[Suggestion] "ADADADAD" What it is, and how to get rid of it

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  1. HadesR

    I guess a question should be

    Do the Dev's want to get rid of it ?

    Or are they still hiding behind their MLG wannabe misguidance that " exploiting hit boxes = skill " ?
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  2. Tricycle

    This "history lesson" seems quite odd to me.

    1. Doom, Duke Nukem 3D (?), Descent, I'm sure there were others which utilized the WASD controls before the Quake tech demo was released.

    2. Doom and other games from the same era used IPX protocol for multiplayer. So, I suppose it is true Quake used IP, but was it really the first one to use the protocol for multiplayer? I highly doubt that. Also, if it did then what's the point? I was playing 4 player deathmatches in Doom with my friends in the LAN over IPX and strafing and learning the maps was the key to survival just like in the quake years later. "A gimmick??" Really?
  3. Littleman

    No. This idea will amount to the same problem as the scope going off alignment. Alternatively - slap a piece of tape in the center of screen and adjust aim accordingly. Intent defeated. Come up with a better idea. One that can't be circumnavigated with skill, preferably.
  4. NC supporter

    This sounds like a good way to breath life into the game without having to turn it into a military sim. I approve.
  5. Donaldson Jones

    If they added weight and momentum to player actions and weapon movements you could *theoretically* make weapons inherently more accurate and still raise the skill floor.

    In the military you are taught to find cover, not try to out box your opponent face to face while carrying a Heavy Machine gun. The game should place more emphasis on cover and ranging and less on CQC. But as long as CQC is the emphasis of design for bases the game will invariably favor CQC tactics.
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  6. Goretzu

    That's really why ADAD works with games like PS2, it's to do with clientside/lag and the netcode, it is just made worse the faster the movement (which is also why they've struggled with faster horizontal speed jumpjets in PS2 - it basically breaks everything after certain speed).
  7. OldMaster80

    That's why I suggest to add coded acceleration to infantry strafe. After all... could you really move like that in reality? (unless you are Mick Jagger of course! )
  8. maxkeiser

    I'm happy with the infantry movement the way it is now. It is different from many/most modern shooters - it is more interesting, I think. More stylised.

    I personally don't want movement limited or more 'realistic' movement put into the game. The stylised nature of the movement we currently have suits the mood and overall feel of the game very well. And it sets it apart from titles like BF3/4 etc.

    So no changes required, imo.
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  9. Plastikfrosch

    No need to. Make the medkit like an injection pistol with the reloadspeed and animation of the tracking darts of the Infiltrator (or even slower). This would make them stop the spamming.
  10. FocusLight

    This is the key issue with 0.75 ADS movement weapons - this kind of abuse of the system is easier to do, even with a shielded HA, when your weapon has the softest penalty on movement available for it's class.

    Strafing like this is one of the things that benefit non-Ha infantry the most because with their 0.75 movement weapons you can ADS while strading side-to-side, but you are still not protected from fire by anything other than you mobility so hits will do full damage. You can only hope that your strafing will mitigate enough incoming damage.

    The HA has his mobility crippled when the shield is on - this is intentional and part of the balance. 0.75 mobility weapons however throws that balance off.

    I am conflicting on if the problem will be solved by removing 0.75 mobility from all LMG's or if solving the issue will require fixing the latency issue in infantry mobility, OR perhaps both at the same time.

    Two things are absolutely assured though, if 0.75 ADS mobility is removed from LMG's VS will lose a serious crutch, and if the mobility issues of infantry is resolved somehow non-HA infantry as well as HA infantry will be a lot easier to hit overall, and a lot of people will take hits to their K/D's.

