[Suggestion] About Vanu Heat Mechanic

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  1. Rayden78

    Give Vanu engineer ammo packs a cooldown boost ;)
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  2. TownCryer8

    No it doesn't.
  3. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    Maybe split it into different categories?
    Have long and mid-range weapons with a heat mechanic, have some mid range weapons have it as an option, and have CQC weapons with old fashioned magazines.
    You could fluff it as high capacity batteries that have to be externally recharged.
    Maybe have an AUX coolant suit slot for VS? :D
    I absolutely love the sh*t out of the concept and I would definitely welcome it. But like the Lynx rework, there should be some weapons as an alternative, it wasn't always like this, and some people will dislike it.
    Personally, I'd be fine if the weapons had an additional quartersecond delay before cooldown, in return for a bit extra capacity, say,
    30->24 rounds instead of 30->20.

    Btw, I also liked the extra damage falloff as a concept, it just lacked a corresponding advantage. Well, on Carbines it kinda was an advantage, if you drop 3X over 2Y, you only drop 1.5X over Y, so 0.5X less than other factions.
    (How bout faster muzzle velocity, but speed dropoff? :D)

    Everything that makes VS more unique without completely gimping them is a great change in my book.
    Now that latter requirement is obviously what causes consternation, but we should give them a chance.
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  4. a-koo-chee-moya

    Not many players know about test server and most who do will play for a little and get back to farming on live to gain actual certs. Now only if you could gain certs for your char on test... but that's another thread.
  5. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    I'd still result in feedback. Maybe not quality feedback, but still; If they've survived that so far, they can probably pick out the important pieces.
  6. Kociboss

  7. patrykK1028

    Yeah, when I switched to ME3 (I skipped ME2 first, I played it after ME3) I really missed ME1 heat mechanic. And Planetside 2 reminds me Mass Effect somehow, especially Vanu faction.
    Thats why I support heat mechanic idea
  8. a-koo-chee-moya

    That's an experienced outfit leader using an LMG on the best infantry class. I doubt its a good representation of the overall competitiveness of heat mechanic.
  9. Kociboss

    Why not?
  10. a-koo-chee-moya

    Players like his are at most 5% of the player base.
  11. Kociboss


    That's the potential. People can get better.

    Also, one can't really assess that only 5% of the player base is as good as this person.
  12. Yeahy

    They just announced it and put it on live a week later. I feel that valk wasn't tested at all.
  13. Paragon Exile

    I'd hope that ammo would be a thing, and that the heat mechanic would be the "magazine". Just porting over the heat mechanics from turrets would be stupid, it would need to be a hybrid system. We'd also have to have our weapons tweaked in numerous other areas as well so this change doesn't **** us.
  14. tgipier

    Cherry picked video. Also if he had an engineer on his squad... cough cough. I mean, the betelgeuse is not a bad gun. But from my experience, this is a cherry picked vid where ammo did matter.
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  15. Xasapis

    The small ammo clip on these weapons really underline the importance of extra ammo in the clip. From the three of them, only the Betelgeuse has enough to handle most situations. With the Darkstar and Eclipse I frequently find myself in the reload animation, which basically means death. These are not forgiving weapons in the current implementation and punish inaccuracy severely. Especially for the Darkstar and Eclipse, you either consistently headshot, or die.
  16. omegaflarex

    So let me get this straight: Higby is basically implementing a heat mechanic on all VS gun and make it a difficult class to play? Check. As much it's akin to Phase****, it sucks! Higby is literally shooting himself in the foot on this one because majority of the population is Vanu Sovereignty. So.. it doesn't go "HIS" way, and he's forced to make things difficult, not fun, for us to play, hoping that majority of the players will switch over to either NC or TR to sate his ego.

    Fine by me, as long as it takes to piss Higby off - it's a done deal for me.
  17. Xasapis

    Erm, in what game is VS the majority? Clearly not in Planetside 2. They never were in the history of the game.
  18. omegaflarex

    Not what I heard.
  19. Xasapis

    You don't need to hear anything. There are various sites that monitor the world population of Planetside 2 on a constant basis. If you've been watching those sites since the game was launched, it is easily apparent that NC and TR are swapping first place in the history of the game, while VS is usually at the last spot. For example:

  20. Noktaj

    These days I've been trying out the 3 weapons extensively (yes, nolifer, got all 3 of them).
    The heat mechanic is a refreshing feature, it add that "quid" that makes them really fun to play, unfortunately if heat were to go live on all weapons as it is now, I'd probably switch to NS weapons right away.

    Betelgeuse: It's the only weapon where the heat can be a bonus most times simply because YOU HAVE ENOUGH BULLETS to kill an heavy + shield in a 1vs1 fight. So the weapon have its limits but if you adapt your playstyle you can really avoid reload and benefit from it.

    Darkstar and Eclipse: sadly in most situations you'll find your weapon overheat and you have not killed that enemy that you would have killed otherwise, especially heavies. Weapons really feels like an hindering rather than an improvement. The ability to have infinite ammo in this game is really not important unless you are camping on a tree a mile away from your team, in which case both Darkstar and Eclipse are useless because of poor attachement choice and inability to kill anything past 40m (they really are not long range weapons).

    TL;DR: Heat mechanic is fun and refreshing for VS but in most situations you'll hate it more than you'll love it especially on Darkstar and Eclipse. Betelgeuse feels "okish".
    To improve pick one of the below:
    1) Weapons needs to fire some (3-4) more bullets before overheat
    2) Cooldown needs to start faster while not in "overheat" so you can actually burst fire.
    3) Weapons needs to be more accurate/do more damage per bullet to compesate for the smaller mag

    Dunnow, balancing the "heat" looks like a nightmare to me. As they are now these weapons are UP, but if you change them too much the risk is for them to be OP.
    Good luck SOE :confused: