[Suggestion] "ADADADAD" What it is, and how to get rid of it

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  1. AxiomInsanity87

    Agreed. We can all pick and choose what bits we want.

    P!ease elaborate.
  2. Shiaari

    For you? No. You abhor redundancy of any kind. Your previous threads demonstrate a desire to specialize every class in the game into a specific niche, whereas I am an advocate for variety.
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  3. Scr1nRusher

    He stated the whole point of the thread.
  4. Scr1nRusher

    Nothing wrong with making each class good in different areas & good at doing different things. Also if you actually payed attention, for a long while now I've been wanting all classes to have more cool things, such as deployabls,abilities, weapons, tools etc.

    Let me ask you something, How many guns in this game have 0.75 ADS & which factions(TR,VS,NC & NS) do they belong to?
  5. HadesR

    Are you not using the same skill ? Pressing ( Ignoring the macro noobs ) ADADAD is the same regardless of 0.5 or 0.75 .. The only difference being are the results ..
    You take two equally skilled players , one with 0.5 and one with 0.75 , the one with 0.75 is gaining more of an advantage by inputting the same skill as the one with 0.5.

    Now how big an advantage that is can be open for debate... And I personally would prefer them to add more momentum to movement to hopefully remove any exploitation of hit box's all together
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  6. Shiaari

    Each class is already "good" in the areas where they must be "good," as defined by their role.
    • Engineers are the only class that can repair things, deploy turrets, and dispense ammunition. Yet, Engineers can still attack vehicles and can still perform in actual combat.
    • Medics are the only class that can heal and revive other players. Yet, Medics can also attack vehicles, and can hold their own in a fight.
    • Light Assaults are the most mobile and agile of the combat classes, but being a combat class they are generalists, and they can still attack vehicles.
    • Heavies are the most durable front line fighters who can lay down the most damage per magazine, and they can--like all of the preceeding classes--attack vehicles. But, they can attack vehicles more directly and efficiently because they are the only class that can use rocket launchers. They are--like LA--combat generalists.
    • Infiltrators are the only class that can place motion sensors (to differentiate from sensor darts shot from crossbows, even though the Infiltrator recon dart tool benefits from certibility) and the only class that can use sniper rifles and scout rifles, and the only class that can cloak, and the only class that can hack terminals and base turrets. Infiltrator is the most highly specialized class in the game, and therefore--without fail--the most miserable and most difficult class to play. Infiltrators are begging for more things to do, and it is all a plea for more generalized play. They want options.
    Options is the key word, and 0.75 ADS is an option that may be exercised. My proposal is to associate 0.75 ADS with additional skill by placing demands on the player in order to make full use of it, instead of just simply taking it out of the game.
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  7. Shiaari

    That is absolutely correct, and if it were up to me the 0.75 ADS player would be required to make greater mouse corrections in order to actually benefit from having 0.75 ADS. Where as the 0.50 ADS player will still need to make the same mouse corrections, but only less so, because he is not straffing as fast.

    I'm hoping that extra correction will balance it out.
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  8. Littleman

    Don't confuse complexity with balance. HA absolutely don't need .75x ADS. It improves survivability while only mildly hampering accuracy over longer distances. I'd even argue that more weapons among the AR and carbine flock could stand to use .75x ADS to compete with heavies.

    That and removing medkits, so that the only option for people is medpaks, which can't be spammed.

    And no, each person having their own role means jack $#!% in the end. The name of the game is killing people. That's how you take territory. That's why EVERY class spawns with a gun, not the tool of their trade.

    If 80% of your classes are played by 20% of the playerbase because only 20% of your classes are designed to win a fight and thus 80% of the player base plays them, THERE IS A PROBLEM.
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  9. Shiaari

    Very true, but you do realize that my purpose with this suggestion is to greatly compound the difficulty in maintaining accuracy while straffing in general, ADS or no ADS, correct?

    The faster you are able to strafe, the greater the muzzle deflection of the weapon you are using, causing shots to go wide. The player would then be required to improve upon their skill in order to make use of straffing in general, including ADS.
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  10. Taemien

    Why not take out the FPS element entirely and have the game random a number between 1 and 6 every 2 seconds after you encounter an enemy. If its a 1, you die, if its a 6 they die, and any other number is a miss for both.

    I'm going to love to hear someone's explanation on how that is different than COF.

    A better fix is to remove COF while ADS and increase recoil to compensate and rebalance weapon recoils from there. And to work with ADAD spam, everytime someone crouches and stand up and crouches or changes direction within a second or two has their recoil modifiers doubled and it stacks additively.

    So ADADCrouchADAD causes a recoil modifier on say.. the Orion to jump up to 3.2 meaning that bastard is now shooting at the sky after the 5th shot. Well actually it'd be higher with my sugestion. Maybe 4.0 or 4.8 at that point.
  11. AxiomInsanity87

    You turned right at the amp station

    In front of you is an infiltrator. He asks you for some station cash so he can be a total scrub and buy a new horn for his ridiculous steed.