    Either way, people will be whining about a change.
  11. FateJH

    Do not mix issues. The way to fix ADAD spam is to address the cause of ADAD spam, not to create special considerations for every symptom and say "mission accomplished" until the next one rears its head. That is merely covering up the underlying issue to pursue other bogeymen.
  12. FieldMarshall

    Atleast its not on the same level as ADAD in Planetside 1. Compared, people are basically standing still in PS2
  13. Shiaari

    MMmm, not really. You can attach a piece of tape to the screen all you want with my system, but when you strafe left while firing the game's designated center of screen will actually move away from that piece of tape, and your shots will stray in the direction you're moving.

    I still don't think you understand what I'm saying. I'm saying MOVE THE CENTER. That imaginary invisible reticle you can't see that determines where your shots actually go--where the visible reticle is currently glued--move that thing. Shift it in the direction you are strafing, such that you must move your mouse in the opposite direction to maintain aim. Make your shots actually go in the direction of your weapon's muzzle such that you lose that fine control of your aim whenever you strafe and must learn to aim again.

    No tape on the screen is going to fix that.

    Now, I must ask this question: Have you ever actually shot a real gun in your life? And even more to the point, have you ever fired a fully automatic weapon while trying to step sideways? All I have to say is good luck. At the very least, if my solution is unworkable, then the cone of fire needs to bloom into the absurd range when you strafe.
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  14. Shiaari

    General George S. Patton said that no plan ever survives an encounter with the enemy. No, my solution won't address the lag issue at all.
  15. Shiaari

    The point of the history is to demonstrate why random straffing exists, and that it isn't actually going to go away. Players will always seek to make themselves more difficult to hit. What I'd like to do is return that in kind, so that when you are trying to make yourself harder to hit, you find it even more difficult to hit back. In other words, a player should be forced to choose between evading fire and returning fire.

    The logical course of action when taking fire would then be first to find cover, and THEN shoot back. Which is the way it should be in a game like this. This isn't Nexuiz deathmatch.
  16. Hatesphere

    i love how you over simplify it like a player who forgot how to burst fire. its more like the game is asking you if you want to roll 2-3 dice at a time and almost always get a 6 (6 being a hit) or roll 3+ dice and have your chances get much lower with each die rolled over 3. The COF mechanics is fine, unless you view it as an affront to your personal power fantasy of being a one man army.

    now explain how random and uncontrollable levels of recoil are any different then rolling dice?
  17. Liberty

    Here is the thing with ADADA and 0.75 ADS.

    Hitting a sprinting zig - zag target
    Hitting a hipfire ADADA target
    Hitting a 0.75 ADS target
    Hitting a 0.5 ADS target
    Hitting a target who shoots from a stationary position/standing still.

    This is the difficulty curve of target tracking that exists within this game from hardest to easiest (hardest being defined by fastest movement). Notice how 0.75 ADS is right in the middle?

    Now some people say "This game is balanced around 0.5 ADS" to that I would say : When I equip my VS medic, would you believe that when I go into my load out to select a weapon, 14 out of 21 weapons have 0.75 ADS?

    2 out of 9 Assault Rifles

    7 out of 7 Shotguns

    5 out of 5 SMG's

    0.75 ADS is the middle ground for target tracking skill in this game and it becomes quickly obvious why - for most classes upwards of 60% of the weapons they can equip have 0.75 ADS.

    As much as I hate using an overused, blanket explanation for an issue, it really is a "L2P" problem.
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  18. Littleman

    This works as well.

    Doesn't really give restoration kits (what I've been calling medpaks) a place in the game still, but it certainly slows the rapid popping of medical kits to a crawl.
  19. Littleman

    And I'm telling you...

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  20. Ronin Oni

    Your solution is bad.

    It shouldn't be tied to strafing, but changing directions.

    Everytime you change directions, it should add a small CoF penalty.

    Just "changing directions" to strafe in 1 direction, the impact would be negligible (say .1... or even less)

    however, ADADADAD would VERY quickly scale your weapon out to maximum CoF bloom.

    Don't punish normal strafe usage, punish the ADAD abusers and the ADAD abusers ONLY.

    With your "solution" it'd be easier to keep on target with ADAD than just strafing in 1 diretion even!
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