[Suggestion] AC-X11 Needs a 25 round magazine

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by CanadianAttackBeaver, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. Naelyan

    The ACX is a good weapon, i don't know how it evolved since the weapon balance patch (GU08 ?) but from using it before on a NC alt it could indeed use those five extra rounds to make it more reliable.
    Alas, It it takes as many years it's going to take for TR to get a 167 dmg and 30 mag carbine you are going to wait a really long time for this change to ever happen sadly.
  2. FnkyTwn

    At least you're willing to admit you'll only get to have a 30 round mag with it.
    Usually the TR whine I hear is that they want 167dmg Carbine and 40 rounds.
    It's just not realistic at 167/40. 167/30 seems feasible. VS only get the one.
  3. Rarg

    Yeah I have auraxium with the ACX at about 1400+ kills. The main issues i have with this gun are the extremely low bullet velocity and high bloom increase. That's fine, if I have more than twenty rounds to compensate. Put it this way, the Warden is a semi-auto rifle that does 50 more damage than the ACX, YET THEY HAVE THE SAME CLIP SIZE. That alone makes no sense, besides all the statistical evidence being put forth. Five rounds more in the clip is not asking a lot or going to make a massive difference to the weapon, but I agree that it would make the weapon fit into the scheme of things much more fluidly. I love it, but you have to play a certain way and that 20 round magazine is a bigger problem than it should be.
  4. Wolfwood82

    I've never read a TR crying for both 167 damage and 40 rounds.

    The gun is already used in CQC, 5 extra rounds would make it a monster at those ranges. It would not make much difference at the ranges everyone is pushing for, however conveniently enough it would have a hidden bonus to it that would easily OP it.
  5. FnkyTwn

    It's already the slowest TTK for a Carbine. It needs either faster bullet speed,
    or 5 more bullets per clip. Anybody who's used the AC-X11 knows how bad
    it is in CQC. This isn't even something to be argued about. The gun lacks
    something to bring it inline with the other Carbines. It would not be OP.
  6. MykeMichail


    I have 2948 kills with the AC-X11.

    When I first got it, I thought it was amazing, and told everyone to get it.

    Now, I'm divided.

    On the one hand, this is a gun which rewards accuracy in the extreme, but punishes lack of accuracy just as severely.

    The bullet speed, in my opinion, is ridiculously low, even for a carbine. 480 m/sec is just too low. Yes people will say "its only 20 m/sec less than most carbines!", but we've talking about a weapon with a 500 RoF.

    So it gives you high damage, yes. It then penalises you with low rate of fire, yes. It then penalises you again with a massive kick on every shot. Then it penalises you again with low projectile speed? Its too much. Add high velocity ammo to get back some of that projectile speed? Well now that kick is ridiculous.

    So for people who have extremely good accuracy (25% +!) and a lot of time to master a new weapon - go for it. Otherwise, forget it.
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    ever since they dropped the price on the razor I haven't gone back to the AC-X11. it's way too situational for general purpose fighting as a light assault, and doesn't have the clip size of the gauss saw to compensate. the hipfire and ROF are piss-poor just like the gauss saw. the AC-X11 has its moments but you're better off with the AF-19 99% of the time.
  8. Wolfwood82

    And you base this obviously expert opinion on what experience?

    Slowest TTK... Huh... Ok I'll bite, using max damage (since it will always out damage every other carbine) this weapon fires roughly 8 rounds per second and only requires 5 to kill a normal infantry. So basic guess would be somewhere around .5 second TTK.

    The GD-7F fires about 14 rounds per second and requires 7 rounds to kill a target... Roughly .493 seconds TTK....

    I have already disproved your theory simply by finding another carbine that equals it, because we already know for a fact that some other carbines have slower TTKs then the GD-7F (every carbine with equal damage and slower RoF in fact, which is a lot of them). This argument is officially debunked.