    Do you A) Offer a tea and crumpet picnic (+1 charisma)

    B) Stab them in the face with a kinfe (+2 attack)

    C) Give him the station cash and find out what this mystical scrubbery is (-5 intellect, +5 spirit)

    Sorry couldn't help it.
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  12. OldMaster80

    I think they should add acceleration to strafe movement: ADADAD shouldn't be possible at all.
    That's more or less what they've done with aircraft, just for infantry strafing.
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  13. Maxence822

    If you choose A continue to page 4
    If you choose B go to page 28
    If you choose C, GAME OVER!!!!! The infiltrator tells you to follow him and he then pushes you into a hole with his ridiculous steed where you join a group of light assaults with drifter jets who can't get out in time and they eat you alive.
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  14. Shiaari

    Well then. Damn.

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  15. Pat22

    Your solution, while having some merit, does not factor in the rubber banding factor created by the lag compensation and ADAD spamming with .75 ADS weapons, therefor it cannot work as you imagined it. Even needing to compensate for their strafing, people using .75 ADS weapons would still get a far greater advantage than people using .5 ADS weapons.
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  16. Littleman

    This already sort of was a thing before they fixed ADS cross-hairs into the dead center of the screen.

    EVERYONE hated how the cross-hairs would sway off center before then.

    There are better solutions. What you're proposing is reverting changes already made to improve the quality of life in ADSing. So your idea, by default, is denied.

    Momentum on drastic direction change is one fix. Even sprinters making a 180 turn getting caught being stationary for a brief moment would drastically alleviate lag compensation and hit detection issues.

    Additionally, turning the heavy assault classes' focus into tankiness over speed by removing the .75x ADS movement on LMGs only is another fix. There's your complexity: The engineer, infiltrator, medic, and light assault have weapons with better hip CoF AND better ADS movement speeds to offset the HA's raw durability and deep magazines.

    The other fixes that should bring HA more in line with the other classes competitively is to kill the existence of the superior medkit and have everyone instead rely on the wholly underutilized and ignored medpaks. This should prevent running around like mad and popping medkit after medkit after medkit until the assailant's magazine runs dry. People quit games for two reasons: they got boring, or they've had enough bull-$#!%. This is "tactic" falls squarely within the realm of "bull-$#!%." Plus, the existence of medkits renders medpaks obsolete by default. The latter doesn't continue healing beyond 500 health. If it healed for a duration where it could cover for 1500-2000 hp, they might be desirable, but they don't. In fact, they kick off when damage is taken, making them effectively worthless even if they did heal beyond 500 health. Not that constant but temporary health regen would benefit anyone but an HA with resist shield in direct combat...

    So really, delete medkits, have everyone instead invest in medpaks, for make them cheaper to access and field. Self healing should have always been like having a pocket medic, not an extra life.

    And to really give the softies an answer to HA shields, should One deem their duration a huge problem, extended magazine rail attachments for carbines and rifles should have been a thing starting a long time ago. Aynwhere between 20% to 50% extra magazine capacity will do. Maybe for a slight reload speed reduction to keep things fairish.
  17. Shiaari

    I'm not sure you actually understand what I'm saying.

    This isn't improving quality of life for anyone, if anything it's about making it harder to strafe side to side and maintain accuracy.

    The only, and I mean the only, thing they did with the reflex scopes was to glue them in place. The swaying of those scopes prior to that was entirely cosmetic. The actual direction of your weapon was always fixed.

    Here's what I'm saying: You strafe left with a reflex scope in ADS, two things should happen:
    1. The reticle should disappear completely. This is because an actual reflex scope is only visible when you are looking at it just right. It serves as an assist to keep your weapon pointed in the right direction, so long as you can see that reticle, you're aiming properly. Now, why that reticle should disappear follows.
    2. Your muzzle should shift to the left based on the speed at which you are moving to the left, and THEN your shots should actually swing wide to the left. This means your weapon is off center to your frame of reference, and you are now no longer looking right down the reflex sight. So... it disappears. This is a more realistic behavior of the reflex sight.
    This has never been done in this game. All you're talking about was the old scope effect, as evidenced in the video already cited in this thread, that had a scope shifting off center. I'm talking about actually MOVING that center, and sending stray shots off in that direction.

    No, that never existed in this game before.
  18. Maxence822

    I play drifter personally I guess I like to make fun of myself :p
  19. Taemien

    That's pretty much what COF feels like when ADSing. This picture ticks me off everytime I look at it:


    The firer had fired I think their 10th shot in a burst and is firing center mast and doing very good fire control. But the dice/RNG/whatever, turned up a miss. He was also not ADAD spamming. It was a pure random dice roll that produced the miss.

    Had recoil moved the firer over to that location it wouldn't have bothered me simply because the firer could see where the shot was going, and choose to let up on the trigger and readjust or compensate.

    There's no choice in the screen above, just RNG. Again, I don't see why we're just not rolling 1d6 and deciding what happens there. It would be pure balance, everyone new, old, scrub, pro, casual, hardcore would have the same chance to win. Yeah.. sometimes game balance can be taken too literally. Sometimes you just have to let pure skill take the lead, as long as the skill makes sense.

    Obviously rocket jumping doesn't make a lick of sense. And neither does macroing movements to emulate an epileptic seizure.
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  20. Scr1nRusher

    RNG needs to be toned down abit. just for consistency interms of shooting.