[Suggestion] add a small quality of life update

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  1. math368

    when is there a quality of life update for the games? -improved points -1 make the vehicle slightly heavier and more powerful avoids slipping like soap which does not happen to climb slopes the sundere lacks power uphill. -2 nanite increase max 1000 there is quite a lot of vehicle added to the game I understand why there is not more nanite. - 3 reset the continent to 1000 player population. 4 - added new deployables for the tactical slot. 5 - I'm still waiting for the update of the oufite alliances 6 - added to rv training all the buildings of the game to train properly. 7-I'm still waiting for a pub poster at the sanctuary for unit
    8- added in the Player profile the country and langage to speak to facilitate in-game
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  2. math368

  3. ganthercage

    up! I want this
  4. TripSin

    How about add a friggen hotkey bind for the equipment page!!?? Like holy heck what is wrong these devs, what are they doing???

    Also, changing loadouts and gun attachments could really use some streamlining. It is mad clunky and cumbersone.
  5. ohmikkie

    You can change the selected load out with their respective number keys. If that's what you are talking about.