[Suggestion] Add Bots to PlanetSide 2

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by NeonSonic, Nov 10, 2021.

  1. NeonSonic

    Add fully functional bots to PlanetSide 2 like Back 4 Blood.
    Make them able to do anything a player can do.
    Also, have this feature for PlanetSide 3 as well.

    Make them fully populate the game.
    Make them leave the game to make room for players joining.
    Have them rejoin when players leave to keep the game fully populated.

    Give them the highest battle rank.
    Have all their equipment at max rank.

    Hire / Have some really good A.I. Designers / Programmers do this.
    So it can be done in 1 Year max.
    Like the new Oshur continent.

    Would increase the lifespan of the game and replayability of the game.
    Since it wouldnt be dependent on players to keep the game populated.
    The Bots would handle that perfectly.

    Thank you.

    Good Game.
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  2. PlanetBound

    Bots would be a powerful alternative to squad leaders and gunners.
  3. RabidIBM

    ...PS2 is not a PVE game...unless you're driving a tank on Hossin.
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  4. Arionell

    Do not turn Planetside into a mobile game. It is also bold of you to assume that they're even continuing with Planetside 3 route, because what they envisioned is an absolute impossibility for how small the Planetside team is.
  5. H4YW1R3

    No thanks.

    The game engine has enough to deal with without having to control and calculate AI ability and reactions.
  6. Soul_Shinobi

    This would literally make me end my membership immediately. I play this game so I can play with other people.
  7. Clone117

    Could probably design em to follow other players around and act as extra small arms firepower/meatshields maybe even man unmanned turrets. All at the behest of player command. Of course the big issue here is going to be pathing.
  8. Redfeather1975

    For wildlife it would be nice. Seeing the occasional bird or lizard fly/run away would make the world feel much grander.
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  9. vonRichtschuetz

    Instead of bots, I'd rather have some major updates. The amount of effort and time to create them with halfway realistic behavior would be insanse. They put additional load on the hardware, have to be maintained and get updated with every major patch. On top of that they'll probably bug out half the time, because of spaghetti overdose.
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