[Suggestion] "ADADADAD" What it is, and how to get rid of it

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Shiaari, May 6, 2015.

  1. Turekson

    Interesting topic. I would like to see more "swaying" with the weapons while moving, I think it's a great idea.

    ADS values are the single biggest problem I personally have with PS2 weapons. Only a few carbines with ADS 0.75, but 2/3 of the heavy(!) guns, all the shotguns (which can easily be used on hip anyways) and on VS quite a few LMGs have ADS 0.75. VS should have more ADS as it's their perk, but carbines being so clumsy in general is bananas.

    Devs could also implement ADS values other than 0.50/0.75 into the game, that would give a lot of new options considering diversifying the weapons outside the normal dps/range/accuracy fields.
  2. Shiaari

    That's just it "ADADAD" isn't abuse... it is a perfectly normal style of play that needs a normalized solution. Players have been straffing randomly since it became an option. Or is this the first FPS you've played?
  3. Ronin Oni

    It causes hit detection issues and you damn well know it.
  4. Shiaari

    Then let's make it harder for the "ADAD spammer" to hit back. That is--after all--the entire onus of my suggestion.

    Do you realize what would happen if someone were to spam ADAD in my system? They'd hit nothing but air, because their shots would go WAY wide to the right and to the left. It would force them to strafe consistently and smoothly in order to correct the muzzle's deflection with the mouse, making them easier to hit. That, or play tactically and find cover.

    What I find so galling is that so many people jump my case without realizing that.
  5. Jackplays17

    Or, heres another simple solution. Make it like CSGO. Iv been playing that lately, and there is NO ADAD spam. The reason: With the most accurate weapon, your crosshairs take up half your screen while strafing. You will NOT hit anyone while moving. However, Every weapon is DEADLY accurate while crouching and standing still. Perhaps put the moving CoF Through the roof and the crouching CoF through the floor?
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  6. Jackplays17

    Also, Whats to stop people from getting a piece of tape and sharpie and marking the center of their screen? I do this in games when I want to no-scope and the CoF's of snipers arent Horrid. Your idea will help a little, but its not 100%.
  7. Ronin Oni

    CS honestly has **** shooting mechanics.

    When I get a headshot aiming at someones feet, I know a game is crap.
  8. Jackplays17

    So, Your trying to say that CSGO is crap. Please tell me this then: Which game, (CSGO or PS2), Is played competitively, around the world. Also, your telling me you can control a weapon effectively for it to go directly were your aiming, at range, while sprinting? Go do it IRL, then we can talk.
  9. Shiaari

    Ok, I'm not talking about scope shift. This isn't at all a suggestion where just the reticle moves around. I'm talking about the weapon itself shooting in a direction that is off center. No, you can't put a piece of tape on the center of your screen to get around that, because the "center" is moving around.

    Visualize it like this: You mark the center of your screen with a sharpie, ok? You then ADS, start to empty a clip, and then strafe right. In my system you will see your tracers actually veer off to the right AWAY from that center you have marked on your screen, and the faster you are strafing right, the further to the right your aim is thrown. If you were then immediately then start straffing left, your shots would snap way over to the left, way beyond the reticle, and way beyond where you have marked. The only way to then overcome this is to either stop strafing so your weapon now actually aims dead center, or correct with the mouse by pulling in the opposite direction.

    Further, if you're using a reflex scope, in ADS when you strafe, that reticle vanishes, because your weapon is turning slightly off center, and reflex scopes are only visible when you are looking dead center.
  10. Jackplays17

    Aaaaahhhhh I get it now. That video of how PS2's crosshairs moved a year ago thru me off. I thought that was what you meant.
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  11. Shiaari

    Yeah, that video actually kinda illustrates what I am aiming at. /pun

    When you watch it did you notice how they marked the exact screen center? In the game that center is approximately where your shots are going. Now, imagine that designated "center" moving off center to where neither the reticle nor the direction of your shots are centered either, compounded by your reflex scope's reticle just disappearing.

    You're not going to ADAD your way out of that, and you're not going to hit anything, and if you're using a .75 ADS weapon the problem is only compounded.

    No offense taken.
  12. Scr1nRusher

    There is only 4 0.75 ADS LMG's in the game currently.

    3 of them belong to VS:


    1 of them belongs to NS:


    That would explain why VS players overly defend 0.75 ADS when it comes to wanting it removed off all LMG's that have it.
  13. MorganM

    It was a bug. Here's the kicker... Your gun and reticle moved... but the bullets still fired dead center of your screen. The other bug was that a lot of the reticles were not actually on center; many were off by a few pixles. So as people were trying to compensate to keep the reticle on target they were actually moving the stream of bullets OFF target

    Many of us drew dots on the center of our screen so we could actually freak'n aim for real. It was astounding how far off center the reticle would move because it not only moved when you strafed but just LOOKing around would do it. Combine the two motions and the reticle woudl be way off center, you're trying to compensate, and all the while just spraying bullets anywhere but on target.

    With the dot physically on your screen you could clearly keep the bullets on target and ignore the stupidity that was bouncing all over your screen.

    It was stupid and most of us are really glad it's gone. Im astounding people are asking for it back.
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  14. MorganM

    That's even more lame than the OPs suggestion because you have no way to actively compensate for it other than stand still which is even more stupid.

    At least the OPs suggestion is requiring active compensation, and thus skill, by the player.

    There's already an insane amount of recoil both vertical and horizontal, large cones of fire, and blooming in this game. Please reframe from asking for more.
  15. MorganM

    This is my biggest beef with the idea.

    Honestly they TRIED to implement this sytem and failed. It was such a frustrating and annoying problem for almost 2 years. I don't trust they could do it properly and even if they could itwould have unintended consequences like you mention. It will end up being frustrating and so subtle new players wont catch on to it, feel like the game is bull because they die often and rarely even hit anyone, and just find a different game. A lot of us played for months before we learned how the old, bugged, system worked before we could compensate for it.

    Lets not forget this is, hoenstly, a more arcade-like casual FPS... the OPs idea is more akin to what you'd see in ARMA.

    Honestly the idea is ahead of it's time... at least for this game. Even if the devs could pull it off this time I don't trust the engine will handel properly and it will jsut be a frustrating annoyance for months before it gets fixed... again...
  16. Liberty

    Counterpoint : As a TR heavy with everything unlocked when I go into my load out screen, 13 out of 22 weapons I can possibly equip have 0.75 ADS.
  17. Scr1nRusher

    I'm talking about exclusively LMG's.
  18. Liberty

    You can't just sweep half of your load out possibilities under a rug to try and make a point. Sorry :(
  19. Scr1nRusher

    Look what I wrote.
  20. MorganM

    You're not getting it... that woudl do nothing for you unless you stand still and then you wouldn't need the physical dot on your screen.

    Under his suggested system, when you strafe, your reticle AND THE BULLETS would move OFF CENTER. So if you were to try and keep your sharpie dot on the enemy you would MISS because the bullets are NOT ON CENTER; the bullets are going to land where the reticle is which is OFF CENTER.