Actual state of Ceres.

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  1. xLluisett

    I know that Ceres server is in crisis,and the major part of pop was between terrans and nc.

    If i create a terran character,can be a bad idea cause i will not kill anything cause the low pop of other factions in Ceres?

    I hope if i return to the game,the popularion grows a bit.

    The terrans have things that i like,good looks,more ammo and the vehicles

    Take in mind that,i not go the terrans cause i have personal enemyes on the other factions or in terrans,is just that i like the terran faction looks and vehicles. Also,a game must cause fun,not stress.

    I already bought 5500 daybreak cash for buy the armor bundle,a helmet and a voice pack.
  2. xLluisett

    Many of the main reasons i go terrans now is that i always liked the chaingun heavy weapon,the prowler vehicle and the good looks of their equipments.

    The problem now is the population in Ceres.
  3. JibbaJabba

    There are several servers getting into the state where the sandbox is collapsing. The content for planetside has always been the other players. Some servers no longer have content.

    Players like yourself don't want to start a new character on an active server (that's what I would recommend btw). I think it would be best if dead servers get shut down and rolled into more active servers. Then people can stay instead of quit.