add an anti-air turret for engineer

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by math368, Sep 23, 2021.

  1. math368

    I think it would be a good thing to have an anti-air turret for engineers I find no way to fight against the aircraft in the games and it would be logical that the engineer could have an anti-air turret.
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  2. VhynSeven

    With everything an Engineer can do, not having a direct way to deal with aircraft isn't much of a deal, especially when other clzsses can do it without having to root themselves on one spot.
    If really you need a weapon that can deal with aircrafts, look for an Archer.
  3. Broffensive

    The MANA AV turret is already an anti-air turret. It instantly kills ESFs and three-shots libs.
  4. TR5L4Y3R

    give engy a flakturret aswell as ES Turrets ....
    give existing turrets a higher pitch
  5. Demigan

    Ah yes, the turret with:
    - limited elevation, very limited in fact
    - limited turn radius
    - stationary
    - does not actually deal 3000 damage even after damage resistances are counted so it cant OHK ESF (unless something changed since the last time I used it and the wiki is wrong).
    - simply the worst muzzle velocity (95m/s)
    - has a range unsuitable for attacking aircraft (300m).
    - slow fire rate

    But sure, this is an effective G2A! All you can do is hope that no one sees you and the aircraft is hovering around slowly within your reach. Even if it could OHK ESF it is simply not suited to the task. You might as well claim the Viper a valid AA gun. People need to stop pretending that just because something can damage them it is an effective weapon.
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  6. Talthos

    The March 20, 2019 patch changed the Mana AV damage type from Type 34 (Rocket Launchers), to Type 7 (Tank Shell).

    ESFs take 5.25 times more damage from Type 7 hits.

    So 700 x 5.25 = 3675

    Which means the Mana AV turret can actually one-shot Composite Armor ESFs (ESFs have 3300 health with comp armor).

    Actually landing the hit is still a damn chore, though.
  7. Demigan

    Says -425%. 700*4.25=2975. I dont know how much damage burning does per tick and when the first tick hits but there could be enough time for an otherwise vanilla ESF to hit fire supression. Composite armor means it survives.
  8. VhynSeven

    700*4.25 is the extra damage an ESF takes, in addition to the regular 700. So 700+2975.

    I would still recommend an Archer over the AV turret though.
  9. Talthos

    You're misunderstanding how the resistance system works.

    0% resistance means 'no resistance, full damage taken.' Which is equal to a x1 damage multiplier (no increase or decrease).

    This is the baseline (infantry take x1 damage from all sources, assuming no nanoweave or flak armor).

    -425% resistance is equal to a damage multiplier of of x5.25 (take the baseline 1, then add 4.25).

    Edit: And if you still have doubts, then go into the VR Training Room, pull an ESF with Composite Armor, and then shoot a Mana AV missile at it while it still has full health.

    It will one-shot it.
  10. Demigan

    Just recalculated it, yep my mistake.
  11. Talthos

    A while back, I converted most of the damage types into proper decimal values (so you can just punch them into a calculator easily), and put them onto a Google Spreadsheet.

    Here, have a free link.

    Incidentally, there's also an 'unlisted stats' tab, where I included a bunch of info that isn't listed in-game anywhere (but can be pulled from the API).

    I never got around to converting resistances for the Colossus, Bastion hardpoints, and the new NSO vehicles, though. But for everything else, it 'should' be up to date.

    Edit: It occurred to me that the recent update changed the resistance values for Type 4 (Heavy Machine Guns) damage on a bunch of vehicles. Went and updated them on the spreadsheet just now.
  12. brutes359

    I actually like this idea, a portable lawn chair sized control seat on a double barreled flak cannon that is open air seated? Is vary balanced sounding. You can shoot at aircraft, but you give up your turret slot for it, and of course you are easy pray for snipers. Could be amazing for engineers supporting max teams. either making up for AA if its anti vehicle, or augmenting it if they are AA