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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Turak, Apr 21, 2020.

  1. Turak

    Hi Devs, I'm sorry to be bothering you by opening this thread here, but I'm desparate with the 3k cap change on outfit resource earnings that I had to do it.

    Just so you can know me better, my main character is Turak, a VS outfit leader that has been around since 2012. I'm a Brazilian player who can speak English. I'm an admin of PlanetSide 2 Brasil, a facebook group made for Brazilian players and since 2014 I'm the leader of a Brazilian outfit called S0VA.

    Back then the game didn't offer much for outfit aside from voice channel, tag and decal and the hoster. Since I love the game I try to promote it here by helping out ppl that can't understand a thing in English or can understand english but have doubts about the game mechanics.

    With years without any content for outfits I had a break between 2017-2019. When I saw that new features were about to be released and they were for outfits I got interested again. Not that we still don't lack features for outfits, like logs and see when each member joined, but anyway. The features were inclusive (every outfit could enjoy them, except for outfit wars) so I joined again and even became a member again.

    I have plans for my outfit. We know that there are ppl that are less engaged in interacting with ppl, and there are many reasons for a person to joins an outfit. I want to build a democratic outfit which can accept ppl who don't want to talk, but at the same time I wish I could make them interact more (could even be through text msg). Another thing is to create a schedule of events, because most humans work better with a routine.

    In the past there weren't many things I could do to achieve those goals, but with the new armory we (S0VA) had a meeting to decide which outfit rank would have access to the armory stuff and how it would work. In the end, we decided that we would motivate ppl to interact with each other by granting access to the armory. Also we had the bastion day that happened every Wednesday and Saturday.

    I'm aware about the issues regarding the tagging base reward system, but when RPG had this cap score change you guys simply made the Escalation exclusive for bigger outfits. Our peaks is 15 players online at most, and some of them won't join the outfit squad for a variety of personal reasons (like they are already in a platoon or in real life friend' squad etc.).

    That change broke our plans about our ranks because the armory is so exclusive and so rare that is not a thing anymore, it is just unreachable for us. Bastion day is gone and, Devs, even my girlfriend logged on bastion day, she is new to the game and new to FPS, has trouble to get into the game, but could enjoy the bastion day.

    That change also threatens our principle of being democratic. Now I have two options: give up on the Escalation update, or being a dick and force everyone to be in our squad, rise their kd or stay close to capture points, and that means punishing players who don't want to join our squads. There is a middle ground, like not forcing ppl but still caring about Escalation however, that means I have to be worried about the score all the time in order to earn the resources instead of just playing how I want (not worried about staying at the capture point and about my kd). It's just more work and less fun for me. All those options are bad, but the lesser evil is to give up Escalation.

    The thing about giving up Escalation is that it won't vanish from the game. It will always be that tab on outfit menu that says "Hey, can you see all this stuff? Cool, isn't it? Yeah, it's not for you and your small outfit! Maybe you can try it once a month, but it's still not for you and your small outfit". I could abandon my ppl and play with a bigger outfit, but I won't do that with them. Without support they probably would leave.

    Anyway, I'm not frustrated, I'm sad, however I still hope RPG will revert this change. Although it wasn't my intention to whine, I want to let you guys know how bad that change is for small outfits.

    I would like to suggest giving up the system of rewarding outfits for tagging a base and revert this cap. And also equally rewarding everyone who participate in a base capture (and even in base defense), even if they are there just for getting that resource, or if their score is low, because IMO that is not a fun breaker. Let the competitive aspect of the game be in the outfit wars (the league), which is already an exclusive feature.

    Best regards,
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  2. Derudan

    Yes, this update has make it that if you wanna chill you cant, I was in a bigger outfit but not everyone had acces to the new toy, so I left, I Created my own with some friends, so we are not just small outfit, but homie outfit, and to get resources we are forced to ghost cap, because even if we manage to get 7k score total we dont get resources after the zerg caps the base. I have been in fights of 12vs12, me and a friend are top score, just so the zerg comes overpop the fight sit on point and get the base, what do I got from that? Nothing, a Middle finger to the face because im not a zerg leader.
    My sugesstions not saying every sugestion has to happen, just one.
    1. Make it time base, if you are more than half the timer on the base you get resources from that.

    2. Or make it that the 3k score needed is the score we see on the leaderboards at the moment, make it so any exp count for that exp needed, dont change how you cap a base but how you can get more resources.

    3.lower the score needed to 1000 and show us that score instead of what we see on the leaderboards right now, such a usless information to have.

    4.share the cap credit with the 3 top outfits, first outfit gets 100%, second gets 75%, third gets 50%. This % can be 50% for second and 25% for third.

    5.make it so when I defend someone else base I got resources, because right now why would I defend a base that isnt mine?

    I seen people saying this change is great but it hasnt stopped os spam, zergs are going to get resources anyway, they have massive numbers, its only stoping small outfit to have fun.
    Im not saying as a small outfit I should be able to get a bastion a week, but if im capping bases and defending them I should be rewarded to.

    I have been part of lots of caps, most of the caps I manage to get more than 4k score, my score comes from kill and assist because I cant put my sundy or revive because that exp is usless so I dont "help" my faction, I mean why would I even revive someone else from other outfit? Nah if some guy from another outfit is dead and im compiting for the base ill let them respawn in the sundy, this isnt how the game should be, I should be helping my faction and being happy that we got the base, not getting salty because they put more player in the point so the got more point and got the base,.
    I camp the spawn and got kills, still im not able to get the participation reward. So I have to got to the off continent and ghost cap to get some green resources.
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  3. NotziMad

    Turak I think maybe you are unaware (or maybe we aren't speaking of the same thing), but since 2 or 3 days or so, you don't need 3K points to cap and benefit from the resources of a base anymore.

    (I'm speaking of Esamir / Hossin / Indar / and Amerish, I never played on Desolation)
  4. Turak

    How is that? I think you are mistaken. They didn't patch the game and I can see the difference in my armory. Btw the 3k cap is for the outfit members participating in the cap. So, are you sure?

    And that is why I suggested to simply get rid of the system of rewarding for tagging. There were also sabotage: one of my fellow had his sunderer exploded from a person of the same faction.
  5. Derudan

    Yes, I ve seen people teamkill when you are on point so you dont get the guard point exp or people teamkilling for generator, I havent done that myself but when im on a base and a skl zerg comes and sit on point I ******* want to c4 them.

    I dont think they would change the system to be honest. I havent seen any type of answer to this concerns
  6. NotziMad

    ok, there was quite a bit of confusion, from everyone, including me, especially considering that that changed (or that's how I see it) things without patching them. I'm guessing some features were not working as intended and they fixed them.

    this is how things work today (I checked by doing it myself)

    1. The 3k cap

    That concerns only the one off resource "gift" you obtain once the base is captured. (not the "x resource every minute"). Every player with more than 3k who is in an outfit will get 5 or 25 resources etc. But just once.

    2. The resource "rent" (every minute for however long you own the base).

    That goes to the outfit who (all together) has scored the most points. For this one, the 3k cap doesn't apply. You can go alone to a base, cap A, wait 3 minutes without any allies or enemies coming, end up in the end with something like 500 points you got simply from guarding the A point, and you won't get the (I'm guessing) the resources "one time gift" when you capture the base, but you will get resources every 5 minutes for however long your outfit's name is on that base.

    3. Leaving the base

    If you leave the base, redeploy to warpgate, whatever and come back, your score will still be there.

    However, I tested it, and it seems that if you leave for too long, (I have no idea what the timer is), then your score will dissapear. This means that in most cases (depending on timer and other players present), if you leave the base, you won't "cap" it.

    ___ (ghost capping and resources)___

    This still allows you to ghost cap, except it's a little more like juggling than previously.

    Here's an example.

    You go to base 1, cap A.

    wait a bit.

    You go to base 2, cap A, go to base 3, cap 3.

    You got 3 bases running, none of which will give you resources unless you're there (and have points) at the time the timer of each one runs out.

    So you grab an esf or something, go back to base 1 in the last seconds, boom its yours, fly over to base 2 and so on.
  7. strove

    A fix is going through to the test server right now. Drops the limit to 1k but does still exclude some of that farmable XP gain. A decent solution to that problem and i imagine it wont be long before it hits live. Would still be nice to see something for defences and something against ghost capping.