[Suggestion] Add a better AI weapon for the Mosquito

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  1. Luminiouscow

    Currently, the Banshee is weak compared to what it could and should have been.

    We're in what, year 2700?

    Wouldn't it be smart to give the Terran Republic BETTER weapons than they have now? I mean, the Terran Republic is composed of all of the nations on Earth, in a year that should be about technological advancement (by that, I don't mean poking at alien artifacts VS), but its weaponry is still weaker than A-10 Warthog?

    For example, the Banshee should be this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GAU-8_Avenger

    But it should be way stronger, more splash, fires faster (around 100000 rounds per minute while having 1000000000 rounds would be nice).

    No troll, the banshee should be the AI version of a buffed up GAU-8 Avenger.
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  2. Luminiouscow

    aircraft weaponry is weaker to that of the A-10 Warthog*
  3. Leftconsin

    We need carpet bombs!
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  4. Fellgnome

    Weapons are intentionally toned down in this game because the devs don't know what they want it be and just react to player complaints at this point. Don't think you're going to get any realistic military stuff.

    Plus, they can always just say it's because nanites or shields or whatever make PS2 soldiers way more durable and need special weaponry to kill - weaponry with all sorts of downsides from modern military weapons.
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  5. Luminiouscow

    harmless alien seamen guns.
  6. Esteporg

    I guess we are fighting WW4 with sticks and stones.

    Rate of fire up to 4,200 rpm (rounds per minute)
    Muzzle velocity 3,500 ft/s (1,070 m/s)
  7. CorporalClegg

    It should shoot flaming chainsaws
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  8. LibertyRevolution

    wrapped in bacon.
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  9. Rovertoo

    But the Warthog's gun is an Anti-Tank weapon...
  10. Shocklate

    I like this idea
  11. andy_m

    Perhaps you need to learn how to use it :D ;)
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  12. LibertyRevolution

    You mean turn on thermal and aim anywhere near a little glowing yellow thing, then watch it go splat nearly instantly? :p
    I am a terrible pilot, and even I can kill infantry with a banshee..
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  13. Demigan

    You are talking about a military that is governed by all the political bodies of all nations together.
    Even asking to fund one bullet will take 10 years, let alone 10000000. The Banshee is more powerful than anyone expects it to be.

    So, all TR weapons need to be nerfed, their guns need only 10 bullets max due to budget cuts. Mosquito's and tanks have fuel to drive for 2 minutes then they are dry and can't move anymore. TR Warpgate shields can only be powered for a few minutes at a time due to powershortages. TR guys are malnourished and can only carry one piece of armor on either their legs, torso or head. Only that part of their body is shielded. TR also gets 1 resource point per minute rather than 50 because the TR is in debt to the NS corps.

    NC needs a huge buff to health. Our soldiers are so fat we got more hitpoints and armor. We can carry much more ammo and weapons with us, so even the infiltrator can carry a rocketlauncher+shotgun around, Heavy can carry 3 rocketlaunchers of his choice and has the option to pick an overdrive shield that adds 1500 health and doesn't need to be activated.
    NC has gauss weapons, our weapons should have 60%+ light speed velocity. A normal sized bullet has the impact of a grenade at those speeds, so the Gauss Saw can damage and kill MBT's in half a clip.
    NC snipers have Gauss snipers capable of penetrating through a tank, so they can damage the tank or even OHK the driver. After that they have the technology to simply steal the tank. They won't because the Prowler doesn't have enough fuel to get home.
    Vanguards also have a Gauss canon that can OHK other MBT's, the bullet actually just penetrates and hits any tanks behind, doing a OHK on them as well. The explosion is 3x an old HE round and OHK's all infantry within 10 meters.

    VS has tight suits and fishguns. They should have a BBQ and invite the NC. The TR won't be able to attend as their tanks run out of fuel. NC doesn't like fish but it likes BBQ's. NC kills VS and eats manly meat with lots of sauce, then they kill the TR. NC wins.
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  14. blackboemmel

    No troll, a weapon like that would be too hard to use for the average TR guy. The Banshee rather needs a lock-on mechanic for infantry. (Similar to what Coyotes have for air-vehicles.)
  15. KnightCole

    Now i KNOW this OP isnt complaining about the banshee being UP in ANY way.....

    **** if you are. Having been on the business end of it, its friggin absurdly OP if anything. I have been hit and its like plink plink plink...dead......less then a split second, dead...no time to blink, move, w/e...just dead.....then its like...Banshee.....only sometimes do I get a warning shot, move a bit then dead.....its like what was that? Banshee...

    So, **** if you think the Banshee is UP in any way at all....its pretty amazing really....it even melts MAX suits with pretty quick speed.
  16. SerasVic

    9/10 'ld upvote again
  17. squarebug

    Agree. Each chainsaw has wreckage destroy everything.
  18. NC_agent00kevin

    With under barrel grenade launchers attached.
  19. OminousZ

    Are you kidding me?!? You're doing it wrong...because i have been shredded many of times by Mosie AI guns. The more you people want things changed...the more the game will break...
  20. Stormsinger

    If I had to pick one adjective to describe this thread, I would choose "Giggleworthy"

    On a more constructive note, I quite like the Banshee. It encourages hover mode for greedy farmers, makes it much easier to land dumbfire OHKs. :p