[Suggestion] Ability: Surface Attachment Boots; Not another jetpack

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by pnkdth, Aug 24, 2015.

  1. pnkdth

    Takes up the JJ slot.

    Press F to activate, and now you can run up on walls. When standing still, it recharges. When turned off, gravity takes over... So handle with care. Requires a strong stomach as this may cause serious motion sickness.

    Would it be OP? Pointless? I don't know. It would add something new to the class since we already have the vanilla JJs, the Icarus, and drifter. I also kinda like the idea of having a swarm of LAs climbing the walls and vents Alien style. Obviously duration and recharge can be altered in a way to balance it.
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  2. Eternaloptimist

    I'm all for another utility for LA but running up walls instead of flying over them? OK maybe its silent compared to the whoosh of the jet pack but just a variation on the same ability maybe?

    I'd like to be able to booby trap places or sabotage things other than with a big loud C4 bang as LA should be able to cause havoc behind enemy lines or to slow down enemy reinforcements. Unfortunately this is mainly an infil trait (hacking, AI mines) or an engineer thing (mines again).

    Or maybe energy bars for giving you bursts of more agility/speed?

    Or even the ability to pick up enemy ammo when you are running low (in the same way killing enemies gets you a boost to your HA Adrenaline Shield)........and when your carbine ammo is topped out maybe you can get a grenade? But not C4.
  3. Heelixs

    Few ideas for the tool slot:
    1. Personal spawn beacon/spawn signal transmitter? You deploy it and after you die you can fast deploy by pressing E button. But only once. Same usage as beacon but smaller and without colorful trail.
    2. Goggles. IR/NV personal goggles. For night combat or having IR/NV scope with higher zoom than 1x.
    3. Trip wire. Being able to deploy it between 2 walls,crates etc. Similiar as claymore but you need to oposite sides/dots where would you "tight the wire."
    4. Motion scrambler. Disrupts infiltrator motion sensor without destroying it and alerting the enemy infiltrator and also disrupting the sensor darts that they don't ping you nevertheless if you're flying or sprinting. It would be fired from somekind of a gun,just like infiltrator's.
    5. Third weapon just like heavy assaults.
    Grenade launcher with 6 rounds in a clip. Capable of killing infantry and damaging all vehicles. But you have only that one clip having 6 rounds. And you still couldn't solo sundy without resupplying.
    6. Aditional/reserve fuel tank allowing you to extend your flight for 3 seconds. Used to finish your climb to someplace or when you bail from a plane you use it to ensure your survival from falling.

    I do not know! Just using my imagination! :-D