    In addition to this, neither of the two proposed changes would fix the "slowest TTK" problem you brought up. And with a TTK that rivals other CQC weapons, oh yes this would OP it. The severe ammo limit is probably the only thing keeping this weapon at a decent range rather then being used as a catch all weapon.
  9. TeknoBug

    25 rounds would be nice for both the AC-X11 and Reaper DMR, I still use the Reaper DMR however the AC-X11 feels like a piece of garbage since GU8 or whatever seemed to have changed its characteristics which oddly hasn't affected the Reaper DMR at all. I found that the Razor GD-23 is doing the job better than the AC-X11.
  10. Ghostloadout

    I completely agree with this, 25 rounds is a good amount for a 200 damage weapon. Take this from a guy with an auraxium medal on both the GD-23 razor and the AC-X11, in most cases the GD-23 razor is more effective, not only does it have assault rifle accuracy, it has higher velocity and a 30 round mag. I will say, I use the AC-X11 in cqb to quite high effectiveness, something that the GD-23 cannot even imagine to do. maybe bump up the reload speed on the AC-X11 a little bit to fit the description of the weapon being reliable. The AC-X11 in it's current state awards accuracy heavily, but when inaccurate is possibly the worst gun in the game. And I myself have an accuracy over 35% with the AC-X11, 41% with the Razor GD-23
  11. Wolfwood82

    This is getting irritating. No one gives a rats *** about your medals on the weapons, having medals on a weapon doesn't mean you are an expert on it. Any brain dead monkey could get medals on any weapon simply by using it enough, and by now Auraxium medals aren't worth squat.

    Your medals do not add weight to your post, stop yapping about them.

    Seriously people, what in Chewbacca's holy fur makes you think that simply spamming a weapon makes you an expert at how to balance that weapon? Especially in a game with hundreds of other weapons? Two completely, absolutely, totally different skill sets here.

    It can actually make you less qualified as it implies that you've spent more time with a single weapon then you have with others. That skews your perception and makes you more incline to desire a buff.
  12. CanadianAttackBeaver

    What the hell is wrong with you? Just because you are some anti-social pr*ck doesn't mean the rest of us don't appreciate the input someone who has experience with the weapons can give. Tell us, oh mighty and know-it-all Wolfwood, what is your experience with any of the NC carbines? Link your profile so we can actually see what experience you have.
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  13. TeknoBug

    If a race car driver told you he has 1000+ miles experience on a particular race track and tells you the issues he thinks it has, are you going to say the same thing you just told in this post?

    Please, get a life.
  14. MykeMichail

    GD-7F - 3185
    AC-X11 - 2948
    NC12 Sweeper - 2918
    EM6 - 2849
    NC6 - 2711
    GD-22S - 2619
    Gauss Compact S - 2557
    NC1 - 2173
    AF-19 - 1808

    Am I qualified to comment yet?
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  15. Ghoest

    lol at wolfwood82
    does the ownage hurt?
  16. Wolfwood82

    Seriously I laid out my reasoning for my statement in one post. All of you ignored it. One of you (Myke) attacked a foot note as if it were the actual point. With an attention to detail like that, you guys think you are qualified to determine what a fair "fix" to a perceived problem is?

    Likewise someone said the ACX had the lowest TTK of any carbine in the game. I pointed out that it actually rivaled the GD-7F. No one bothered to counter that statement.

    I pointed out that the 20 round clip was meant to keep it out of CQC combat (seeing as it's TTK matches another CQC weapon as it stands). No one responded or countered that point. Not once. Someone said "anyone who uses the gun knows it's terrible in CQC" however it's effectiveness in CQC was specifically pointed out in a video done by an NC not that long ago. That was the closest anyone came to a counter, and it was a self formulated opinion rather then general consensus or, what would actually matter, a statement of fact.

