[Actually serious] Nerf headshots

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  1. bLind db

    ******* Christ you're stupid.

    Just get better at the game. It's not hard. Your entire rant is rooted in the fact that you're garbage, or your friends are garbage. Why should that be a reason to **** over people who bothered to actually improve their gameplay over the years?

    You're literally setting a SHINING beacon of why this game is in such a garbage ******* state. You're trying to cater to the absolute least common denominator. The problem is that no matter how much you dumb down the game, there are still going to be people that are too dumb to play it, yet still log in every day.

    All this would change is that all of the people that are actually good at the game would instantly ******* leave because they're already being overwhelmed by constant 5:1 odds considering 100% of zergfit ****ters are too terrified to attack or defend a base without extreme overpop, and it would remove their only chance of actually making a difference.

    Basically, you want individual skill to matter literally not at all. Let me repeat that. You want individual skill to make literally no difference in the outcome of a fight whatsoever. You want it to be a numbers game, because let's face it, literally nobody uses "tactics" and "group movement" when all this ******* game is is a zerg deathmatch.
  2. adamts01

    You need a beer or something. Maybe just need to get laid. Damnnnnnn. LOL.
  3. bLind db

    And you need to get good.
  4. WTSherman

    We're already playing with paintball guns, so we're not far off. Clearly we should aim for a minimum TTK of about 15 to 20 minutes, that will make sure everyone always has time to react to getting shot, even people who are away from the keyboard. :p

    Contrary to what some people here are saying, making kills take even longer wouldn't make positioning "more important", if anything that would make it less important. Taking longer to kill someone means the advantage of a good position is smaller, and the person you're trying to kill has more time to eliminate your positional advantage. It then becomes mostly about who can a-d-a-d while keeping their crosshair on the enemy pixels the longest, and who can chug the most medkits.

    Tactics and positioning are strongest when death is fast. Because someone can't 180 and land a chain of headshots on you in response to being shot if the first couple of shots killed them.