[Suggestion] About Vanu Heat Mechanic

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  1. Amrok1

    You may count as experienced, but the way it is setup now is simple and direct. Aurax at least 5 weapons in one of those three classes and you get this weapon to own and use. No digging through individual character data.
  2. Amrok1

    They will be able to give feedback on both the mechanic and the individual weapon as it compares to other weapons for that class.
  3. DatVanuMan

  4. DatVanuMan

    I can do that!:D
    Meh, to some extent:)
    Well, maybe:rolleyes:
    Okay, may not be so goodo_O
    Yeah, I'm hopeless:(
  5. Erendil

    IMO the heat mechanic should be added to the game as a new ammo type, not as an unmutable weapon characteristic..

    This could eventually get applied to all VS weapons, which would mean a drastic, fundamental change in the tactics and logistics of an entire Faction's selection of weapons, two years after the launch of the game. This change could have severe consequences to the game as a whole if not done carefully.

    But if they made it a new ammo type, the choice of using it would be in the hands of the players, not the Devs who by comparison hardly play this game at all. That way you can use it if you want, or not, depending on the situation. It would make balancing weapons that can use it a helluva lot easier and would enhance the VS Versatility trait.
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  6. AdmiralArcher

    oh.......but what about the engineers? how will they get XP from those BR 100s?
  7. DatVanuMan

    They can get boxes that increase the amount of time you can fire the weapon. The more certs you put into it, the longer you and your allies may fire the weapon without overheating:)
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  8. gigastar

    They can resupply thier pistols. I get the feeling VS are going to be using thier Commies more often following the heat mechanic.
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  9. a-koo-chee-moya

    More experience does not equal better. Sure, it might correlate, but you can't just give it to the players who have more time in the game. They might have different view than that of your average player, which could drastically change how different parts of the VS community view the weapons.
  10. Rayden78

    I'm such a good infantry player, i normally die before running out of ammo, so no benefit for me.
  11. Ronin Oni


    Seriously though, worthless benefit.

    It'll be like launch, when all VS weapons had a tier worse damage falloff for the worthless no-drop mechanic.

    Now we'll have less DPM for inifinite ammo that doesn't matter because we have a class designated for that precise purpose already.

    Instead we'll all get tied to ammo boxes, meaning we can't even move and have to clump up, just to maintain DPM (the Ammo boxes help cooldown AOE effect mechanic people suggest)

    Sorry, but I personally HATE this concept.
  12. Ronin Oni

    How about 4x your K/D then?

    because that's the avg K/D (as infantry only) of the people with these guns.
  13. ATRA_Wampa-One

    Also about 10-15% better accuracy than the average player (which is about 18% FYI)... so they end up feeling the loss of ammo before overheating a lot less.
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  14. DameDameNingen

    Does the UB shotgun on the solstice have infinite ammo?
  15. Foxirus

    I agree. The overheat mechanic should be available to EVERYONE. Not just those who spent weeks getting all their weapons auraxiumed out.
  16. DatVanuMan

    No need to reload, either;) This heat mechanic begins cooling the second you stop holding LMB. Because of this, you never have to reload:D
  17. DatVanuMan

    I understand, Ronin. It's your opinion, and that opinion is yours to believe. I just want to know ONE thing:
    What ability SHOULD VS weapons have? Our no bullet drop trait is a joke, our "mobility" trait is disappointing because it exists on three or six guns, and our accuracy and recoil-less characteristics can be purchased by other factions for prices ranging from 250-1,000 certs. What do you think our ACTUAL traits should be?
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  18. Ronin Oni

    I dunno, faster reloads.

    All factions can purchase other factions characteristics for 250-1000 certs. Well, except a couple specifics...

    Maybe we could get get a new class of guns that are heat mechanic, NC could get a new railgun class with higher velocites and dmg and some other downside (maybe even lower mags like VS heat) that are super unique to them, TR could get... hell I dunno, they already have unique 40 rd carbine mags... something....

    I'm just extremely apprehensive about trying an overhaul with our entire aresenal.
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  19. DatVanuMan

    WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY SO? I'd be happy to purchase a heat-mechanic gun for 500 certs!:D
    As for the faster reload part, you better be saying that the Flare reloads faster than a TRAC:p
    The NC part is perfect, I like it. So, what of TR? A 50 damage gun with a magazine of 1,200 bullets and a RoF of 2,000? THAT WOULD BE HILARIOUS:eek:
  20. Palkora

    Why not just put the heat mechanic on a/all weapon/s in the test server for vanu?

    I mean a major change like this is best tested.