According to the stats, Banshee is better than PPA

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  1. a-koo-chee-moya

    PPA has a 3.392 KDR

    Banshee has a 4.589 KDR

    Not saying that Banshee is better, just bringing up an interesting statistic for Forumside to excuse/scrutinize/explain etc.

    If you want to say these stats are false, put up another source that is significantly different.
  2. nubery

  3. gigastar

    Ok, how you try to engage us on something interesting?

    Average stat wanking is boring, you know.
  4. OldCuban

    I see no details at all on that website about WHEN the information was gathered.

    The Banshee was OP, then it go nerfed.....hard!

    If that website included the pre-nerf stats, then that would explain why it still has a higher KDR than the PPA equivalent.
  5. Elrobochanco

    It is better, You can magdump and kill significantly faster than the PPA or AH (unless you are right on them), but it doesn't make the sound that drives everyone crazy.
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  6. Axehilt

    K/D stats are pretty meaningless. Better to use the Average KPH stats:
    • 39 Banshee
    • 36 Light PPA
    • 27 Mustang AH
    But this is all very unsurprising to anyone who's used all three.
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  7. LibertyRevolution

    Banshee is and has always been the best AI nosegun for an ESF.
    Be happy they can't put it on a harasser/MBT. ;)
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  8. Latrodectus

    Uh, this never happened?
  9. Phyr

    I don't even know what a banshee sounds like.

    The tank PPA is the one most people complained about, so yeah...
  10. Nexus545

    Well duh

    I though anyone who has been on the receiving end of the light PPA and the Banshee would know the Banshee is better.
  11. Ztiller

    It should be common knowledge that the Banshe is borderline too good right now. Being able to shred a full flak MAX in 2-3 seconds is ridiculous. The PPA takes WAY too long time to unload its damage, and it's the by far worst weapon when defending against enemy ESFs.

    It's the Mag/Harrasser PPA that the NC/TR have a problem with.
  12. Epic High Five

    The light PPA was never a problem. It was always 20 round mags on a platform that couldn't just linger. It didn't get nerfed

    Compare the Magrider PPA to the Vanguard C85 if you want to be fair
  13. TorigomaSET

    Dasanfall's stats, what's recorded, whats not, is so flawed, its not even Funny.
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  14. \m/SLAYER\m/

    Nerf 'em alll
  15. Plorf

    Would be nice if the Banshee got a more distinct sound if anything. I can't say I've ever thought "crap, it's a Banshee!" before it killed me.
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  16. minhalexus

    Please no, it's not OP or ridiculous. PPA can shred pretty fast if you're landing direct hits, but most people can't bother.
  17. Ztiller

    I said borderline OP, and yes it is. It has an insane damage output with not enough tradeoffs to pay for it. The PPA pays for its long term fire and range with low velocity, high visibility and low damage output in addition to really bad AA capabilities. The Air hammer pays with short range. The Banshee doesn't have any truly punishing tradeoffs.
  18. RHINO_Mk.II

    Airhammer has a 2.982 KDR.

    Buff Airhammer.
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  19. Axehilt

    The only significant problem is that they don't segment by time period (it's all lifetime stats rather than stats for just recent patches.) It's a bit extreme to call that "so flawed", given that they're the best we have.

    I see some people cite KPU and Total Kills by time period, and while it's great that those stats are split out by time period, they're even more flawed than DA's stats because they measure popularity far more than actual weapons balance.
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  20. minhalexus

    It's an all-rounder not being exceptionally good in anything.

    I would argue that it's easier to farm with PPA than it is to farm with the Banshee.
    So according to that, AH is the best AA worst AI, Banshee being an all rounder, PPA being more AI dedicated.

    None of them need any nerfs.