[Suggestion] Add attachment options to directive LMGs

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by LS1080, Sep 21, 2020.

  1. LS1080

  2. OneShadowWarrior

    An area they should have overhauled and improved upon and even expanded.

    However Rogue Planet is convinced that Outfits are the way to go and wasted time with Bastion Carriers, Sanctuary, it may have temporarily brought 10,000 players in raw excitement, but it was shortly lived.

    In the 18 years I have played this game, it was unlocking stuff that kept me in, building my character, being the solo player, the true essence of gaming. Communities that formed outfits only came together because they enjoyed playing together. Now it’s forced, a complete step in the wrong direction. Now people are more concerned about there K/D ratios, Zerging or gathering resource points at the cost of fun for others.
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  3. TRspy007

    Yeah and I'm not even a member anymore but can we work on the NSO stuff? They don't even get a cool aurax look on their weapons, and LOL at what the devs call "aurax armor". A dude was showing me his aurax NSO stuff, and I barely noticed anything changing for his armor, and his directives just look like black versions of the tengu, the daimyo, yumi, etc..

    ASP, directives and the stuff accessible for veterans really needs a revamp. And not a "Oh, we gotta add this, let's spend 10 minutes on it" addition like we have now. Something actually thought out, that feels rewarding for the players who unlock it. Because it's the veterans that are keeping the game alive, new players don't have the patience to deal with a game as mismanaged as this one.

    So yeah, please do a directive weapon overhaul, idc if we can't attach anything ourselves, I just want something cool, fun to use and that actually serves a purpose, without being a direct copy paste of a weapon we've already used and that doesn't resemble what the other factions receive for that category either.

    And let's try to spend more than 2 minutes figuring out NSO rewards. I actually felt so bad for the dude when I saw that and he's a paying member smh
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  4. csvfr

    IMO the NC6A GODSAW should have been the default starter weapon, and the SAW with advanced forward grip, HVA and "free" no-drawback compensator been the directive variant. My reasoning is as follows:

    GODSAW is a more CQC-oriented remake of the SAW, sporting slightly better hipfire accuracy. Not that it is great but if an enemy unexpectedly appears right in front of you at least there is a chance of survival slightly better than with the standard SAW. It has better reload time, but a smaller magasine, that fits well with a run-and-gun playstiye taking short breaks to regenerate shield, consume medkit, and reload. But this small magasine might also be what ends a kills-streak for good players.

    The standard SAW with an advanced forward grip has much better horizontal recoil (0.11725 vs 0.14, a 17% reduction). This is the difference between making a clean 1-burst kill at 30m distance, or requiring 2 bursts giving an opponent a chance to react and retaliate. Sure, the SAW might be most effective at distances where battle/sniper rifles would be better, but at close ranges ASP players can use the Jackhammer instead which is really effective and only outmatched by "real" shotguns.

    So as a new player, what would you prefer? Answer: Better hipfire, shorter reload, accuracy at range isn't really needed as I aim for centre-of-mass anyhow. And as a good player? Non-restrictive magasine size, accuracy, a long reload can be endured with my greater knowledge of surroundings, and the Jackhammer is always ready should the situation get stiff.

    Lastly, the alternate fire mode should get real anti-material bullets effective against MAXes.

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