[Suggestion] "ADADADAD" What it is, and how to get rid of it

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  1. Liberty

    LMG's represent less than one half of the weapon options for HA primaries. Every faction has at least 1 0.75 ADS LMG. One faction has more and as many players (myself included) have said we'd be fine if the MSW-R and Anchor got 0.75 ADS.

    You've honestly been all over the place with threads from HA's, to 0.75 ADS weapons, to 0.75 ADS heavy weapons, to SMG's and Shotguns on Heavies, to who knows what else (because I'm sure I haven't read them all).

    What I stated covers them all. Thanks to general weapons, most classes have more 0.75 ADS weapons than they have 0.5 ADS. 0.75 ADS is not an issue, it both a mainstay and an actual majority when you look at load out options.
  2. Scr1nRusher

    I am talking about strictly 0.75 ADS LMG's right now.
  3. Taemien

    I already did.

    You can see where the shot is going to go as the crosshair/dot rises up. You can choose to let off or keep firing depending on where it is. With COF it just randomly goes where its going to go. You have no idea where that is till after the fact.

    Sorry controlling burst fire is not the issue here. Look at the pic. That is NOT a NC weapon. But a TR high ROF weapon on its 10th round. It should not have bloomed out that far.

    Now, you get to explain why RNG is better than skill for this game.

    Why this should happen:


    And how its different than this:

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  4. Littleman

    No one's complaining about those other .75x ADS weapons. They're complaining about the .75x ADS LMGs, specifically, the one's exclusive to the VS because they sport higher DPS than the globally available NS-15m. And when it comes to engaging heavies and their shields, DPS absolutely matters, and that .75x ADS is night and day difference with that shield active.

    So try and stay on topic. It really isn't doing you any favors to point out everything else that is .75x ADS like they're contributing to everyone's beef with the HA.
  5. Liberty

    You do realize the armistice, cyclone, and the auraxium variants all have higher DPS than any LMG, which the other two faction heavies can equip.

    Shotguns also blow LMG's out of the water for DPS.

    You can't have your cake and eat it too. If you are worried about DPS for those CQC situations, you have shotguns and gen 1 SMG's that are better equipped to deal with close range than the Orion. If you are worried about 0.75 ADS at range, you have the NS-15M which is incredibly stable and deadly accurate at popping heads.

    The only complaint you can really make is VS LMG's have an advantage in that close-mid range. Not close range, not mid range but the range in between.

    Try and think things through just a bit before you post in the future ;)
  6. Vinny

    only person i have even seen a mention about CQC is you . Perhaps stay on topic ?
  7. Liberty

    Part of me wants to be exasperated at the level of thickness involved here. The other part is really just sad at the things people post.

    The NS-15M is a 0.75 ADS LMG anyone can use, but everyone immediately dismisses it because its lower DPS profile makes it a great mid range contender. The Orion is the king of creating salty tears because it is higher DPS and Higher DPS is geared towards CQC (as at range you want accuracy over raw DPS).

    So when people make this argument it is inherently implied that it is a CQC issue by their immediate dismissal of the NS-15M.
  8. zaspacer

    The suggested change is a bad solution for Planetside 2's Standard Game.

    This type of solution (type = change something to make it require more of a specific skill or subset of skills to get better results) is especially bad for general audience games that do not offer segregation by player "skill". They are bad because they simply widen the gap between player effectiveness based on whatever dexterity hurdle is added. Such a change would move the game itself to be more about dexterity and less about things like Strategy and Tactics.

    We can see a clear example of dexterity gap dictating results within PS2's own ESF vs. ESF gameplay. This ESF vs. ESF gameplay is adored and celebrated by a small minority of the playerbase, valued but critiqued by another small minority of the playerbase, and despised to the point of being deemed unplayable and complained about by a large % of the PS2 playerbase. Most players here do not want Infantry vs. Infantry gameplay shifting to be more like ESF vs. ESF gameplay: whoever can control move and aim better wins, other things do not factor in as much.

    In order to determine a more fitting solution, you need to focus on removing what the is a negative to the playerbase, while not introducing something that is an equal or bigger negative to the playerbase.

