Ace of Vanu [AOVA] is recruiting! Malaysian players unite!

Discussion in 'Briggs (AU)' started by KaizerGoreng, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. KaizerGoreng

    We are a new outfit intended for Malaysian players or just anyone who can understand Bahasa Melayu to join. We prefer speaking in Malay during game time and we're not too serious but not too casual either.

    "We believe in strength in unity."
    "Vanu smiles upon you."

    • Malaysian
    • Can understand Bahasa Melayu
    • Must join operation day (miss one or two operation is exceptional)
    • Microphones
    We play together as a squad, most of the time we play when there are other members online as well. We're a new outfit so we need as many as possible!

    Summary of AOVA:
    • Single leader outfit (until the outfit is large enough to need more than one leader)
    • Multiple officers - These are capable squad leaders
    • We believe in each individual would only strengthen the outfit
    • We welcome new players
    • We will be posting guidelines on certs and such.
    • We're fun. Yeah. We are. :D
    • Playing time: Tuesday night 8pm onwards
    However AOVA would love it more if people think about the outfit's strength when upgrading their own character.

    Also, we are collaborating closely with SEATO, this outfit.
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  2. Wanted-Vanu

    Malaysia player here!
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  3. KaizerGoreng

    Great! I'll add you as friend and welcome to AOVA! :D
  4. Hammerklau

    Bumping for some vanu love.
  5. KaizerGoreng

    Vanu smiles upon you!
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  6. WeiJun

    Hi u accept non-Malay players from sg? I posted on n1ghtfox's thread but so far I didn't see him online(he added me as a friend). No eta on his clan being set up also...o_O
  7. KaizerGoreng

    The only real requirement is for you to understand Malay. If you can, we're gladly welcome you. It'd be even better if you can speak Malay as well. I've no problem speaking English but the rest of the outfit some of them prefer speaking in Malay. So if you can understand Malay, that would be awesome and we can at least make our outfit bigger! :D

    If you fulfill this requirement, add me on Steam (Steam ID: ryurawang).
  8. generateprogram

    malaysian here broz...
    i'm downloading the game now.Add me
  9. KaizerGoreng

    What's your IGN?
    Sorry for the late reply though!
  10. Xeara

    alamak............... teringin nk join korg :(
    tapi da msok Outfit TSEA..
  11. KaizerGoreng

    Ala bro, that's a bummer... TSEA tu yang mana satu?
  12. Xeara

    TSEA yg singapore tu..
  13. KaizerGoreng

    Oh yang kitorang link kan tu ke? SEATO is it? Or is this a whole new outfit we never heard of?
    But that's a shame :(
    Would love to have more members from Malaysia!
  14. Bepop

    server apa?
  15. Derpidos

    adoii punye lame aku main PS2 ni baru jumpa clan aku main TR dah lvl 49 T.T
  16. Derpidos

    pepehal add aku IGN : BlackActionHer0
  17. badikuza

    haha..nice..add aku gak..

    IGN : badikuza

    kawan aku : TaukeyTayar
  18. Zygote

    Aduyai , Baru cdang nk join. Tapi lain server plak -,-
  19. KaizerGoreng

    Server Briggs bro. Korang sume main kat server mana?

    Derpidos kau main berapa lama dah?
  20. Just call me Muse

    nk join gak leh.. baru je join game ne.. xtau pape pn cmne nk men.. ign Muse00

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