[Suggestion] AC-X11 Needs a 25 round magazine

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by CanadianAttackBeaver, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. HeadshotVictim

    AC-X11 is okay... made aurax on it. Not imbalanced in anyway. A 25 shot magazine would really improve it, but again, wouldn't make it OP in any way *opinion* Either a 25 round mag or 60m/s bullet speed. It makes no sense to have a "long range" carbine with the lowest of all bullet speeds at carbines (or is the NS-11C lower?).
    It is kind of stupid to have a carbine that needs HVA to be comparable to other carbines - and getting the disadvantage of having more recoil. what ever...

    AC-X11 is good.
    25 round mags OR more bullet speed would be nice, but not OP.

    I don't like you...
  2. CanadianAttackBeaver

    Incriminate? Wrong word; I think you are looking for "invalidate" because you are clearly a clueless fool with no experience with this gun.

    Ditto. Thank goodness we have some arrogant jacka$$ like you to inform us all of our wrong opinions.

    You are such a pathetic clown. I prove you factually wrong (want to look at damage drop-off again, sweetheart?) and you nerd-rage.

    The entire premise of your opposition to my suggestion is that the AC-X11 is a "sniper carbine". A "sniper-carbine".... right. Go pull your head out of your backside before the noxious fumes further degrade your intelligence. Humour us for a moment and assume, just for a second, that your perception of this gun is wrong. What if (gasp!) the AC-X11 is not, in fact, some mythical "sniper-carbine" (sorry, I can't type that without snickering at the stupidity of it) and is instead a hard-hitting mid-range weapon? OH NOES! That would mean my analysis and suggested fix would actually make the AC-X11 perform almost identically to the other NC carbines.
  3. CanadianAttackBeaver

    For poops and giggles I modeled the VS carbines using the same metrics as the NC weapons.

    Guess what I found? You are COMPLETELY full of crap!
    • Under max damage the Pulsar C can kill in 6 shots; at minimum it will kill in 9. All other VS carbines kill in 7 shots at maximum damage and 10 at minimum.
    • Under ideal conditions the Pulsar C is capable of 5 kills per magazine falling off to 3 at minimum. All other VS carbines are capable of 4 kills under ideal conditions and 3 under all other conditions
    At no point is the Pulsar C limited to 2 kills per magazine. The AC-X11, with a 25 round clip has an almost identical kills per magazine curve as the Pulsar C. The Pulsar C, like the AC-X11 has the larget damage drop off of all the carbines (get that FACT sweetheart?) but the percentage dropoff of the Pulsar C is less than the AC-X11. The Pulsar C also has one of the faster bullet speeds of the VS carbines.

    Care to provide any other statements for me to slap down with facts?
  4. SleepyWalker

    Rather aggressive, but you are a canadian attack beaver (good thing you’re going for the AC-X11)

    My over all preference for a change would be some modification to range and/or re-load. Re-load makes sense as carbines are usually easier to handle than full rifles and range enhancement (like increase the max range to 100m or something (I guessed)) would make ranged encounters more rewarding due to slightly higher damage further out. Not big changes mind you, but I really just want it slightly more useful besides scaring people into cover (though I have no performance attachments for it... maybe I should invest past a scope).

    The damage should stay as is due to its nature as a carbine (sadly that is 2 levels of damage) as well as the projectile velocity (though I know it sucks). Mag size, while it would be very nice, seems that it goes against the feel that the AC-X11 is going for. Right now I feel that it is trying to go for a SCAR-H, big rounds and a 20 round mag, which I think is a good thing. 25 round mag is the easy fix, but not all things easy are the best. At least, that is what I have observed though the years (though not all hard things are the best either... but now I'm rambling).
  5. CanadianAttackBeaver

    My response was aggressive in response to Wolfwood who decided to start insulting everyone who disagrees with him.

    I would support a reload speed buff; I actually don't see why a carbine would have longer reload than the full AR equivalent (Reaper DMR), but any buff to the AC-X11 range would still be hindered by the gun's bullet speed. I agree though, the AC-X11 isn't good for much at range other than taking pot-shots and scaring people into cover.

    The fix for this gun, easy or not, depends on how the devs intended for the gun to be used. At range, although the AC-X11 has the highest damage, the damage difference is negligible. The higher damage is offset by lower bullet speed, higher recoil, lower rate of fire and a smaller magazine. The other carbines will land the 8 shots needed to drop a target before the AC-X11 will land the 7 it needs to drop. Because of these reasons I don't actually think the AC-X11 was meant as a long range weapon. It sure as hell isn't meant as a "sniper-carbine" despite that idiocy being mentioned earlier.

    I would also assume the AC-X11 isn't meant as a close-quarter-weapon, given it's low rate of fire and high recoil. The lack of laser sights and the attachments that are available support this assumption.

    If the AC-X11 is meant more as a hard hitting mid-range weapon, then increasing the magazine size to 25 will put the kills per magazine of the AC-X11 almost indentical to the other carbines. Sometimes a simple fix is the best!
  6. vaxx

    Lowest of all bullet speeds? Not a by a long shot.

    ACX-11 Bullet velocity - 480
    Serpent - 420
    Lynx- 450
    VX-67 - 465
    Jag- 440
    NS-11c - 450
    And just 10 lower than the Trac5 which is 490.
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  7. Ghoest

    Umm he was talking about NC carbines Einstein.

    And all the carbines you mentioned that were slower were CQC.

    You actually helped make his point stronger.
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  8. vaxx

    Really? He didn't say NC carbines now did he? Can you show me where he did?
    " It makes no sense to have a "long range" carbine with the lowest of all bullet speeds at carbines (or is the NS-11C lower?)."
    I don't see anything about NC Carbines.