    You can mess around with the skill requirements for non-OP niche things like fringe gameplay Weapons or Loadouts. But you can't afford to introduce such skill requirements into either (1) mainstream gameplay Weapons or Loadouts, or OP niche gameplay Weapons or Loadouts. OR, you have to add a way for players to be able to segregate themselves from others based on skill level.
  9. Hatesphere

    its not as bad as you make it out to be, and more recoil does not equal more skill. but keep posting picture of dice while you display a complete lack of understanding, all you want is a different set of dice.
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  10. Taemien

    Explain to everyone how this isn't "that bad":


    You can't do it. That's a 750 RPM weapon on its 10th shot. That means the trigger was pulled for only 0.8th of a second. One eightieth of a second. In 80/100 of a second the shot went a quarter of a meter off target that was only less than 10m away.

    This would be acceptable IF and only IF the target was much much further away, such as 300-600m. But this is within 10m. You can't tell me that's working properly, intuitively, or in any sort of manner that is fun and not frustrating.

    But you have no counterpoint. No argument. No facts. Just a bend over and take it attitude that says, "welp that's just how it is." I dare you to prove me otherwise. That will be a first on this subject.
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  11. 00000000000000000000

    So why is strafing a problem at all?

    Because some people refuse to do it?
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  12. Hatesphere

    anyone can max out their COF before taking a picture, it proves nothing other then they dont know how to play the game. the only valid argument you have is the lack of information given to the player about COF values while in ADS. other then that you're just spouting air becasue they arent using the brand of dice you prefer.
  13. Ronin Oni

    Yes, I'm telling you it's crap.

    Popular doesn't mean good.

    Millions of tween girls like beiber, does that make him good? Of course not.

    As a video game reference, CoD is popular as hell and I'd argue one of the worst FPS available.

    Also, IRL is a terrible argument for game design 90% of the time. It's good for a basis, but Action Movies are a FAR better meter to use for game design.

    People want to be an action star, not a regular old joe.

    Real war sucks and is not fun.
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  14. Taemien

    That was from a video. Someone's bound to have it handy. I didn't take the video however so nothing fishy on my end.

    Try again.
  15. Mxiter

    Strafing is a problem when a shielded heavy with competitive DPS strafe faster than other infantry classes.

    This mean: it is 60-65% more tanky + dodge more bullets at exchange of a slighly longer TTK(12% lower DPS max).

    Yes HA should win 1v1 against other classes, it's intended for, but the shield and large mags are enouth for that purpose.

    To reach as much survivability, TR and NC HAs have to give up 20% DPS more (32% total).
  16. OldMaster80

    Because it screws hitboxes due to poor netcode. Because it's totally unrealistic. Because when executed by HA (who have the highest survivability and the best primary weapons) means death to all the other classes who not only have the same DPS, but fail at landing most of their bullets.

    If they add acceleration to strafe via software like they did to airraft this is definitely fixed: we could still strfe, but not move zig-zag as fast as rattle snakes.
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  17. Meeka

    The best fix for ADADADAD is every time you change direction your CoF gets larger... the quicker the time in between changing directions... the worse your CoF gets... so, if you just go from W to D your CoF increase isn't that bad, but if you go from D to A to D slowly... then the CoF is slightly worse, but if you ADADAD quickly, your CoF gets progressively worse and worse because of the quick changes in direction. So, one or two changes in direction won't really affect your aim negatively... but several quick changes will.
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  18. FateJH

    Has anyone actually submitted evidence that hitboxes get distorted yet? I mean, it was easy to prove how much the original Icarus Jumpjets screwed up the position of the hitbox when being used, and it was removed for a time when the issue wasn't quick to sort, but I'm starting to believe the0.75x ADS hitbox screw is the result of a game of telephone.

    In theory, it follows that, if 0.75ADS distortion makes it difficult to land shots for technical reasons, alternating W and S across the line of sight of a gunman should completely destroy his chances of ever hitting you.
  19. Vorpal_Spork

    Why would anyone want to get rid of strafing? It's been a fundamental part of FPS pretty much since the beginning of the genre. I'm very against removing skill from the game. If anything strafe speed in ADS should be increased.
  20. Shiaari

    Your argument is predicated on PlanetSide being a "general audience game."

    The only part of it that could be construed as "general audience" is the PS4 version, and we can leave my suggestion out of that version of the game.

    The PC version, however, isn't ever and has never been for a general audience. It lacks the simplicity that would appeal to a general audience, and simplifying it would ruin the game for what it was developed to be. This is why the PS4 version is going to flop, because PC gamers crave complexity on a scale to which general audiences balk.