    If you ignore these points, you aren't doing a good job actually deciding whether or not a weapon needs a buff/nerf in order to balance it. You are refusing to acknowledge points about it that do indeed play a part in it's relation to the rest of the game. This refusal repeatedly demonstrates your inability to make sound judgement on the issue. But what do I know? I've only been studying to become a game developer. I don't actually have auraxium on the weapon. :rolleyes:

    And even now, simple math shows me that the DPM of most carbines sitting at 143 damage is about 4290, including the CQC carbines (that aren't TR). 5 rounds would up the ACX to 5000, which trumps all other CQC carbines (again, except the TR). The final result is a carbine that is equally functional at CQC and long ranges, and would quickly become the dominant weapon for LA.
  17. Joe_da_cro

    I have one in IT majoring in system design and development and coupled that with a few game design courses. i will tell you that the acx-11 is missing something. what it needs its hard to say. the reason i say this. i would need to know the balancing control for the carbines then weight it based on that control. based on feel i would say that an easy fix would be to give it 5 rounds more. but i doubt that would make it that much better. when performing at its specified range (which states on the weapon stats as medium) the razor outclasses this weapon becuase it cant fire more rounds before having to stop to recover from bloom and recoil. this is where the problem lies. but i fear then once the bloom and recoil is fixed then the weapon damage will be corrected and hence it will drop a tier and then be a clone of the GD 23 razor. so in reality adding 5 in a clip or making it one of the fastest reloading carbine might help it the best. but this is only taking estimates at to what was used to balance carbines.

    and i am not lying about my college degree either :)
  18. Batisat

    While it's true that the ACX11 can dish out alot of damage, it's only assuming all the bullets hit. Plus you are forgetting the COF bloom, it blooms so fast that the 3-4th shot will hardly hit where you're aiming any more
  19. HeadshotVictim

    if 25 bullets per clip is too much of a buff, then give it 50 m/s more bullet velocity and all are fine I think.
    I don't think that 25 round per mag would be too much, but hey, nevermind.
    Medals don't count for **** as wolfwood mentioned, I made aurax on a weapon that " doesn't fit my playstyle" which is an interesting thing... how am I able to make 1160 on a weapon I can't play... well what ever.

    Thing is:
    the AC-X11 is a good weapon but it lacks a bit of something. In my opinion bullet velocity.
    You have a carbine that is not well suited for CQC because of its bloom and low rate of fire. (Look ak CQC carbines: they all have high RoF - I think it is safe to assume that this is a fact, and I don't have to pull out the spreadsheet)
    It has a low rate of fire - which means it is something more of a longer range weapon - but lacks the accuracy due to its lower bullet velocity.
    The Razor is a long range carbine with a high bullet velocity but lower damage and higher rate of fire.
    The AC-X11 is the carbine version of the Gauss Saw - with slow bullets. Too slow in my opinion to be ffective at longer ranges.
    It has a strong bloom which makes it necessary to aim very well to actually land the needed shots.
    Every hit counts (something the TR don't have to deal with that much... no offence meant here), so it would be nice if you have the ability to MAKE the shots hit.
    Slow RoF,
    high bloom,
    slow bullets,
    small magazin size
    low ammo pool
    very bad hip-fire CoF

    high first shot accuracy
    high damage
    controllable recoil
    low long reload time

    the weapon is still good. even it looks not exactly that way
    (No trollpost, just stating my experience)
  20. MykeMichail

    The only fix I've suggested is giving it a 500 m/sec projectile speed like most other carbines.

    I think this is fair considering the weapon already penalises you with massive recoil, lousy hip CoF, massive ADS CoF bloom, and slow rate of fire.

    To say that this is a gun not designed for CQC, then to give it a 480 m/sec projectile speed is absurd.

    Consider it this way: if you want a CQC gun, you should use the GD-7F. If you want a long range carbine you might as well use the Razor with its 560 m/sec projectile speed and extremely low recoil (it also has a HVA option!). If you want a REALLY long range carbine with high damage, then screw carbines all together and just get a battle rifle.

    Point is, it doesn't have a niche. There's nothing it can do which another weapon can't do better, and its hardly a 'jack of all trades' either.
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