my personal Top 50 list of desired changes.
  13. William Petersen

    Looking at simply kills is a hilariously awful way to evaluate weapon performance.
  14. Eternaloptimist

    The uniform of course.

    To be a bit serious, I do think that the accuracy trait would be better demonstrated by higher bullet velocity than no bullet drop. I haven't played HA for a long time now but I remember my TR had the T32 Bull (probably the fastest bullet velocity in the game for a full auto) and it was a beast at medium to long range.
  15. Liewec123

    i thought this was a troll post at first lol,
    lack of bullet drop does not make a weapon OP, when was the last time you heard someone QQ about Spiker, or lasher, or saron?

    before people cry out about GK, that was OP because of more than drop, it had damage, high RPM, velocity, no recoil, no bloom, short reload, and beyond a certain range it had no projectile, tracers or sound.
  16. Campagne

    I come bearing stats! BEHOLD:










    Everything you mentioned, plus a few more to expand the sample size. All Q4 KPU.

    Anyway, as one can see, the NC actually maintained an upper-middle position across the board up until the late construction update. Prior to this, the NC were clearly performing very well, roughly on-par and in some cases as the approximate best with NS equipment.

    The Construction update brought huge populations back into the game. In the following days of the update, NC's NS weapon scores all fell below the norm, NS-44 being the exception.

    The way I see it, there are two possible reasons for why this happened.
    • Possibility A: The new content brought back some long-since abandoned Q4 NC players, whom are a potential contact risk for Tetanus
    • Possibility B: Some of the top performing Q4 NC traitors players immediately jumped ship to the other, more AV-intensive factions for an advantage/to avoid a disadvantage
    Or perhaps an amalgamation of the two. Regardless, the past few days are not a solid indication of a weapon(s)/faction(s) performance.

    Additionally, as a final thought on the topic to the general audience of the Forums, do please add source or reference material or citations to your data! Tonnes of information in this thread alone has no apparent source!
  17. Xasapis

    I had to double check the date. This is an actual 2016 thread.
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  18. EPIC389

    I personally have no problems with vanu having bullet drop. Its extremely minor as a difference and thanks to this trait VS have lost out a bit on certain weapons example being slugs on shotguns that have lower velocity but have bullet drop while TR and NC have higher velocity.
    Also if you are dying to a lasher at the range which bullet drop starts to matter, something is seriously wrong with how you play
  19. nehylen

    You're talking about team killing which is different from team damage (those stats being of the latter). Team killing means getting past the threshold of death, which, as you stated, is more easily done with a low RoF/high damage per shot gun. Team damage however isn't as subject to thresholds.

    We're seeing vast discrepancies in these numbers while at best best you'd see +40% team damage if every NC player was using only 200dmg weapons (143x1.40 = 200), and TR/VS only 143dmg, if damage alone was the issue. And you'd see TR with lesser team damage than VS (because lower damage tiers on Armistice/Torq/Lynx/sidearms).

    As for shotguns, vehicle shotguns don't TK all that much, so it may mostly be a MAX thing (i'd doubt it could be Brawler/MagScatter or even Jackhammer-related). Even then, so much difference is absurd, and MAX aren't getting used enough to justify the gap.

    I moved from VS to TR a year and half ago, and bullet drop has very, VERY rarely ever been a factor. I have about identical play time on both at this point. There's a single gun with identical stats to compare the effect of no drop, and that's the Artemis: usually on identical ES guns, velocity is lowered a bit for VS (see Nyx, Eidolon & Revenant, shotguns). So the Artemis is a straight upgrade to SOAS/Stalker Look up the stats about the Stalker/SOAS/Artemis on PS2 oracle stats to try and find any significant difference in efficiency over time. There's none.

    Any VS who's played NS guns knows that bullet drop is an insignificant parameter unless you put a suppressor on, and even then, lateral compensation for velocity will be incomparably more considerable than the compensation for the vertical drop. I'm playing TRAP & Trac5 Burst w/ suppressor lately, and i'm not even that bothered, considering how much it lowers the effective range anyhow.
    So in my book, there's is no added challenge because of the drop, and my accuracy continued to increase linearly after i moved to TR, which kind of proves the point as far as i'm concerned.
    FYI, there's even the case where VS has more bullet drop, where it's a bit more meaningful: slug shotguns.
  20. Moz

    Cant believe OP went THERE!