[Suggestion] "ADADADAD" What it is, and how to get rid of it

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    I don't think of mobility at all. What I do think of, however, is a prodigious magazine.

    There was a Half Life mod that existed a long time ago called Day of Defeat (some of you might remember it). In DoD the machine gun class could only hip-fire with significant recoil. ADS on the machine gun was prone, with a bipod, with a limited traverse. It was pretty realistic. Yet, that LMG had access to its entire ammunition pool without reloading, because it was belt or drum fed. The Americans had access to the BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle) as an LMG option (it was a WW2 mod) and it permitted the kind of LMG action we see in PS2, but the magazine was realistically small, and the recoil (30.06 caliber OMG) was serious badonkadonk. I've fired a BAR. The weapon is impossible to manage without very careful burst and trigger control.

    I agree that LMGs shouldn't have .75 ADS. However, I don't think the LMG should be required to reload until it's completely empty, and I think along with that feature ammunition pools should be adjusted down, and extended mags removed, and the the ammunition pouch revised to a single cert (not two) that allows the Heavy to carry one extra "belt," the name adjusted for the faction. Rates of fire should also be substantially increased across all factions, along with recoil, and a completely new ADS mechanic for LMGs that reflects the limited mobility they have.