[Suggestion] Ability to Disable Other Players' Vanity Items

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  1. Campagne

    I was going to post a bunch of pictures showing you my character as I was playing as him to show the inaccuracy of this statement, but PS2 won't stop crashing long enough for me to do so. Instead, here's a list:
    • Character selection screen
    • Loadout selection screen (both in menus and at a terminal)
    • At/just before death screen
    • Your character's arms
    And that's just camouflage on your character. What about on every vehicle in the game? Voice packs and horns?

    Fine. Then I want a decal saying "Bush did 9/11" depicting the Twin Towers above as two gigantic throbbing phalluses about to get pulverized by a flying Barack Obama head, and let me slap it onto my sunndy with a horn that screams "PATRIARCHY" every time it's activated.

    Because my cosmetics (coming to the player studios soon) are entirely mean to be shoved in other peoples faces.

    Seriously though. Give me that and I'll never complain ever again.
  2. Savadrin

    I would love that, laugh, and screenshot it to send to my friends. Because we have sense of humors.

    I for one love the variety, and notoriety that the cosmetics bring, I just wish there were 10x more of them to choose from so that I could craft my own unique image in the game.

    I'd hate for this game to look like this more than it already does:


    But that's just me in the back there, with my own opinion on cosmetics and esamir ;)
  3. Campagne

    In case you didn't notice: read the black part. ;)

    And that's completely fine. But I don't want to have to look at it if I don't have to. :p (Unless it actually looks good for once.)

    I think this image is a rather improper depiction of PS2. That's a realistic and good looking tundra they're standing in! But in all seriousness, I'm often one of/ the only BR10+ player in a battle that doesn't have a camo. To say that everyone in PS2 looks the same is a very inaccurate statement in my experience.
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  4. Diilicious

    have you heard the default female NC voice pack? Hoooooooooooooooooooly christ, its really jarring when you can hear a max screaming "I need repairs!" and they sound like a 9 year old girl with a megaphone.
  5. Campagne

    Haha, yeah, it's not great.

    But it's still many times more preferable than some of the other voice packs in PS2. :confused:
  6. Diilicious

    i dunno really, the vanity items break the monotony of the game in various subtle ways. I mean i wear camo too, but i didnt always, and i dont feel any more safe than i did before i started wearing it, in fact you are about 3 times more likely to be team killed wearing "p2w" camo, as not doing so.

    there are other things to, like when i get murdered by a harasser and then it plays that demonic laughter horn, thats pretty neat i think. and the JU-87 diving screech horn for reavers, its all in good fun.
  7. Shiaari

    How about custom voice packs?

    I'll sample mine from a few soft-core ******.
  8. Campagne

    They also break the immersion in various, often not-so-subtle ways too.

    Leave the team-killing to the NC, but.... https://forums.daybreakgames.com/ps2/index.php?threads/camouflage-and-cryptic-behavior-wip.216173/

    But then there's the toilet flushing, and the whale sounds. Sure it's all for fun, but not everyone enjoys hearing these things. For me though, it's mostly just the awful voice packs.
  9. Peebuddy

    NO! You WILL look at pink sunderers with the rainbow bright flag spray painted on the side and a sparkler hoot ornament spamming the "Flush" horn.

    Everyone knows that's standard military equipment in any modern army and if you doubt me I suggest you all watch 'Operation Petticoat' staring none other than Cary Grant!
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  10. Foxirus

    Give me exact names. As far as I can see, You CAN NOT turn off cosmetic items that are bought from Cash shop like games. Planetside 2 is a cash shop type game.

    I want you to find a game where its a cash shop funded game that allows the freebie players to disable peoples Vanity items. I bet you won't even find one.
  11. Pelojian

    being able to turn off others cosmetics defeats the entire purpose of them in the first place and would remove full F2P's pet peeve that others have spent money while they haven't.

    the only cosmetics that are suppressed are seasonal ones out of season.

    sure horns can be annoying but you can move away from the source.
  12. Diilicious

    my immersion was broken when i saw the NS equipment, every faction using the same guns, the same attachments, the same vehicles, makes the game about as immersive as paintball or airsoft, but thats okay i dont mind some mega corporation running the war from behind the scenes.

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  13. Savadrin

    This isn't wrong in PS2 or in life.
  14. Kumaro

    Yeah i guess i will have to continue play around with the Ini files to keep the game from rendering any of that beyond default for now :/
  15. Sebastien

    All they do is draw **** and balls.
  16. Sebastien

    You mean you and your friends have **** taste, right? Because it isn't remotely funny.
  17. Rentago

    many other games have done this before, the idea that if your computer chokes when rendering the gay pride parade you can default people to their generic model.

    I think off the top of my head APB did this, so that instead of rendering a heavily customized person, you'd get this base model dude wearing cargo pants, a white tee, and a green hat.

    In that game, the whole purpose IS customization of your character, and they do not suffer for having the option to disable custom music, sounds, guns, car, character, and accessories.

    The fact is, nobody cares, it is just an option for those that feel it is a hit on their performance to have to render every gay pride parade attendee in a game.

    The ability to disable camo would be great, im positive almost everyone would check that off because in most cases it is an eye sore, i would also like to disable hood ornaments and other whacky accessories.

    What would this do for me? Make me enjoy the game more!
    What would it do for you? Let you stroke your ego because you think looking like a clown is all that matters.

    It is a win/win

    it is no different from being allowed to disable flora.
    Plenty of games allow client only cosmetics, people buy things regardless if others can see it or not, the fact here is that it hurts people to admit they look so trashy no one wants to see them.
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  18. Savadrin

    Too soon? It's been 15 years.
  19. Unclematos7

    It might even improve performance because your PC won't have to load a billion different, unnecessary things.
  20. Jubikus

    Itl always be too soon for anyone who had Friend or family die there.