Absolutely no reason to use HEAT anymore, use AT instead

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  1. leo4444

    Welcome to planetside 2 a game where a foot soldier can survive a tank shell intended to kill infantry and direct rocket hits to the face. Thank you devs for making this possible instead of just making vehicles more limited like the community asked for.
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  2. Ranik

    It's more of a matter of, Individual tanks contribute nothing and are targeted like giant cert pinatas meanwhile 20+ tanks suppress everything under the sun.

    As I've been saying for two years now. They keep nerfing tank power when they should be nerfing tank numbers/availability. People are not afraid of individual or small numbers of tanks. They are just AV/Suicide rush targets. Only when critical armor mass has been reached do people actually consider them a threat.

    Oh you mean those stretches of land small enough for an AV mana turret to fire from one end to the other? :rolleyes:
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  3. Flag

    Oh those areas... You mean where the next base starts?

    Don't kid yourself, the space between bases is lacking at best.
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  4. cruczi

    "small enough"? AV mana turrets can be effective from Indar Excavation to Quartz Ridge.
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  5. Ranik

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  6. Aegie

    There is a lot of open space- thing is, with the fact that logistics and troop transport is almost completely unnecessary you just tend not to see much action in those spaces. Once that one necessary (and now more indestructible) Sunderer/Galaxy is near the base there is no need to be anywhere else.

    Also, the big issue with many vehicles relates to the limitation of the game- with all non-player objects being indestructible then one of the primary reasons that tanks even exist in the first place (destroying fortifications) simple does not exist. It would be great if engineers actually engineered stuff, you know like bridges, ladders, walls, etc. instead of just being the Stationary Assualt class because then there might be more of a purpose for vehicles other than farming infantry or farming infantry farmers. Although, the latter IMO is way better (and healthier for the game) than the former.
  7. KnightCole

    And you forgot to mention how random flat level areas will cause your tank to suicide you....and driving over some small ridges will cause your tank to explode. No mines required.
  8. Captain Kid

    No ****. The last two lightnings I pulled turned upside down and exploded.. The first 5 seconds after I got it from the garage, I drove it over a very small bump in the road and all of a sudden it flipped.
    The other one decided to start sliding down on a not even steep slope and flipped upside down as well.

    I don't understand why this is not being fixed. It's clear a day vehicles drive CRAP.
  9. faykid

    When it comes to lightning, I have to modify your statement:
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  10. HerpTheDerp

    This wouldn't be a problem(since deployed AV turrent engi is the easiest target in the game) if you could actually see the engis. Because you can't. Because lolrenderdistance
  11. Flag

    Or make magriders flip themselves.
  12. Jalek

    The best secondary gun I've found is to drive as a heavy, then when you see a LA approaching you can get out and shoot him.
    The cannons are mostly useless in that situation.
  13. Captain Kid

    Even more fun. I've seen engineers get out of their tank to blow up an enemy vehicle..
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  14. SacredRay

    I read many posts about crap like this happening, but I'd never seen it personally. It was only when I spawned a Prowler the other day from SE WG and it somehow fell off a small hill and slid into the Restricted Area whilst taking me with it.

    It deeply, deeply upset me.
  15. Captain Kid

    I am still angry about it..
    The first Lightning I tried to drive over a very small bump in the road, it flipped and exploded.
    The other one I was driving on a small not steep slope when it started slipping down, (as vehicles do) then it flipped and exploded.
  16. Jalek

    With a harasser or flash with boost you can hit that while upside down and if you hit a rock, start tumbling again and possibly recover.
    No such luck with a tank, though I've never landed a magrider upside down to know if that works for them.
  17. SacredRay


    Its like Higby gave you the middle finger twice in succession.
  18. Tuco

    I went AT and never looked back, unless I'm being chased by one of those crazy engineers.
  19. SavageBacon

    Pretty much going HEAT is just to finish up the Auraxium requirement depending on how close/far you are to getting it. 200 kills... They're probably going to suck to get but might as well if I want to get close to that shiny lumifiber.
  20. Axehilt

    My SPM asked me to tell you, "Thanks!" for spreading the idea that players should take more HE loadouts (which are easiest to farm with the AV vehicles I often pull.)