    And unless you consider the NS-11c CQC your last line is incorrect, Einstein.
  9. SleepyWalker

    Seems the test server has made some alterations to AC-X11. My computer is rather lame and I doubt I would be able to do any good testing, but maybe some people that read this post could check it out if they have a stake in the matter or a desire to see AC-X11 improve a bit.
  10. Tekuila

    It needs a 30 round mag, screw 25.
  11. HeadshotVictim

    I actually meant NC carbines... but okay.
    Yes there are carbines with lower bullet speeds. But I dont think there are many Carbines supposed to be "long range" with bullet speeds that low.
    Anyway, I dont wuite understand, wy you make such a fuss about it. I think my point was clear. And thank you fpr metnioning that there are CQC carbines with a bullet velocity just 10 m/s lower than the AC-X11. While the AC-X11 has only 20 Bullets while the TR bullet hoses have 40 round mags (and in some cases an even shorter reload...)
  12. vaxx

    Fair enough, but I didn't get the implication that you meant NC carbines.

    While the AC-X11 has 200dmg per bullet (the only carbine with this), easy to manage recoil, and fast short reload time. If you are going to compare NC vs TR carbines, don't just post the pros of TR carbines because there are pro's and cons to each one.

    40 round mags, and in come cases shorter reload? What, like one carbine the GD-7F, that has a bit longer short reload than a couple TR guns? So one case? TR has longer reloads than anyone else....you know to compensate for the 40 round. Ok, lets talk about the fact NC has 143, 167, and 200dmg carbines, with ROF from the fastest to slowest. TR has nothing but 143dmg carbines...even our "long range" carbine is stuck with that trait. Variety is something NC has, and TR totally lacks. We going to generalize the advantages of all factions, traits of them, and why this one or that one is better? Or are still just talking about the AC-X11? I don't want to try to try and find out what you mean again....and going over the general TR carbines is going in that direction.

    People put of lot of salt into magazine damage and DPS. Too many variables in a game like this to make those count. My opinion is with a 200dmg carbine, that is easy to use with certs, cost effective with certs, throw in the flinch on damage mechanic, and I think the AC-X11 is just fine where it is. Others disagree. Isn't an opinion a wonderful thing?
  13. Epic High Five

    X11's 20 round mag was a huge liability when it also had a monster reload, but now it's not so bad. I rarely get sub-10 rounds with my Razor so I guess the solution is just to become an obsessive reloader.

    My only real beef with the X11 post-GU8 is the abysmal bullet velocity for a long range gun. It's billed as a long range gun but it's probably better described as a "long range carbine" aka a mid-range gun. I use it at 10-50m all the time and destroy with it, but I wouldn't use it for much past that. The damage drop off turns it into a pathetic TR-level gun doing piddly damage, which isn't really sustainable with so small a mag.

    When I need to reach out and touch someone, I grab the Razor (not really a better choice, just what I'm used to at long ranges) or I grab a SAW. Use the X11 in the distances it's best at and you're good. It does have a longer effective distance than any other carbine. Others are as accurate at range, but none keep such a high damage.
  14. HeadshotVictim

    the actual point of dps and mag sizes is the following one:
    The AC-X11 has a twenty round mag. (Fact)
    With its 200 dmg per shot it needs 2 shots less to kill someone than a 143 dmg carbine. (Fact)
    It has the lowest ROF of all (NC, but I guess it is all carbines) carbines. (Fact)

    What I want to say is, that miss on ONE bullet with the AC-X11 means, that you lose about 5% percent of your mag capacity.
    A 40 round mag lost 2.5%. So even if you miss with 3 shots with a 40 round mag I guess (!!) you are better off than the 20 round mag.
    Let's do some math:
    40 round with 143 dmg each = 5720 dmg/mag
    20 rounds with 200 dmg each = 4000 dmg/mag
    you have 143% dmg with a TR carbine (with higher bullet speeds, sometimes) than the AC-X11.
    I think the mag size wouldn't be overpowered with 25 rounds. (Opinion!)
    Yes the NC has more variety in their weapons, BUT they pay a price for it. Look at the AC-X11... low ROF, high-TTK, really strong recoil (compensatable, true, but still there) and a tiny magazine. (Even the upgraded TR pistol has more rounds/mag).

    What I noticed when playing TR was that you only have to fire 4-5 round bursts to kill pretty nicely with shots to spare.
    AC-X11 means miss 3 rounds and you know you have to reload...and die... horribly :D (and you need a ot of certs to use the AC-X11, while stuff like T1 Cycler is usable for free :D *opinion*)

    As I said:
    Increase bullet speed OR mag size to 25 (Preferrably the first.) and the gun is really nice. But far away from overpowered. (Like TMG-50 :) )
  15. toxs

    So when did they nerf the jackhammer?
  16. Ghoest

    You have failed at communicating with out embarrassing yourself.
  17. vaxx

  18. TheArchetype

    Tell me, how often do you get killed by the ACX?
  19. TheArchetype

    If you're familiar with BF3 look at the SCAR-H and SCAR-L. H is a carbine with 20 rounds and major killing potential, while L is an AR with not quite as high damage output but 30 rounds and a higher RPM.
    If they redesign the ACX they will obviously alter the Reaper DMR.
  20. Wolfwood82

    Your higher bullet speed long range carbine is the Razor. Look at that! 30 round magazine, 550 RoF, 560 velocity! ZOMG!

    Seems like you could do a lot less complaining by using a different gun. Obviously the AC-X11 does not suit your personal play style.

    What kind of question is that? Do the math man, there are X number of players and Y number of weapons used by 2 opposing factions (assuming you don't get TK'ed... heh... that was a joke...) How often do you get killed by ANYTHING? Derp-a-derp much?

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