According to the stats, Banshee is better than PPA

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  1. Ztiller

    Except that the Banshee is better against Infantry than the PPA anyways. It's better against both air and ground.
  2. jiggu

    I would say that it's easier to take out single targets or few, but in larger masses the PPA is better due to the constant sustained fire.
  3. minhalexus

    I'd argue against that and say the same as Jiggu mentioned.
    Anyways w/e. Why argue, when I'm not even TR?
  4. Ztiller

    Technically, yes. But the slow fire also forces you to xpose yourself for a longer time, and against larger masses of enemies it makes it very dangerous. The Banshee can fly in, kill half a dozen players, and fly away before they have time to shoot back.
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  5. asmodraxus

    On behalf of the PPA users everywhere

    NERF The PPA

    oh **** I meant Banshee o_O

    I'm confused this ISN'T a nerf the PPA thread?
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  6. OldCuban

    Yes it did as a matter of fact.

    It used to have some insane splash range.

    I know because I abused the hell out of it, lol.

    It does do good damage now, but the splash range was nerfed down to .05 meters, last I checked.

    So unless you have damn good aim while in a mossy ( which I sure as hell don't ) you won't hit much.
  7. Riku

    Not surprised. Not surprised PPA comes close to it either, because it can be a huge farm machine if you encounter tightly grouped noobs without AA... that's the only case where it is better than Banshee. Airhammer is sort of teh suck right now though...bring Banshee down and Airhammer up, or PPA and Airhammer up.

    I can always identify a Banshee when I hear it. But then again, I can also usually distinguish between rotary and default. Maybe it's my experience and I can identify it based on its rate of fire, but I also think Banshee does make a distinct sound (if you're not the pilot). I don't know how to describe it, it's "softer", sounds "emptier". But it's still easiest to identify it based on RoF.
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  8. Mxiter

    Banshe have large spread and magdump very fast that makes it mostly good for hit and run.
    Light PPA is a long range spam machine.

    Since dasanfall, light PPA kills:
    -faster infantries (1.67sec LA/3.39HA than banshee (1.78/3.6)
    -kill more vehicles(3.7 vs 3.2 vkph) wich is surprising considering that everybody claims that banshee is better at AA.

    This game proved that explosives spam is broken, whatever the weapon and especially from long range.
  9. z1967

    Kinda like a regular nosegun but with less velocity and some splash. Not really that major of an annoyance sound wise. However, that thing drops health like no tomorrow and I have no idea why it isn't whined about constantly like PPA.
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  10. Cyrek

    Banshee is made useless with AA and Air superiority. PPA isn't, the magrider can just burn away to safety and come back repeat farming from 50m.
  11. Axehilt

    • Banshees don't prevent A2A secondary use. A smart Banshee user will either run coyote/tomcat or run away with fuel or run with teammates using AA (at which point Banshee+Rocketpods isn't terrible)
    • Light PPA is an ESF weapon and is more or less as vulnerable to enemy air as the Banshee. (It's slightly worse against air, but the difference isn't that extreme.)
    • Even if we were talking about PPAs on Magriders, if you lose air superiority then a single dude with rocketpods is going to kill you because you lack any real air defense. Even a nosegun-only pilot can plink you down (you can stalemate it by out-repairing the nosegun damage, at which point whoever gets another teammate to join the battle will win because both of you are just sitting there firing or repairing.)
  12. axiom537

    Funny thing is it was the Air hammer that just got nerfed...
  13. RHINO_Mk.II

    Funny thing is that it's been nerfed 4 times since launch and never buffed.
  14. axiom537

    I must have missed the prior nerfs. Currently having the Max damage range set at 50m is pointless, why even bother giving it a max damage if it is so close.
  15. RHINO_Mk.II

    It's funny because the Banshee and PPA don't lose any damage at any range. They both also deal 1,000 splash damage per second at a distance of 1m from the impact, while airhammer does 0.
  16. RawLucidity

    I don't remember anyone talking about magriders...?