[Suggestion] Add a Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV)

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by MahouFairy, Dec 7, 2014.

  1. MahouFairy

    I was thinking if maybe we could have a dedicated Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) that can carry a small amount of soldiers maybe 4?), have a auto cannon main gun and a secondary anti infantry machine gun or missile launcher (anti air or anti armour). The IFV should have about the same HP as a Lightining tank and should be slightly faster than a Sunderer. This can help add variety to the ground vehicles we have currently. Of course, it should cost more certs than a Lightning tank and should not have a deploy mode so the Sunderer can fulfill the role of an APC. :)

    Just a suggestion!
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  2. CMDante

    I approve, make it ES as well.
  3. Pouk3D

  4. MahouFairy

  5. Crayv

    Isn't that kinda what the Harasser is? A troop transport that doesn't carry troops, a reconnaissance vehicle that's too conspicuous to do reconnaissance, and quasi tank that has less armor than a snow blower but has enough ammo to take out half of Amerish.

    Sorry couldn't resist.
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  6. eldarfalcongravtank

    i fully agree! the IFV should have an AI autocannon and AT missiles as well as portholes that allow infantry inside to shoot out from safety. it would be the perfect assault vehicle imo. of course it should be empire-specific with TR having the fastest IFV with high firerate autocannon, NC having a slower IFV with more armor and high damage per shot, and VS having an agile hovering IFV with no bulletdrop plasma autocannon
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  7. johnway

    There are AI solutions for the various vehicles (both land and air) and they worked well. So well in fact that SOE nerfed the lot of them. I believe the harasser fits the role. It has light armaments to keep infantry away and can transport 2 other people along the way.
  8. MahouFairy

    The Harasser is way too fast to be called an IFV. It could be classified as a jeep with a mounted machine gun or rocket launcher. The IFV proposed should travel only slighter faster than a Sunderer and should be able to take on more punishment (about same as lthe Lightning). So it does not use the same "hit and run" tactics the Harasser uses. Of course, ES would be better as it can really further define the different empires.
  9. Whatupwidat

    Only if they're empire specific - sod another NS vehicle...and I know that's basically me saying "HaY DEVS - DO MORE WORK!" but what I mean is we need more uniqueness in factions - at the moment land vehicle fights don't really seem to differ from faction to faction for me given most are in NS vehicles.
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  10. MahouFairy

    Yes I like the portholes idea! It would be like the Soviet BMP-1 which the soldiers can fire through. Of course, the portholes should just be a deterrent and infantry hiding inside shouldn't hope to hit anyone effectively while in a moving vehicle. Then there would be objections of how "OP" the IFV would be, so the counter would be that it should have a taller profile than the lightning, so heavy assaults and tanks should be able to hit it from a further range, and the HP of it should be similar to the Lightning.
  11. Canaris

  12. Paragon Exile

    It'd be cool to have a dedicated ES IFV, but wouldn't the Sunderer count as one as well as an APC?
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  13. MahouFairy

  14. Crashsplash

    Would this add anything or do anything that a sundy wouldn't. We used to have vehicles like the deliverer/raider/aurara/thunderer. They were fun and they also were amphibious but unfortunately ps2 doesn't really have water.

    I can't see it adding anything so I'd say development time can be best used elsewhere.
  15. Crayv

    We lose speed then it won't work as a scout vehicle.

    In case you are wondering what I am referencing

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  16. Whatupwidat

    That's another thing I'd love to see - a sort of watery island-hopping continent :D
  17. MahouFairy

    While the Sunderer has grenade launchers that are deadly even towards MBTs in close range, they do not possess a rocket launcher (eg Halberd) to defend themselves from tanks firing at them from range. Sure, they could use Basilisks, but it would take a long time to deal a significant amount of damage to deter the tanks. The IFV could be equipped with an anti armour rocket launcher (like a Halberd) or maybe an anti air one. That could be something like a ground Valkyrie.
  18. TheMercator

    You are assuming that the Lightning is durable. But it isn't. A fat and slow IFV couldn't tank enough, to survive a noticable ammount of time on the battlefield.
  19. MahouFairy

    Hahahahah yeah I get it now, my idea for the IFV was based on the BMP-1 and the Bradley. I wouldn't want it to be another scout vehicle but rather, a vehicle that has more situational awareness over the Lightning (1 player multitasking can't really do much against pesky C4 fairies, can they?) and has enough speed, armour and firepower to roll alongside and support friendly MBTs. IMO the Harassers are really just scout vehicles that can only deal enough damage to pick out damaged or isolated tanks.
  20. MahouFairy

    Yeah but about HP and balancing issues we'll have to let the Devs balance them out. Maybe it would have more HP than a Lightning, but lesser than a MBT, but it shouldn't be able to take on any MBT with a gunner in it at close or intermediate range and expect to survive without any help. At long range it'll depend on who has a better gunner.