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    I know its a petty thing, but shouldn't Helios be moving to Genudine not Genudine moving to Helios?

    Genudine was the only server where a non OP faction pulled their own weight ya gotta remember.

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  4. Oreo202

    You're late for the UES complaints by about a month.

    It's not a complaint about the UES, it's about the server merge.

    ... And I'm a Stubborn *****.

  6. Arquin

    A: If Genudine moves to Helios, the outcome will be EXACTLY the same as if Helios moved to Genudine

    B: That chart and your second statement have nothing to do with this.

    C: There is a hole on facebook because you leaked out
  7. Tilen


    A.) I know but well... **** Helios.

    B.) Why not?

    C.) I've never used facebook and I never will.
  9. Jaggedmallard26

    A You still haven't made a point

    B. Your opinion on "OP-ness" is not relevent

    C: Maybe you haven't but your stupidity is showing.
  10. Duvenel

    1+2 = 3
    2+1 = 3

    Genudine+Helios = Helios+Genudine
    Helios+Genudine = Genuidine+Helios

    I sure hope you understand basic maths. If not.


    Here's a picture to explain.
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  11. Robes

    I dont even..

    Good to know this guy will be one of our future allies.
  13. boldeagle3

    Well there actual is a difference between the one merging with the other and that is the name of what the server will be called
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  16. Curse_Gamerkin

    I think that OP should be more worried about if genuos merges to heludine.
  17. Fethrion

    Lithcorp and Cobalt merging... even MORE Vanu :D.
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  18. grunties

    You got your chocolate on my peanut butter!
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  20. Minsc

    I vote for Heliodine.